Podcast: Nintendo Is Bumming Us Out

Podcast: Nintendo Is Bumming Us Out

Even for longtime Nintendo fans, it's hard not to feel burned by the Wii U, a console that never quite lived up to its potential. Sucks for people who bought one just for Zelda! Today on Kotaku Splitscreen, Kirk and I talk about this week's disappointing Nintendo news, and how Zelda's delay signals an unceremonious end for Wii U. Is it fair to say the Wii U is Nintendo's most disappointing console to date? How can longtime fans of the company trust that Nintendo won't burn us again with NX? How have they still not figured out how to make people happy with the Virtual Console?

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    Sucks for people who bought one just for Zelda!

    Why buy a console when the game isn't out yet?

    1. The game might skip that generation, or even end up on a different platform.
    2. When the Zelda game DOES eventually arrive, so too will those special edition Zelda consoles, with the paint jobs, bundled accessories, etc.

      I agree. After what happened with Twilight Princess and the Gamecube release being delayed until months after the Wii release, only a fool with a very short memory would buy a Wii U solely for a new Zelda game before it is released.

    The Wii U, is the least of Nintendo's Console with the exception of the Virtual Boy, a Console too far ahead of it's time with out the technology to support it.

    But it still has a good deal of Nintendo Magic in it. I am not disappointed with my purchase.

      Actually the VB kinda fits that description too. IIRC there's always been talk of how the tech wasn't quite there yet but they pushed it out the door anyway.

      Still a pretty fantastic piece of kit that was far too unfairly criticised :P

    The Wii U is the worst Nintendo console in a long time.

      How? Why? For me the worst it is still a toss up between the Wii and N64 in my opinion.

      I have collected and played the crap our of games on my NES, SNES, Gamecube and Wii U. It has an amazing collection of games that are all exclusive to it, with a lot of experiences that cant be found on Xbone or PS4.

      I love my Xbone, play the hell out of it. But ive still clocked up more time playing my Wii U and still have games to go back and finish. And othing beata 4 player local co-op.

    I love my WiiU, and it gets probably more use than the other Next Gen systems I have, but I can see how people might feel disappointed. Still, as the other two machines raced desperately to try and be exactly the same, the WiiU stood out and proud as the weird kid in the classroom. And I've always had a soft spot for the weird kid in the classroom.

    I bought one JUST for Xenoblade Chronicles X.
    No regrets

    I have all three. Wii U gets the most use, Xbox One gets the least (even though I have the least games on the PS4).
    Xbox One just has not only the most unstable, bloated and frustrating OS as well as the least interesting games for me.
    The Wii U is the only one that doesn't try to be an underpowered PC, and the only one that has a TouchPad and second screen that actually works well.

    I honestly couldn't be happier with my Wii U purchase. Excellent games and we got a new Pikmin entry. And Splatoon blew everyone away. Not too fussed about Zelda as I'll be getting the NX anyway.

    Disappointing sales true, but the games this gen. Some of the best ever.

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