Podcast: The Weird Evolution Of Video Game Controllers

Podcast:  The Weird Evolution Of Video Game Controllers

On this week's Kotaku Splitscreen I'm joined by game designer, composer and Idle Thumb Chris Remo. We spend most of the episode talking about jazz. Just kidding. Topics covered: The similarities between music and video games, the evolution of game controllers, what it was like to work on and release Firewatch, common criticisms of the game, what a real VR killer app might look like and the anxieties provoked by Hyper Light Drifter and the new Hitman.

Reading for the episode: We talked about a 2012 article I wrote about how gameplay and narrative work like music and lyrics, as well as Emily Short's interesting critique of Firewatch.

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Jason will be back next week, so he and I will have a tearful reunion on the next episode. Thanks as always for listening!


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