Mirror's Edge Catalyst Has Been Slightly Delayed

Briefly: EA has just announced a slight delay for Mirror's Edge Catalyst. The new release dates are June 7 for North America and June 9 for Europe. This is the second delay for the free-running first-person game, which was previously slated to come out in February but then moved to May 24.


    Is that to give them time to get rid of the unlock tree that everybody hates? If so then I am fine with this.

    Last edited 22/04/16 9:32 am

      It was to avoid the Mirror's Edge Cataclysm.

      (Too many big hitters. Now it can get a little bit of air, hopefully)

        I came here to make a joke about this, but SOMEONE (not naming names) beat me to it.

        Well played, sir.

      Perhaps it is to improve the gunplay in the game?

        I thought they removed weapons? The hand to hand combat does look clunky as shit

          That's my understanding too. So perhaps some executive has just noticed and has given the project a bit more time to fix this problem.

    Is the open beta still opening today?

      It's an invite-only beta, unfortunately. I signed up really early but haven't received an email invite (yet).

    I like this recent trend of games getting last-minute delays a lot more then the last trend of games being completely broken on launch :P

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