Oxenfree Is Coming To The PS4

Oxenfree is one of my favourite games of 2016 so far and, while playing it, I did openly wonder why the hell it wasn't released on consoles.

Now Sony has announced that Oxenfree is coming to the PlayStation 4.

The trailer says "coming soon", but according to the official page , the release date is 31 May. So you won't have to wait long.

This version of Oxenfree is a 'Director's Cut'and features a bunch of new stuff.

From Sony:

- New Game+ Storyline: Just when you think you complete your version of Alex's story, you are sucked back in to continue her tale in new locations, conclusions, and a completely tweaked version of the island's already twisted
- Your DualShock®4 controller becomes Alex's supernatural radio, with dynamic light feedback and ghostly transmissions emanating from the
- Behind the Scenes Featurettes reveal the steps from original concept to creating a finished supernatural thriller.

Oxenfree is great. It has great writing, augmented by one of the most natural dialogue systems I've ever used in a video game. Completely seamless. It has this unique visual style and — perhaps its greatest strength — a genuine sense of mystery. I usually find it difficult to care about video game stories but this one was a real page-turner. I was playing because the story was interesting, unique and felt... I dunno. Weighty. Like it wasn't all grab-bagged together at the last minute. Like it was a central, important thing.

Anyway. You have to play Oxenfree, whether it's on the PS4 on May 31, or on PC right now.


    Oxenfree was released on Xbox One at the same time as PC wasn't it?

      It was released on PC on January 15, but Xbox One players had to wait until March 1 in Australia, since there were delays due to classification.

      Yes. Just yes. The Australian Xbox One store had to wait but that's about it, it was released in many other major markets. Not sure why they're trying to push the idea it isn't on consoles, it always has been since release.

      Also: It doesn't matter - game is great regardless, buy it on whatever you have.

      Last edited 28/04/16 12:59 pm

    It really was a lovely little game wasn't it? Great sense of character and place, and some truly creepy and shocking moments. Wonderful stuff.

    I hope bone\pc owners get the NG+ areas though, wouldn't mind diving back in after a bit of a break.

    Yes! So excited. With the Xbone delay in Australia, I still haven't gotten around to picking this up yet. Now I'll just wait for my preferred system's version!

    I remember Hayley's article on it. Will definitely give it a try when it comes out.

    How long would the average person spend playing this game? It looks great, but I'm a little put off indie titles since Firewatch. Don't get me wrong, was happy to pay and play Firewatch, it was great, but only a few hours of gameplay has turned me off titles like this.

      Around 5 hours for a single playthrough I guess, your mileage may vary by an hour or two depending on a few factors but that's probably about right.

      There are also a number of different ways it can go depending on your actions\reactions and how much you like to replay games to get different endings, but a single play is about 5 hours.

      Personally i'd say it's worth a play, a good one to do between enormous time sink games :)

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