Our Best Look At Superman’s Snazzy New Comic Book Costume 

Our Best Look At Superman’s Snazzy New Comic Book Costume 

Superman is in for some pretty major changes in DC’s Rebirth event — and with all those changes, he’s getting a new supersuit. Appropriately, given the circumstances Kal-El finds himself in, it does a grand job blending the classic Superman design with the current suit. It’s certainly better than a t-shirt and pants!

The artwork comes from Tom Derenick, who posted the turnaround art to his Facebook account. It’s based on a new design from seminal artist Jim Lee. There’s a lot of influences from the classic Superman suit here, like the lack of the high collar from the New 52 era suit. It’s even a little Man of Steel-y, what with the angular wrists and the red belt elements, in lieu of the classic underwear-on the outside. And yes, the classic spitcurl haircut is back. No more buzzcut!

The mish-mash of old and new elements makes a lot of sense, given Superman’s circumstances in Rebirth. After all, this isn’t the New 52 Superman (who’s on his way off the comic’s mortal coil), but the Superman of the pre-reboot world, who’s currently running around in the pages of Superman: Lois and Clark but will become Rebirth‘s defacto caped hero in the wake of New 52 Supes’ demise. Blending the iconic elements with some of the more modern designs is perfect for this old Superman taking on a new role.

Still, would it have killed them to bring back the red underwear? That would have been the ultimate throwback.


  • Would it kill them to just bring back the classic costume? no-one who reads comics would complain. whats the logic here?
    When was the last time someone made the decision whether or not to buy a superman comic based on how cool and modern he looks?

    • Indeed, plus we’re pretty much edging closer to them doing exactly that.

      We’ve gotten rid of the shitty armour look. We got rid of the collared look that made him look like some sort of Gestapo like officer. The whole shirt/jeans combo is gone (thank god). We’re finally back to the right ‘design’, but we’re missing the boots and the underwear (hey, it’s classic, nothing beats the classics).

      Give it five years. I guarantee you we’ll be back to another reboot, with the absolute classic costumes with all of them.

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