Morning, Here’s A Teaser Trailer For Titanfall 2

Morning, Here’s A Teaser Trailer For Titanfall 2

Okay, teaser trailers are usually trash-town, but I’m okay with this. For a couple of reasons.

One, this is actually sort of interesting. There’s info to be gleaned and it looks cool.

Secondly, it’s not really that short.

Thirdly, I had forgotten that Titanfall existed. This was a nice little reminder.

It was a nice reminder that Titanfall existed and was actually pretty damn good for a while. I still feel that, with a few tweaks here and there, Titanfall could be a downright essential multiplayer experience. The issue was its lack of depth, I suspect that Respawn is acutely aware of that. I suspect that will be fixed for the sequel.

I’m keen.

According to the trailer there will be a full reveal on June 12. That’s a fairly long wait. Looking forward to it.


    • LMAO – it was a flop! An absolute flop!!!! I am so surprised they are even bothering with this! I dont see how much better it could get – the premise was of awesomeness but the delivery lacked and it lacked variety big time! It just felt there was absolutely no incentive to play!!!

      Ugh – I’ll pass

  • Barring any terrible DLC plans, I’ll be playing this day 1. Titanfall was a lot of fun and I’m keen to see what they can do with it the second time around.

    It’ll be interesting to see how it fairs against Call of Duty this time around, especially considering (I think it was) Advanced Warfare had a similar movement style.

    • Titanfall was my first experience in multiplayer shooting and I loved it. It was so easier to adapt the gameplay compared to COD.

      I will be definitely getting it to.

    • 240 seems a bit odd? Last time I logged on (a month ago) there were roughly 1500 people online with a couple of hundred in Oceania. Since the launch hype died down this game has always had around 1000-2000 people playing.

      Personal opinion time. Titanfall was an underrated shooter. I have both consoles and play plenty of shooters (along with other genres), yet I always enjoy coming back to this game. The gameplay was great and the premise fun. No campaign was a big let down so its great to see it getting one in the sequel.

      The other bonus is that this teaser will bring a few people back online. Now is the time to dust it off if you haven’t played in a while.

      • I agree it was an underrated game. The only reason I stopped playing it (which was a long time ago) was because I was waiting well over 10 minutes for a game (sometimes well over 20minutes). the game wouldn’t last that long and then back to 15 minutes of waiting. I uninstalled and never looked back 🙁

    • Remember that one time when 5 of us on titans surrounded this other guys brand new titan as he was getting in, and then wiped it out in 2 seconds???

      Also yes; Day one purchase for me!

    • I’ve been multiplayer shooting since people copied .wad files onto floppy discs. Titanfall is probably my favourite multiplayer shooter ever.

      The movement felt so great, the guns were all very different, the maps had vertical tiers that added to the gameplay and areas within maps had their own strategies. Once you hopped in a titan, the map was a completely different beast. The titan combat felt excellent and being able to spend a few minutes in a glass cannon a several times a round just made everything feel so organic. Going toe to toe in soldier to soldier, titan to titan, or soldier to titan all felt great and there was a real chance for any battle to go either way.

      I am fucking pumped for this and I’ll see you on day 1. Hell, I’ll even break my pre-order rule for this and have it ready to roll at unlock time.

  • Very interested. Like @Rize said, COD ended up utilizing Titanfalls movement scheme with BLOPS3 and AW, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one goes. I hope they open up the arenas a bit, bring in more mechs etc. Make it a bit larger scale maybe.

    • I dunno, I felt the Titans were the downfall of the game on a mechanical level. On foot the game was fast paced and arcadey, lots of room for skill and super fun, but then you get into a big clumsy Titan and you’re either good or bad. Things slow down and the best pilot is still only about as good as an average pilot. I found I had way more fun playing when I just ignored the Titans even though piloting a Titan was sort of pushed as the pay-off for playing on foot.
      It was almost balanced too well. An enemy Titan couldn’t perform well enough to piss me off enough for me to feel that sweet satisfaction when I took it down, and a friendly Titan couldn’t have enough of an impact on the battlefield to feel like it mattered. Killing one was sort of routine.
      As annoying as it is to have a really one sided match in Battlefield thanks to one or two pilots it’s those situations that make it all feel significant. When the outcome is close it’s not because the game is balanced well it’s because the enemy is pushing you hard and you’re team is pushing back just as hard.

  • By “tweaks”, you mean have an actual plot that is conveyed appropriately rather than via radio voice-overs during battles, and have a single player campaign, ensuring that the game will have value once the multiplayer lobbies become ghost towns, right? At least introduce massive objective-based arenas akin to UT2004’s Onslaught mode.

  • I still maintain the original Titanfall was mechanically one of the best multiplayer FPS’ I’ve played. Everything just felt so right. The gunplay, the parkour movement, the Titan combat. It was, from a pure mechanical standpoint, incredibly good.

    If the sequel can basically just add more, it’ll remedy a lot of the problems I had with the original, mainly lack of variety.

    – A proper campaign (which this is meant to have)
    – More Titans
    – More weapons
    – More attachments
    – More customisation (I’m picturing different aesthetic-only Titan body parts and paint schemes)


    • I agree. I never got into multiplayer shooters since all the Modern Warfare stuff. I always felt way too crap at the game and it felt unfair a lot of the time. I never felt that way when I played Titanfall. Can’t wait for this.

  • I assume they will to drop the Xbox exclusivity? be good to hear that despite I’d personally prefer to play multiplayer games on Xbox.

    • The CEO (Zampella?) said that the second game will not be exclusive. The first game was exclusive to MS platforms, but the IP is not.

  • I have serious doubts about ANY multiplayer-only offerings in this day and age. There appears to be no reliable predictor for success.

    Plenty of solid titles have crashed and burned due to not being able to pull away enough of an audience from the well-entrenched mega-titles (LoL, DotA, anything Blizzard, World of Tanks/[insert war-machine spin-off], Codblops).

    Steam is a terrifying indie graveyard for lobby-PVP titles, many of which had truly impressive art or novel and interesting mechanics. Every now and then you get a flash-in-the-pan that no-one will shut the fuck up about for a month (Rocket League, Mario Kart), but then it’s gone almost as quickly as it came.

    With more failures than successes, it seems like starting development on a multi-only PVP game (especially F2P) is a triumph of optimisim/hubris/lack of imagination over reasonable powers of prediction.

    • Agreed, to combat this they need to introduce cross-platform play more regularly, and in this game in particular (Titanfall) it should’ve had offline bots mode (like COD Blops).

      I personally would’ve kept playing it for a long time if it had pure bot mode (since there were no humans to play against later in it’s life cycle). Combined with some sort of unlock tree, it would’ve been enough to keep me playing.

      I guess another way, and many of the titles you listed do this, is to stick to one ‘game’ and just iterate on it slowly. Then use micro-transactions for skins, hats, cosmetics to fund those iterations, and don’t just keep pumping out yearly titles that fracture the community.

      For me, the Modern Warfare series of CODs were some of my favorite multiplayer TDM experiences, great maps, great weapons, game-play felt tight, plenty of players, little lag (well, at least for me). Then they go and release the yearly installment of the next in the series, and poof – game is dead. You don’t get that experience with games like Dota2 or Counter-Strike (generally), because they stick to the game as a kind of iterative platform. It’s not a case of, “Well, I want to play Advanced Warfare (I don’t really), but I cant because everyone is playing Black Ops III now”, it’s just, “I’m going to play some CS”

      NOTE: Yes I know CS has ‘installments’ too (CS, 1.6, Go etc) and so does Dota (Dota 1, Dota 2), but it’s not quite in the same realm as yearly COD’s

      Woah, I wrote way more than I wanted to.

      TL:DR – Stick to a game as a platform, don’t churn out yearly ‘sequels’

    • Some of those games that come across as flash in the pan actually remain really solid, they just vanish from the news. Rocket League, for example, sits at an average of 30,000 players online on weeknights, pushing past 60,000 on weekends.

      However, Battlefront absolutely proves your point. It struggles to get past 2,000 world-wide on PC these days.

    • Totally. It doesn’t help that we’re constantly bombarded with betas. At any given point there’s an exciting, fresh new rival on the horizon that’s about to go into some sort of easy to qualify for test. They’re all chipping away at each other, trying to get a foothold by promising the world, not realising that the competition are going to start chipping away at them before the game even launches.

      • Case in point: Nosgoth. The asymetrical PVP criminal waste of a beloved IP brawler/shooter that recently announced it’s closing down in May due to lack of popularity.

        It hadn’t even released yet.

        • Fable Legends did the same thing even though it was actually a pretty good game. It sucks but at least it’s a sign the people making these decisions are catching up. It reminds me of when all the Warcraft clones started going free-to-play right out the gate. It sucked but it meant they were finally figuring out that turning their great series into WoW-clones wasn’t a quick way to make infinite money from subscription fees.
          I wish just once the fad saturating the market would be ‘making interesting, well designed, engaging and different games’. I was hoping indie successes would spark that within the AAA companies but the big money never really wrapped it’s head around the concept. They walk away from Rocket League thinking multiplayer car soccer is the key without realising it’s really about offering them something interesting they’re not getting elsewhere.

      • I think I played that like… a month after release, when they were panicking at population and offering specials? It was a shitty, tiny population then, too.

        The worst part is that the few people who were still playing were all about ‘the meta’, knowing what absolutely slays/is overpowered/what fits in the counter-play, whereas I was just a noob who didn’t even know what each button or ability did or how nodes interacted, etc.

        Pitting noobs with pros is always a huge turn-off, but when populations are ghost-towns, what else are they to do? There are no good answers I can think of.

        Shattered Horizon is another Steam title I picked up that I really wish had done better than it did. I still don’t know why they didn’t have bots in their launch, let alone within months of launch when it was apparent that their marketing had not worked and no-one was playing.

  • It’s still going to have the major flaw (IMO) that TF1 had…that being that EVERYONE gets a titan at roughly the same-ish time. which kind of means no one gets one. The cool thing about getting the ghost/warthog/banshee/rocket launcher/care package/predator missile/darth vader power up/etc in other FPS games, was knowing that, at this moment, YOU were generally the only player with this powerful new thing. and you could have a chance at some powerful kills.

    Give EVERYONE the big mega powerup, and you might as well give no one it. Now you’re just a taller game character fighting other taller game characters with different guns.

    I know there’s more nuance to it than that, but in general, that was the biggest flaw of it all for me. That, and the fact that the AI was fun to shoot for the first few rounds, then quickly became a lame option, and most didn’t even bother firing at them when they saw an AI opponent.

    • There was a little more to it than that… the Titan cooldown could be quickened by playing better as a Pilot; getting kills etc. And there were burncards which gave you a cooldown shortener or a Titan right off.

      Sometimes it would become a Titan on Titan battle but often a better team would end up getting them at the same time and controlling the game.

    • It evened the playing field and meant that newer players didn’t spend the entire game getting one shot trashed by 3 veterans in titans.

      If you really wanted to get a titan early, it wasn’t that difficult if you spec yourself right. Give yourself the wallrun upgrade, smart pistol, and extra grenades. Then just ninja run everywhere shooting NPC enemies. Each one knock a second off your titan cooldown. On a good run, you can knock 20 or 30 seconds off your titan spawn time, which is a lifetime in such a fast game.

  • Agree with a lot of the other comments here, Titanfall was boss. I had it day 1 on PC and it was heaps of fun when it had people playing. Unfortunately the community just fell off and it died in the arse. I would still be playing if it had bot single play mode like the Black Ops games do though, it was just so much fun.

    There was a lot it did that just felt great, the movement (jumping / wall running) was first class, and the attrition mode was perfect because you could still feel useful even if you weren’t great at traditional team death-match, because it gave you some peasant AI grunts to take down.

    Why didn’t they just put an offline bot mode in this? They already had the some of the damn AI for the regular grunts in attrition.

    Anyway, looking forward to this one, but it will need the following to stay alive longer:
    1. Single player campaign
    2. Bots for offline play

    • Thank the community that we all bailed. If there were bots you would realise how repetitive and limited the whole game is and eventually give it up anyway!!!

      • Maybe, but even after the community died and I had stopped playing, I really did have an itch to play Titanfall just for fun, several times.

        I could be on the fringe though, maybe the majority of the community were just ‘done’ and an offline mode wouldn’t have saved it either way.

        • I agree. I pick up the game every few months for a few hours. Its the only game I have always had installed on my console since I bought it.

          • Wow really?! Maybe just me then lol

            I found it lacklustre it just never pulled me back in. I saw one comment on here saying it was the first FPS online they had played and I can get that it isnt as difficult as COD or BF to get your head around but give me those established shooters anyday!!! Titanfall seemed to miss the mark and i think it was mainly with game modes and lack of upgrades/anything to work for

          • Everyone knows you don’t like it!!! You can stop posting with your opinions!!! Do you love to hate the game this much?!

            At least stop writing like you’re really excited!!! Too much grammar is as bad as not enough!!!

          • I’m sorry?! Are you ok pokedad?!

            You don’t have to read what you dont like you know – Why the fuck would I sit here being censored by some twat who thinks he can control how the internet works?!

            Jog on you fucking righteous moron

          • Oh, I’m fine. I hope you are, too. You seem weirdly invested in hating this game. It makes me worry.

          • I think a lot of reasonably casual gamers liked it because it was really balanced, pretty accessible and didnt take a long time to level up and progress. And you didnt feel super underpowered even if you were a low level. The problem I have with the COD’s and the BF’s is they are way too deep and take way too long to progress. And then there is a huge skill gap you have to close and theres a lot of progression needed to be competitive sometimes.

            I will however not bash you for not liking Titanfall haha. Everyone has their own opinion on things.

    • I thought the grunts were mostly just used to make pilots less discernible to titan mode players? be pointless to have pilot mode if you were easy as crap to spot.

  • Very excited for this! Picked up Titanfall’s deluxe edition for cheap late last year and LOVED it. It was the most exciting multiplayer I’ve played in a long time.

    Cannot wait.

  • I always had a great time with Titanfall. Wasn’t anything groundbreaking, but felt like a slightly different take on CoD. Solid, well polished shooter. Felt nicely balanced as well. Nothing felt terrifically overpowered. Even being on foot, a Titan wasn’t always a huge problem. Was great how they introduced mechs into it without them being ohpee. Only reason I stopped playing was because everyone else did.

    Oh, but whoever thought smart pistols were a good idea for a weapon needs to be taken out into the street and beaten with a large plank of wood.

  • Not gonna lie, i fell for the hype train when the game first came out and it was dead within less than a week. Mutiplayer only games like this are destined to fail imo. They tried to implement mutiplayer campaign but it wasnt interesting and engaging enough. Im still interested in Titanfall 2 though.

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