Players Keep Finding Secret New Fatalities In Mortal Kombat X

Players Keep Finding Secret New Fatalities In Mortal Kombat X

Fighting game enthusiasts have been going over Mortal Kombat X with a fine-toothed comb ever since the game’s first iteration almost a year ago. A ton of secrets and Easter eggs have been discovered but fresh ones keep popping up. It’s been one big gory treasure hunt. NetherRealm have pumped out a bunch of periodic updates for their hit game over the last 12 months. Each new chunk of code gives the game’s fanbase a reason to fire MKX back up again and track the changes to movesets and finishers.

Brutalities can be the trickiest to uncover since they require specific conditions to have the inputs execute into bloody explosions but players keep finding them, as seen in the videos here.

The injection of new kill moves is just another way that Netherrealm’s focusing on the thematic legacy of Mortal Kombat‘s fetish for secrets. It’s a great way to keep fans dialled into a game that might otherwise have been traded in long ago.


  • How the hell do people find these? Does NetherRealms just publish the finishers with each patch, or is someone actually just trying millions of combos until they trigger?

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