NASA Is Helping Send Us To Mars Using VR

And it looks freaking incredible.

You may already be aware of Mars 2030. The high concept: NASA is collaborating with FUSION to create a topologically accurate section of Mars for gamers to explore in VR.

Yes, this is exciting.

But we knew that already. Mars 2030 was announced late last year, but now we're starting to see footage of how it looks in action. It doesn't disappoint.

Lifehacker's Chris Jager was over at GTC, where most of this new information/footage was revealed, but tragically Mars 2030 was broken when it was his turn to check it out. If you're looking for more infomation on how it plays/looks then I'd recommend this hands-on. Very in-depth with a lot of useful info.

This is what I want from VR.


    Minus all the Alien debris of cause... (scuttles away)

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