Props to the guy who is using his Wrestlemania XXXII screentime to its maximum effect. This holy martyr using his magic moment to shout, nay scream for what we all want, what we all need.


We have no idea who this brave soul in the Wrestlemania XXXII crowd is, but major props to this guy who managed to get a great snap of the greatest wrestling sign ever.

Come on Nintendo. Heed the call. This man has thrown down the gauntlet.


Edit: Some people are telling me this is Dan Ryckert from Giant Bomb's doing. I really hope that's true.

Edit 2: Confirmed. Wonderful.


    Dan Ryckert?

      Yep, that's Giant Bomb's Dan Ryckert.

      There's also a "Push Dr. Tracksuit" sign (after Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann) somewhere in the crowd as well.

      I swear, half the signs are Giant Bomb references.


          There's a "I'm a dirty Dan Ryckert guy" sign somewhere too.

    Actually, in this country I'd like to see gaming cross-pollinate with 20/20 Cricket like it has with wrestling, that'd be hilarious (and probably less artificially forced to boot).

    Actually that is not a bad idea. Who can we call about this.

    For those wondering what that other slogan 'Donut Create Push' referred to, it was an in-game shirt skin for a poorly translated Steam game they played on UPF. You eat donuts > get fat > more cushion for the pushin'

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