Pokemon GO Invites Are Being Sent Out Today

Let's not beat around the bush. You want to play Pokemon GO. I want to play Pokemon GO. Everyone wants in.

Good news: if you're one of the few fortunate enough to be selected, you'll be receiving your invites from today.

Niantic announced that a field test was being rolled out for Australians and New Zealanders towards the end of April. In a post on their blog, they've confirmed that those invites will start rolling out today.

"Niantic will select users based on a variety of factors which may include OS types, experience in real world games and an element of luck," the developers announced. Those selected will get an email with "detailed instructions", which will undoubtedly include details on the NDA covering those participating in the Japanese field test.

If you don't get invited initially, don't worry though: Niantic says that they will "increase the number of invites over time".


    *refreshes email*
    Nope, not yet.

      Jesus, Niantic. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO BEAVWA IS?!?!?!?!?

    DAMMIT. I forgot to signup since I was in india at the time. Completely missed out now.

      its still open, check there blog :)

    Has anyone else actually got it running yet? I got the invitation email, but not the TestFlight invitation.

      On Android at least, it's not done through TestFlight, you get a link directly through the email once you've agreed to become a tester.

      Also, for anyone with region locking being an issue (not available in your country) turn your phone on and off again.

        Hey, how do i become a tester? ive tried signing up through ninantic and it says i cant go through the site cause of out of country. Is there any way you can lead me on the right path

    Invite received.=)

    If anyone has issues downloading Pokemon GO from the Play Store after accepting the invite due to it 'Not being available in your country', restart your device. I was able to download it after that for some reason.

      How many emails did you request one in?

      Also did you previously have a Ingress account and what level if so?

      I only used one email to put in a request and no Ingress either. Still hopeful but I doubt it.

        I just used a single email, and was a lowly lvl1 agent in Ingress. Have since played a bit of Ingress over the past couple of weeks and am almost level 4. Not sure if that helped, but at the time of P-GO field test registration, had barely touched Ingress.

        Last edited 26/04/16 2:47 pm

          Oh alright, wow, my chances just got mildly better.


      Do i just need to be registered to kotaku to get an invite or do i have to do more?

    Got my confirmation e-mail.
    Had to do the same thing as @ynefel as the play store initially said 'unable in your country'.
    Can't wait to test it, but I'm stuck here at work!

    Last edited 26/04/16 11:54 am

    *refreshed email inbox* *sigh* nothing yet

    Playing it.

    Last edited 26/04/16 4:42 pm

    Got mine and downloaded no worries. Caught a rattata and a drowzee within 10m of leaving the front door. Good start.

    Are they sending it out or they finished sending it? Are android phones the only one who can play Pokemon GO ???? i didnt received my mail :((

    Game has been .... okay ._. only found the useful information on HOW to play a bit later through the site. Spin to win! Love how they've literally ripped every location from Ingress and are using the same pictures!

    Gets invite, cannot download actual software.

    Got my invite and it works. Can't say much due to NDA but right now it looks and plays like some first year uni project. It's VERY beta.

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