Japan's New Godzilla Movie Looks Awesome

Japan's New Godzilla Movie Looks Awesome

Video: For the first time in over a decade, there's a new Godzilla movie coming from Japan's Toho Studios. This one's being directed by none other than Neon Genesis' Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi. There was a short trailer released for Godzilla Resurgence last year, but this is our first proper look at the movie, and man does it look good. It's fitting that, for a series born out of the fear of nuclear war, this latest film instead looks to the recent Tsunami for visual cues.


    CGI straight out of the early 90's

      which does the job and shits on the hollywood 2014 garbage

    Japanese and their undying love for Goh-zilla!

    @luffy reply fail. Yes, except in the 90s you got a whole 10minutes of the effects, where this looks like you'll actually see godzilla in action for most of the movie, unlike the most recent film, current gen CGI 2minutes of godzilla

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    Looks awesome :)
    I'm totes going to buy the lunchbox when it comes out :)

    Well, its definitely very Evangelion with its use of military hardware...

    Wow..... yeah not impressed. I mean it does look better technically than previous efforts, but asides the moving tail, Gojirra himself is static as hell. Toho doesn't deal with the same budgets as American studios obviously, I'm not comparing it to that, and I even like the new scarred, read/black nuclear look. But previous efforts had him moving more, but then, it's a trailer we'll wait and see what happens.

    I didn't find myself hating the American version personally, I quite liked it despite the efforts of the humans to ruin the movie and the rather bland MUTO's, but this... I'm not sold yet. I'll have to see the full version but that wasn't inspiring at all for me.

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    Yeah, I think I have a different definition of awesome to you...

    That looked pretty average to me... The latest American offering had some terrible casting/acting by the humans but at least Godzilla wasn't a bloody stuffed animal.

    I think I've seen a lot of these people in Kamen Rider shows before...

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