Players Report The Division Is Wiping Characters On Xbox One

Players Report The Division Is Wiping Characters On Xbox One

There are multiple reports popping up today that the latest patch for Ubisoft's The Division has, for an unlucky few on Xbox One, resulted in the demise of their character. All the reports are similar; some players on Xbox One (PS4 and PC seem unaffected) log into the game following the update only to find that their character is no longer available to select. Losing save progress or an item is one thing; but losing an entire character, some of which would have had hundreds of hours poured into them, sounds like the worst. Hopefully this is something that can be restored.

Developers Massive are looking into the issue — this Reddit thread alone contains a sad, long list of players affected (over 50 at time of writing) — and say that they're looking into each case individually to try and see what's going on. As of now there's no word on a cause or a fix, though, so Xbox One players might want to hold off playing the game until there's more information.


    I logged in on Xbone for the first time since the patch about 30 minutes ago, apparently right after they put up a hotfix.

    Characters are fine for me. So who knows if they'd taken a break before the hotfix, though perhaps the fix wasn't for this anyway.

    Something else of note was my character screen showing my DZ rank had been reset until I actually got in game... Game would've been dead to me if that'd happened.

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      I played on XBONE with no issues moments after the 1.1 update came out, no issues so far.

      BTW the DarkZone rank is bugged for everyone on all platforms, it's a know issue that Massive let us know about on the State of the Game stream.

    If my main got wiped, the only thing I would really lose are my 2 best primarys and my side arm along with the dz rank. I have a 2nd char at 30 with all yellow items (minus 1 or 2) so I can farm the hard dailies and get the extra 30 phoenix creds in 10-15 mins.

    PC's fine though, so all's good with the world.

      Dunno. I was playing last night and suddenly found that my game world wasn't reacting to my character (ie. not communicating with the server). Logged out and tried to get back in: Account Unavailable.

        Have you not heard? The Quarians have bought over Ubisoft.

    I know 1-30 is the best part of the game and it gets boring as hell after that, so maybe Massive thinks they're doing players a favour, but this is a little extreme.

    Xbox can keep this exclusive, PS4 doesn't want it.

      Um, it's multiplat.

        Xbox has timed exclusivity on future paid DLC over both PS4 and PC. About a month if I recall.

          Didn't Sony do that with Destiny?

            Yeah, but in my mind even worse in that case, Xbox didn't get a bunch of exotic guns some PVP maps and certain strikes for an entire year. This was on the Vanilla version of Destiny btw although the exclusives continued with further dlc. Eventually they gave Xbox content that was available to PS4 on day one, but one of the most coveted hand guns was nerfed significantly just as Xbox got it. But ultimately it wasn't the entire dlc, just aspects of it.

            I guess you could argue a delay on an entire dlc pack could be worse, especially if you're into the Division's story, it would suck having to avoid spoilers etc. There's also been a bit of kick back from streamers as if they've chosen the hardware platform that doesn't get the exclusive they'll essentially take a hit in the hip pocket due to lost views etc because they can't stream during the initial hype of new dlc.

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    I'm sans-Internet for the week (moving house) so if the gaming world could both cram and resolve all these shit things into the next seven days, that'd be great. kthx.

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