People Are Already Doing Wild Stuff With Basketball In Rocket League

People Are Already Doing Wild Stuff With Basketball In Rocket League

You know, you had to know this was coming.

A large number of people have moved on from Rocket League, but a core of goddamn savages remain. They’re rocking aerials, they’re doing flips and shit. And the new ‘Hoops’ DLC, which basically transforms Rocket League from soccer to basketball? Well, it’s put a whole new lease on things.

The update has been out for about a day and people are already doing some wild shit.

Exhibit A: [gfycat id=SmoggyCautiousAzurevasesponge]

Right now, Rocket League players are mostly about doing insane slam dunks. As of this minute that is the order of the day.

Honestly, I can’t wait to give this a try. [gfycat id=HelpfulOrangeArthropods]

[gfycat id=SpitefulDapperChickadee]

I can’t to totally not be able to do this. [gfycat id=IncredibleBeneficialBlesbok]

See the thing is: aerials are super hard. They require practice. Watching this I’m like, “oh shit, gonna go home and score some rad slam dunks.” It’s just not going to play out like that. I should make myself aware of my own limitations. [gfycat id=UnconsciousVigorousItalianbrownbear]

But I’ll always have GIFs. Thanks the lord for Rocket League GIFs.


  • Played Rocket League for something like 90 hours and I’ve never scored an aerial goal, I don’t think hoops is for me

    • From what I can tell there’s a few ‘skill’ barriers

      1) Start playing, noob around have fun
      2) Get a team of mates who are on par with you
      3) Go through all training modes and finish on every level… even if you have to repeat, just figure out what you’re meant to be doing (youtube if you have to)
      4) Do training more, try and do 10 goals in a row at least on ‘pro’, all star can be ridiculous but still good to hit 6+/10 everytime.
      5) Youtube the Kronovi training series. Whilst I’m still a noob there was a few little pointers like camera settings, landing with handbrake on, momentum, breaking down the field like a game of chess etc etc that help.

      These guys are not only spending the time playing this game every single day, they’re playing smarter not harder. A mix of training, free flow aerial-ing, playing unranked to warm up all give them the edge of turning on that coveted ranked mode and smashing out a couple wins.

      Me personally, I just play on ranked and yolo 5 wins / 5 losses, but at least I now recognize what these top dudes are doing and am applying a few bits and pieces to my regime. I’ll never be a top player, but if I’m a better player than yesterday by doing these things, i’m a happy camper.

    • You don’t need to use aerials to score, you can just lob it up or bounce it off a wall…but doing aerials would sure make it much easier.

      I had my first game just before and it’s bloody hard! Great fun, but I still prefer the standard scoring.

  • Most those shots were luck..
    If I uploaded some of my shots you would think ZOMG skill. But then if you every played with me you’d watch as 90 percent of the time I hit the ball and it just kinda falls to the floor in front of me usually in the wrong direction and then the other play would touch it and it would homing pigeon into my goal. But occasionally. I pull of something amazing. And I’m just as surprised as you.

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