Overwatch Replaces Butt Pose With Strut Pose

Overwatch Replaces Butt Pose With Strut Pose

Having decided to alter a victory pose in Overwatch following fan feedback, Blizzard have seemingly implemented the change. Users are reporting there's a new pose in the game, and here's what it looks like.

For reference, here's the old one:

Overwatch Replaces Butt Pose With Strut Pose

Via SteveO409 @ NeoGAF, here's the new pose:

Overwatch Replaces Butt Pose With Strut Pose

Now that this international crisis is over, all that's left to wonder is: what exactly was said, posed, measured and decided upon in the meeting to change this? Was there a formula showing how much butt was too much? Is this focus-tested butt?


    I'd argue her butt is even more pronounced in the new pose XD

      Don't think the issue was specifically to do with her butt.

      I got the impression it was more to do with the pose itself not matching her actual personality and the reason she was doing it was purely for sexualisation.

      However Blizzard have seemed to get around it by making her more playful which perhaps matches her personality better without just removing it all together. :)

        I can see that making sense, thanks for the comment :)

    Is it just me or does that accentuate it even more?

    Perhaps further analysis is required. Yes.

      We been talking about her butt for a week, your observation may be effected...it was probably the first thing most people will look at now when they see tracer.

    I'm with the other guys. This has actually been a fantastic disaster.
    This butt is much perkier than the last butt.

    Thumbs up.

    .... In general... not up the butt.... that's not on. No means no, people.


      I'll be here all week.

    think I have more fun looking at the complainers about the original complainers and now the complainers of those complainers, than I do from either of the poses.

    Now they've fixed that one, can we get the rest of the characters doing that pose (eg. Widowmaker and Hanzo) changed too? Or haven't people been complaining loudly enough yet for Blizzard to decide totally of their own accord to change the pose they weren't happy with to something that accentuates the problem even more? (ie. Her outfit seems to be the issue more than the pose) /cynicism

      Widowmaker is fine because she is meant to be sexualized - that's her character. The issue was sexualizing Tracer when that's not really what her character is about

        The whole thing is kind of whack. I guess Widowmaker is sort of excused because she's got that whole "I'm sexy and I'm going to use it to my advantage" thing going on like Bayonetta, but she also feels like it's just the stereotypical excuse rather than making it work... Tracer kind of feels like the "Cheeky Brit" style of character so being cheeky (pun intended) like that does fit her character but the tight, form-fitting body suit doesn't feel like it's her character to me.

        Last edited 06/04/16 11:13 am

          My thought on the bodysuit was her needing to be as aerodynamic as possible while maintaining her high speed movements, her jacket is in memory of her former military service, and the harness and guards are required to maintain her place in "time." all in all everything seems to be in line with the character to me.

    And here we all doubted Blizzard with removing the butt pose.
    Then they go and give us a better butt pose!

    This issue/game has just gone to show the amount of weirdos on this site. It's truly depressing seeing the level of intelligence on show in the comments of anything remotely to do with it. Imagine making a 'joke' about trigger reactions on a video game site. Just imagine.

    I'd hate to be the layman visiting a site like this to learn more about Overwatch and finding this stupidity. Absolutely wretched.

    While the game itself looks absolutely delightful, I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. The game and its nascent community will suffer either way - like Nintendo did last week. I could say I don't want to go near the game now because I'd be mixing with numpties who think they're writing Shakespeare in the comments when they joke about the wimmin.

    But that is also perhaps pointless because the knuckle-draggers will probably suck at the game anyway and drop it after a month or less anyway.

    Don't @ me.

      How's it feel up there on that pedestal? Pretty superior, I bet.

      I'm quite happy down here with tongue placed firmly in cheek.
      I don't see any jokes about women, or "wimmin" as you so sarcastically put it. What i see is people making light of the situation.
      There is nothing sexualised about this in my eyes. But if people choose to sexualise it? They are more the problem than the images themselves.

      Them and people like you who stir the pot and act as though you have the perfectly clear view and than any others that differ are less than worthless. Your post is absolutely dripping with disdain, which I personally find far more repugnant than anything else here.

        I'm quite happy down here with tongue placed firmly in cheek.Chortle.

          I knew someone would pick that one up. Glad it was you :P haha

      As this has been going on for a week now, we are all thoroughly sick of the drama orbiting the ass in question. Whilst the original complaint against the pose was articulate and so on, it was still very much a mountain made out of a molehill. The complaint ultimately has very little to do with the pose, there is a lot of hate directed at the character design itself with the mistaken belief that attractive people shouldn't be allowed to glance over their shoulder after creating some level of carnage on a battlefield.

      Look at the situation objectively. Then forgive us our butt puns for in light of some rather intelligent discussion when the drama first kicked up, the whole situation is now fair game.

      On a side note, welcome to the internet @leigh, you appear to be new here.

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    Giver her a Burka. It's the only way to keep everyone placated.

    It's the attractive ass of a young athletic woman wrapped in spandex. It doesn't matter where it is or what it is doing in the shot, it is what it is and short of completely removing the ass, someone is going to generate drama. Of course removing it too would cause drama but between you and me, if I have to read about drama then give me an ass to gaze at while doing it.

    On a side note, I can't stop seeing butt puns in articles, whether intentional or not, they are everywhere.

    I'm perfectly fine with this change. Then again, I was also perfectly fine with the original.

      Maybe the real issue was that in the original, the butt was kinda weirdly shaped. This one must have been created to alleviate that.

    Whatever pose she's in her butt is going to be prominent because her pants are perfectly molded around it. I'd have thought if people really had a problem with it they'd be asking for Blizzard to change her pants so they didn't do this. I can't imagine people would have even had problems with the original pose if she had have been wearing proper pants.

    Taking bets on how long until the new butt pose stirs the slut-shaming lynch mob, now! I've got $2.50 on <24 hours!

    I actually think it compliments the other poses she can do and gels with her personality that's be presented to us - either way, I'm sure we can move on from this now.

    This is why the original complaint was so ridiculous.

    Lol. It's a direct copy of a pinup pose.
    You can't make this stuff up.

      Oh. My. GOD! I am smiling so hard right now that it hurts. This whole situation has been a shitshow, but now it's as if we just got trolled hard by Blizzard and I love it.

        It's like a patented Blizzard "Soon™" but for an April Fools joke

    Mother: "This character shows too much butt!"
    Blizz: "madam, you are right and we value your opinion"

    *MORE ASS*

    Wait. So Blizzard gets ONE complaint about a sexualised pose (where nobody gives two hoots), comes out publicly to say they will change it and then change it to another trope sexualised pose? Well played Blizzard. Well played. This is so amazing an hilarious. Ha ha ha!

    Marketing genius.

    Last edited 06/04/16 1:46 pm

      i know its the ultimate troll, but whats even better is that with this new pose it actually does fit tracers personality as being that happy go lucky non crazy Harley type

    This is an odd saga. Neither the original observation nor the response from the game director said anything about the character's butt, originally it was about the pose not fitting with the character's personality. Yet somehow the story most people are running with is that this was all about the butt.

    New pose fits better with the personality, the intended aim has been met.

      That's it, in a nutshell. Between the juvenile games media reporting it through the lens it did, and the ultra-weird politically-motivated cults currently using entertainment media as a battleground, it stirred the worst of the worst in the same way other higher-profile developers have done, through no fault of Blizzard's.

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