Off Topic: What Did You Think Of The New Game Of Thrones?

I haven't checked any of the reaction to the first episode of Game of Thrones season 6, so I have no idea what people were saying online.

But I enjoyed it. Actually, I thought it was a very strong opening episode.

Of course, I'm not following the books, nor do I care to. I also don't really care about the splintering of the books/show, because I'm resigned to only watching the show.

I thought this season did a great job of reintroducing audiences to the most important story arcs, also had some good dialogue, some interesting scenes. The acting of those girls in Dorne is still terrible, but I can live with it.



    That ending plot twist.
    Same as any other Season's opener. Needs to build up. We'll see whether Jorah and Daario can save miss Khaleesi before it's too late.

    Did anyone else think that there was a reason/ a foreshadow moment with the camera panning back to where Jon 'was' resting on the snow? I swear the blood smear looked, oh I dunno - suspicious.

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      Yea I thought that too, like all the blood was around him, not actually underneath him, which is weird considering all those swords probably went right through him. Or maybe that was just because he was dragged away?

        I double checked his death scene, he was stabbed with tiny daggers instead of a sword so might explain why he have no injury at the back.

          Ah ok, just assumed it was swords.

      Well that ending plot twist was somehow expected. I was literally telling my missus something is going to happen when it is off. Was expecting more to be honest. Slightly disappointed on that part.

      I'm sure the blood means something. No reason for Davos to stare at the blood for so long. He probably noticed something doesn't feel right.

        Hmm. Could be a case of 'me wanting to believe it badly so I'll see it' and I know this sounds aaaaabsolutely ludicrous, but...

        perhaps Davos thought he had seen the 'shape' that the blood had taken previously. IE: I believe that the blood formed the Targaryen family crest, while Davos believes he's seeing all kinds of shit.

        I know I'm completely spitballing, but I want to believe! I'll have to watch it again when I get home.

        EDIT: Yep. Just wanting to believe. Nothing Targaryen-y about that at all, apart for a substantial lack of it.

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    I haven't watched it, yet feel the need to comment anyway.

    Started strong then just got a little boring. Like most Game of Thrones. There are many amazing moments but they're generally one every 1-2 episodes which leaves a lot of room for nothing at all to happen.

    I quite enjoyed it. My one gripe is that they have killed off any interest I had in Sunspear/Dorne. Doran's death was undignified and it just turned into yet another murder spree. I am not sure the sandsnakes' motives are justified or plausible. I also thought that the prince was accompanying Jamie? Guess he elected to take a later boat.

      Perfectly stated my feelings on this. I loved the Dorne side story and this just ruined it for me.

        I dunno, I'm still hoping Cersei sends across a fleet of ships with a whole mess of soldiers to wipe out Dorne...

      The Dorne story line was seen as pretty poor compared to how it was in the books. Doran wasn't killed (not yet anyway) in the books and maybe never will be, I'm probably reading way too much into it but perhaps this was more of a message to the audience? As in, well you didn't like this story so we're literally killing it off.

      I enjoyed it too but was also confused by the boat thing.

      Also, Sansa was being menaced by some hunting hounds and then Briene to the rescue but where did the hounds go? They just vanished? Or did I miss something?

        Thank fuck Im not the only one. i was all o.O where the fuckin dogs at.

      He stayed on the big ship, Jamie rowed ashore with the body on the small boat.

        I understand, but the sisters were left behind as they stood together and watched the ship disappear at the close of season 5. Did the ship sail back to Dorne post haste, the prince deciding to cut off all ties with the whole situation? Word reached Doran by crow at the point where the sandsnakes turned, and the prince was already back at harbour?

    Agree with you Mark, I also found it a strong opening with more action than all of last season haha

    Also, Melisandre's fake form is that hot I'd put up with her true form just for a bit.

    I think that the freshness of the Dorne storyline is why it seems like it's "just another murder spree". In actuality, the sand snakes (the girls who went around murdering everyone) have been lamenting the deaths of their kin for quite some time and Oberyn/Ellaria was kind of like the straw that broke the camels back. I'm actually quite happy that they're going to feature more because the Dornish are very interesting people.

      Lamenting the death of their kin, so they kill some more of their kin?

    Book reader, so take the following as you will.

    Kinda feels like it should have been a two-parter? I expect the other characters returning next week will get the majority of screen time because apart from the scenes outside Winterfell with Sansa & co...everybody's still in a holding pattern. It's like Mark says, cliff notes on each of the main players first, then off we go. Or at least I hope so.

    Davos is one of my favourite characters in both mediums so I'm happy to see him taking charge.

    What's the go with Theon's sister's name being different? She's also a fave but they call her a different name in this!

    The Dorne/Dornish stuff was a bit on the nose.

    Kinda hard to care about anything in Mereen just yet too

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      Apparently they changed her name (Asha->Yara) because it sounded to similar to Osha (The wildling who hangs out with Bran & Rickon) who was introduced in Season 1. They said if they realised it before starting Season 2 they would've changed Osha's name instead.
      Edit: Checked the season :P

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        In contrast, Telltale seemed to double down on confusion and introduced a new character called Asher in their GoT game series ...

    I actually really enjoy how every ep of GoT gets massively over analysed, the editing department would have to be so damn careful to not accidently put ANYTHING in that could be construed as wrong, or inconsistent with how the outcome is going to go.
    The details that would need to be considered for each scene must put a stack of pressure on every one involved in the shows production! As someone that has edited up many videos, I have often included minor details that I thought would be cool for anyone that picks up on them, but they never are as nobody analyses my video's, but it would be a cool feeling to have the little things noticed

    Was really happy. I don't know much about Dorne courtesy of not being a book reader, but share the sentiment that Dorne should be renamed to Yawn. Oberyn is probably the only really interesting thing to come out of it so far.

    Was really happy to see Brienne reuinted with Sansa. That just made me feel really good for some reason. Also happy to see Theon ever so slowly making steps to being human again. I feel so amazingly sorry for him. Sure he did some messed up shit, but man. No one deserves Ramsay Bolton. I don't care how evil you are.

      Yeah the whole Dorne stuff is awful in the books too. Super tedious.

      The Dorne on the show shares almost nothing with the book besides the actual characters. Also they just killed the prince?

      They really are two separate entities now, and it's fine to enjoy both. Wondering if they will add in a few book characters that seem fairly important to the story this season.

    In spite of (and apart from) the ridiculous hasty wrap up of Season 5's Dorne plot (making that season even more redundant) I enjoyed this episode much more than most of season 5. Why? because miraculously the narrative has returned to progress mode, rather than wrap up mode where it has been since S3's ending. yeah some stuff happened in S4, but the entirety of S5 was either redundant fluff or "Hey guys we're going to do stuff" and then nothing happened. (except that one white walker thing and Stannis fighting and dying off screen)
    Over all 8/10 would still bang

      Is Stannis really dead? I wasn't so sure after season 5 because why would they show it off screen?

      But then Brienne being a free agent in this episode, I guess he is.

        I think Bolton also mentioned about finding his body too - said to Ramsey about rewarding whoever killed him.

          I didn't catch them mentioning the body, but yes, the talking about a reward.

        EDIT: SHould have refreshed the page before posting

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    Thought it was great overall. But I agree with some who disliked what happened with Prince Doran and Trystane. They were decent characters and were brushed aside like garbage... by sand garbage.

    The dorne stuff kind of cemented my feelings that the show is just a completely different entity to the books. It will annoy some people - I was a little annoyed for a second seeing one of my favourite characters randomly killed, then I remembered, He's not really my favourite character... just some boring guy who sat around doing nothing all of last season.

    Interested to see where the Brienne/Sansa (&gang) story is going though... Would expect them to head for Castle Black but that might not end well for them XD
    Also found it amusing they made a big deal about Bran coming back this season, then didn't include him in the first episode :P

      He is about the only guy missing from this episode besides Tommen. They rushed his storyline ahead so far so it will be interesting to see if they address that at all or just pretend it didn't happen. Really interested to see what happens with that gang.

    Everything Dorne related sucked. Everything else was ooay, I guess? I mean, you had dogs and their handlers vanishing and Melisandre turning old as soon as she took off her necklace, despite not turning old the last time she did that. Overall, 5/10. Dorne is just dragging everything down.

    Slow episode but good series return overall. My wife called it "a whole lotta nothin'" which I think was unfair. Dorne is meh, but they ruined it from the outset. Hopefully D&D will do something useful with the sand snakes, because it's not like the book has done anything useful yet.

    Didn't much care for the murder-porn of the young prince. The Lannister vs Islam or whatever is getting old too.

    how the hell did jorah find that ring on the lawn? completely unrealistic. ;-)

      In His defence, there was only a small circle on the field that hadn't been ripped up from the Horses doing circle work around Dany

    I wonder if Milesandre's glimmer trick was a precursor to Jon Snow being alive.

    When I saw that plus the Davos looking at the blood made me think that maybe they killed a guy glimmered to seem like JS and then she replaced the body with the real JS.

    We all know he's coming back ;)

      I was hit with the idea she is at the end of her powers and resurrecting JS will knowingly be her end....

    Well, most of the episode was really solid and the sort of thing I wanted from the new season. However everything to do with Dorne was utter bullshit, the 20 cuts a second editing in any fight sequence is still awful and the acting is increasingly shaky. I'm hoping they kill off the Dorne plot entirely now because the sandsnakes are hands down the worst characters ever to make it into a high budget TV series and I never want to see them again. If the whole Dorne thing was a big sign that the books and show will be totally different that's good, if that's where the Dorne plot was leading in the books I am tremendously annoyed.

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