People Are Leaking Plenty Of Pokemon GO Footage

Australians and New Zealanders only got emails granting them access to the field test for Pokemon GO yesterday. As part of those emails, they also received a non-disclosure agreement from Niantic and The Pokemon Company asking them to please please please not tell anyone about what's happening in Pokemon GO.

So, naturally, footage is being uploaded everywhere.

Just under nine minutes of footage from the latest Pokemon GO build has been uploaded to YouTube. There are a fair few changes from the last footage we saw of Niantic's new augmented reality game, particularly in the UI department.

Most importantly, there's now some footage of Pokemon battling each other. You can see some of the different Pokemon that's available, as well as how the real world is visually incorporated into the game.

The Pokemon Go Gameplay channel is also uploading various bits and pieces of the game, including the tutorial and what gym battles look like.

What would you like to see from Pokemon GO?


    From everything I played already this basically looks like Ingress with a Pokemon skin.
    cool if you're into that but I thought Ingress got boring pretty quickly, and the grind was HUGE.
    I haven't played it for a long time but this pokemon version doesn't feel any different.

      Couldn't agree more, from the limited time I've played it on my missus' account. We have a grassy patch where our house is, so we barely need to leave to catch Pokemon.

    There's a unique identifier on each person's screen, whoever posted the leaked footage is likely to be kicked off the beta

    Good news for them! Every game has a permanent watermark on it that Niantic can view from an image or video. Accounts will be terminated.

    Also as Ingress player, this game feels different enough. It also feels like it needs a lot more work. The amount of gyms seems too high, I'm curious as to how they picked which portals from Ingress would make it over to GO, as not every Portal did make the transfer. The way you evolve Pokemon seems kind of... boring and I feel like people will get over the game quickly with the way it is now. They need to figure out a better way to deal with the location of "grassy" areas to catch Pokemon in as a lot of them are over private property. Not good for the kids that will eventually pick the game up.

    Am I the only person who think this looks like crap?

    I love the 3ds games but this looks so boring and grindy.

    I would rather be transported into the world of Pokemon through the magic of VR than have Pokemon overlayed on the real world through AR.

      Nope... I liked the concept but that was a bit rubbish IMHO.

    I've been playing for the last 24hrs. As a hardcore 1st gen fan I am enjoying simply walking around and catching the mon I haven't got. Haven't given Gyms a good run yet but that looks like it will be fun when the player base expands. It really is just a more polished ingress though, which I loved but again got sick of eventually.

    At the end of the day I can see Go being absolutely mammoth, but with a lot more content then I'm currently seeing

    What are the ingress portals in Go? are they gyms or just something completely random?

      Two types, Pokestops where you are just hacking them and getting pokeballs/potions etc. Other larger portals are the gyms, though I haven't been able to figure out how they were decided. One of my local portals that isn't even heavily defended or fielded is a gym, while much more heavily fought over ones are left out completely.

      I'm also trying to see if I can make a correlation between XM and "tall grass"

        Cheers for that.

        I have a few portals nearby work and home so when it is released to wider audience i will take note of whether any are being used. Being the beta i wonder if more will be added later on.

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