Lara Croft Cosplayers Go The Extra Mile For A Perfect Photo

There's something unusual about Lara Croft cosplayers, and it may be the fact that it's not unusual at all to see them abseiling down a waterfall, base jumping or exploring a glacier for the perfect cosplay photo. And now there's a Lara Croft photoset on an actual alpine mountain with an actual helicopter. Way to make the rest of us cosplayers look bad, Lara Crofts!

This set is from French cosplayer Max TRS and photographer BbxCreations, who took a helicopter over 3000m above sea level (ie, a higher elevation than any point in Australia) to get the perfect Lara Croft photos. The results are, unsurprisingly, pretty damn impressive — and it's a testament to Max TRS that her cosplay can also hold up to the alpine conditions it was designed for.

Also there's a helicopter. I'm starting to feel like I'm not putting enough effort into my own cosplay shoots.

Max TRS Cosplay has also conquered both canyons and waterfalls for prior Lara Croft shoots, and both are well worth a look.


    I understand that cosplaying is very important to some people but seriously, does anyone really need to go to that great of a length for a god damn photograph.

    I hope that Crystal Dynamics is covering some cost. If not that is dedication that I neither understand nor could replicate.

      She is obviously very passionate about it, and to that I say go for it. I am sure she has weighed the gravity of any potential costs, as that information is relevant to her and not to us in any way.

    To go to all that trouble and not at least have a little snow thrown over yourself? Great shots, but she looks too pristine. Instead of the illusion that she climbed the mountain, it shows that she was plonked there.

      Now you done it, she is going to go back to throw snow on herself...

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