Overwatch Ford S650 Supertruck Hits A Car At PAX East

Overwatch Ford S650 Supertruck Hits A Car At PAX East

Left: The Supertruck’s driver. Right: Via Randy Pitchford’s Twitter. Blizzard’s cross-promotion between Overwatch and Uber for PAX East ran into problems last night, when Soldier: 76’s Ford S650 Supertruck took out the side of a passenger vehicle. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford was on the scene.

Of all the people to stumble upon an Overwatch car accident. Randy Pitchford was exiting the main theatre of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, having just finished showing off his studio’s competitive online multiplayer game, Battleborn. Once outside he witnessed a truck decked out in the branding of and driven by a character from a competing online multiplayer game plow into the side of a car.

Pitchford went on to clarify that the Supertruck, one of the vehicles hired by Blizzard to transport convention goers between hotels and venues in partnership with Uber (the promotion is called UberWatch), smashed into the side of the vehicle in question. “What a nightmare for everyone,” he added.

Overwatch Ford S650 Supertruck Hits A Car At PAX EastReady for action!

Ready for action! Pitchford offered to help, but the situation was being sorted. Once he was certain no one was injured, he tweeted a picture of the accident.

Overwatch Ford S650 Supertruck Hits A Car At PAX EastWrong sort of action.

Wrong sort of action. Note the side mirror of the civilian vehicle. It is not pointing anywhere a side mirror would be useful.

Another PAX attendee grabbed a short video of the Soldier: 76 cosplay driver exiting the Supertruck following the accident (via Shacknews).

Fortunately no one was hurt, and since the Supertruck was one of at least two Soldier: 76 decorated vehicles servicing the show, convention goers’ truck riding dreams are still achievable, and no one need catch a ride in Tracer’s Lamborghini Aventador or D.Va’s Polaris Slingshot.