Overwatch Player Is A Wall Riding Fiend

Overwatch Player Is A Wall Riding Fiend

Rollerblading healer hero Lucio is one of my favourite characters to play in Overwatch. The simple act of skating around feels great, especially when you're riding walls like gravity's just another rail ripe for grinding. This guy, though, has turned it into an art form. Jamie Allegro sticks to walls like goddamn Spider-Man. Watch him float around Volskaya Industries for two minutes:

I have no doubt that Allegro was better than any of us at playing The Floor Is Lava in preschool.

He's also done King's Row:

I, too, am loving this.

This reminds me a lot of surfing in Counter-Strike. Same goal of constant momentum-based motion, and it requires a similarly deceptive amount of technique to pull off. I wonder if maps tailored to this will become A Thing in Overwatch like they are in Counter-Strike? Unless Blizzard decides to spearhead it, that would require custom map-making or mod tools. I suppose we'll see. Overwatch has been excellent so far, and the future's wide open.


    I'd probably say it's much more like rocket jumping in TF2 being a class specific skill used to facilitate a new way of enjoying the game outside of the normal ways. That said though rocket jumping at this level looks like a lot more fun to me as someone who can't do either, see link below to see what I mean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAEOiIF8Piw

    I imagine most of the Titanfall players will get into this easy. Miss the old days of wallrunning across the map :(

    I played some advanced warfare for the first time this morning and then watched this video in the afternoon. WHERE IS TITANFALL 2

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