Minecraft Times Square Is Way Less Crowded

Minecraft Times Square Is Way Less Crowded

Dayshot: And, since the Minecraft version of Times Square is not an absolute clustereff of pedestrians, you get to hang around and enjoy the sights. Yay!

Built by PlanetMinecraft’s qq1394236817 for a larger city map, this recreation needs a little bit of tweaking to run on your copy Minecraft. By default, when you download the map, you get this:

Which doesn't look right. The creator recommends using this texture pack and these shaders, on Minecraft version 1.8, to make the build look like it's from a proper city map. Something like this:

Much better. Head over here if you wanna give the map a try. It's not 100 per cent done, since some interiors are missing, but it's still quite the looker.

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