The Nintendo NX  Will Be Out March 2017 Worldwide

The Nintendo NX  Will Be Out March 2017 Worldwide

Nintendo just announced that the Nintendo NX will be out in March 2017. That release window is global.

Via a financial release, Nintendo states, “For our dedicated video game platform business, Nintendo is currently developing a gaming platform codenamed ‘NX’ with a brand-new concept. NX will be launched in March 2017 globally.”

In a tweet, the company pointed out that “NX” is still only the console’s codename.

Oddly, Nintendo apparently will not be showing the still unrevealed NX platform at this year’s E3, according to Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki, who was at today’s Nintendo financial briefing in Osaka.

The new Zelda game, originally announced for 2015, is slated for both the Wii U and the NX.


  • Interesting. Does that mean they’re not going to shift (or dual-release) the next Zelda to the NX? Or does this suggest that the NX won’t be a traditional ‘home’ console?

    EDIT: Urgh, don’t mind me. Just read the OTHER press release.

  • I’m waiting for EB to have preorders available so I can start paying it off….

  • With all the talk of the upgraded PS4 and rumours of an upgraded xbox one. I wonder if Nintendo will have to change the specs of the NX to be similar or dare I say it better than these consoles before release although its probably already too late in the production cycle.

    • Even though my interest in the NX is minimal, I was still looking forward to seeing it at E3. Surely Nintendo would want the hype to start growing, it seems like a missed opportunity.

      • Well there’s always the Tokyo Game Show towards the end of the year, so I’m sure we’ll see it there. And I guess CES at the beginning of next year?

        • I liked it when they showed the consoles two years in advance and got you super hyped. Ah, those were the days. Hopefully they show it at TGS.

    • Apparently the ‘new concept’ is super secret and they don’t want anyone to steal their idea… thus no showing off too far in advance.

      • Even a janky kickstarter couldn’t turn a product around in seven months, never mind Nintendo’s competitors.

        They’re probably going to show it at e3, but compulsively deny it. They’ve done it before!

        • This leads me to believe that the ‘new concept’ is something that Sony or MS could cobble together with existing hardware. Something involving console-mobile crossover, which Sony could do via its Xperia phones or Vitas maybe?

          • Eehhh, they already tried that when hastily taking on the wii u. Neither one really succeeded, although the ds4 + Xperia combo was fairly neat (much better than the vita).

            I don’t think Nintendo is scared of anyone taking their idea, the problem is being beaten at marketing that idea. The wii u failed at launch because the others hyped the hell out of the “potential” of their systems (remember David cage’s creepy head?).

            Without both consoles on hand for comparison the public had no option but to assume it was true, and Nintendo was left fighting smoke.

  • Not sure how I feel about this, this makes the Wii U the only Nintendo console ever to not get a stand alone Zelda release…that’s a pretty bit deal imo. I reckon I’ll get the Wii U version of the next Zelda console release, here’s hoping it’s fully featured and not gimped in favour of selling the NX.

    • I’ve got to assume the core gameplay has been built around the Gamepad. I mean, we knew a new Zelda was in the works for almost as long as the console itself.
      I’d have to think the game would be retroactively fitted to the NX rather than the other way around. If the NX is drastically different in control schemes etc, I would hope the WiiU version is the “fully featured” release. I really have stuck with Nintendo this generation and I’d be appalled if i had to buy a new console to properly experience a game which helped sell me the previous console in the first place.

    • All Nintendo controllers have been gimmicky. D-Pads, Shoulder buttons, Analog Sticks. They’re all gimmicks really.

  • What are the odds of them keeping the NX name?
    I know Nintendo have a history of changing away from codenames, Ultra64, Dolphin, Revolution, etc, but NX is a better name than Wii U.

  • Still waiting for Nintendo to give me a full refund for that half assed piece of shit console I purchased called the Wii U.
    Fuck you Nintendo.
    Fuck you.

  • A wild prediction here but I’m thinking the NX will be based heavily around VR. Nintendo were the first to go for motion controls with the Wii, stands to reason they’ve seen the VR train rolling too.

      • Really wouldn’t surprise me if Nintendo do it. Playstation is already bringing out (have brought out?) a VR headset. The next step instead of adapting current hardware to suit is to build it from the ground up, target the console specifically at VR and make high quality VR games for it.

        Nintendo always seem to try and push the boundaries with each new console, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. VR is the next logical step, nothing else would get me to buy another console.

        • My last Nintendo console was the gamecube – a VR based system would get me back into their ecosystem. Just got a bit excited thinking about Zelda in VR too!!
          I’ve preordered PSVR which is due out in October this year – really hoping that VR takes off as it’s got a lot of potential.

          • VR will take off, it’s a foregone conclusion. The porn industry is backing VR…that’s enough said right there. Look at the history of VHS versus Betamax if you need more to go on. Or even just how fast the internet took off…anything the porn industry supports succeeds.

            In terms of consoles a fully fledged VR system is the only thing that would get me to buy in at this point. My PC needs a major upgrade (throw out and buy a new one) but it’s a large investment and a VR console would be a nice stepping stone. I’m not sold on PS4 VR yet…system specs are just too poor for me to see it working well, not sure if the PS4.5 would have enough either. Would have to see reviews first.

    • Supposedly the NX will have a mobile component (i.e. a part of it that you can take on the road with you) so one possibility is of a 3DS-style unit that also interfaces with your TV.

      For example, it might have the actual processing in a handheld console with receiver/booster to pass a video signal to your TV.

      They may also be able to link in VR by turning the dual display device sideways and using a Gear-style holder.

  • Ahh…. yeah not wasting money on this new nintendo console.

    The WiiU was pretty much garbage as far as I’m concerned. I got more use out of it playing old Wii games (like Xenoblade etc) than I did playing WiiU games. Complete waste of money.

  • I really hope that the NX isn’t a console and more of a game platform that integrates with PC, XBox One and PS4, I know it’s a dream but I would love to play Zelda on PS4 😀

    • That’s the weirdest thing – people wanting to remove Zelda from Nintendo, as if it could ever remain anywhere near intact if that happened…

      • I more meant Nintendo should keep developing games but I think they really should get out of the console business. They’d make much more money if their games were cross platform and we wouldn’t have to buy a gimmick console.

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