Looks Like The New Call Of Duty Is Called 'Infinite Warfare'

Looks Like The New Call Of Duty Is Called 'Infinite Warfare'

Discovered via Reddit and confirmed via in-house PlayStation 4s, the trending section of the PlayStation Store features a listing for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. There's no text in the listing beside the name, but it certainly fits the conventions. It's got warfare in it, and it is Infinity Ward's turn in Activision's three-year, three-developer Call of Duty cycle, so Infinite Warfare certainly sounds like a plausible name. It certainly fits with rumours that the next instalment of the franchise takes place in the far future.

Now all we need is confirmation or denial from Activision and we can move on with our lives.



    I think the only time I'll ever consider going back to call of duty, would be if they were to release an authentic full blown WWI or WWII themed game.

    Call of Duty in space ?

      But it worked so well for the Friday the 13th , Hellraiser, and Leprechaun sequels!

    kay...I heard about the name Infinity Warfare about a month ago from a mate at work. Either he's had a lucky guess or he's on the inside.

    Well that's unsettlingly self-aware.

      Kind of limits their ability to sell another one though... Call of Duty: Infinity plus 1.

    I hope the sequel is called infinite warfare + 1

    perhaps the next game will be sledgehammer warfare. where it'll just be sledgehammers with guns.

    So basically they confirm they'll continue doing what they've already been doing with CoD for the last 13 years?

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