Overwatch’s Tracer Has Some Powerful Abilities In Heroes Of The Storm

Overwatch’s Tracer Has Some Powerful Abilities In Heroes Of The Storm

Video: Heroes of the Storm wouldn’t be a true Blizzard arena brawler without someone representing Overwatch. And finally, after all the characters added from Diablo or WoW, the first Overwatch hero is ready to make her debut.

Tracer looks like an assassin type hero here with a quite powerful basic ability: she can move while attacking. That’s a first in Heroes of the Storm, so it could make Tracer a powerful and popular character.

She’s originally a hero who can manipulate time, and looking at her other skills, that won’t be much different here either. There’s a blinking ability with 3 charges and a cooldown, a melee attack and a skill that “rewinds” the player to the position they were in three seconds ago.


    • Pretty much all lol characters are blizzard rip offs so let’s not get too pedantic.

      • yep its really amazing how little many of the units in lol and especially Dota 2 changed from their warcraft 3 base. they are so close to copyright that if any of us tried it we’d be sued into oblivion

      • So Riot ripped off 110 champions off Blizzard games? 110 champs before HotS even got released? That’s pretty good, considering LoL was released in 2009, and HotS was released on June 2, 2015. Please name a ripped off champion.

        • Warcraft 3 was released in 2002 and Defence of the ancients the modded map for warcraft 3 and the game LoL is based of was relased in 2003 way before lol. nothing to do with when HotS was released

          • Indeed and I think a lot look like they come from one of blizzards many popular franchises which were also out before lol existed.

    • He cant attack while moving but he has an skill that will let him target an enemy and shoot while moving for a few seconds. It looks like Tracer possibility has that as a passive though.

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