Quantum Break Gets The Best DLC: A Quit Button

I'm as big a fan of the Alt+F4 rage quit as much the next gamer. Hell, if you grew up playing Counter-Strike and Quake it's practically a rite of passage. Dota and League of Legends fans know the feeling of a healthy abandonment, and there's plenty of games that just need a speedy abort when things start to break.

But Quantum Break is a different kettle of fish — because the developers forgot to add a quit button to the main menu.

It's astonishing that a developer who cut their teeth on the PC with the Max Payne series and Death Rally, a developer whose game became a cornerstone of benchmarking tools, didn't add a quit button to the main menu.

But that's remarkably what happened with the PC release of Quantum Break. Fortunately, they've confirmed in their latest status update that they have listened to "popular demand" and that they'll be adding an option to the main menu.

"For now, similar to all Windows 10 apps, you will need to use Alt-F4 or move the mouse cursor to top right corner of the window to the see the X icon, which you can click to exit the game."

Quitting Windows 10 applications by hovering over one corner of the screen has always been a nightmare — it was crappy in Windows 8 too — so it's a bit staggering that the PC build shipped without such a basic option.

Remedy also added that they'll be adding more graphics tweaks to the PC build, including the ability to turn certain effects. "We also want to give PC gamers more choice and this will come in a future update."


    C'mon, remedy hardly "forgot" about the quit button.

    Microsoft most likely mandated the lack of a quit button as a part of unifying their ux design language.

    any game that doesnt allow to you quit straight to desktop pisses me off to no end. Bulletstorm was the fucking worst as not even ALT+F4 would quit to the desktop, instead it would send you to the title screen so you had to press a button to get to the main menu to then press the quit to desktop button. Worst fucking game ever

      So that little "x" you can access any time with your mouse doesnt count?

      I agree.. If you had to hit alt f4 for any game to exit it is rubbish. But there is just literally multiple ways to quit without them having to even include an official exit on the menu!

    Why is this even a discussion?? You have MULTIPLE ways to quit in windows 8 or 10! This isnt vista or 7 where you have to alt tab or alt f4 Or even ctrl alt del!!! That little "x" in the corner does something you know? Like i dunno... QUIT the damn game? What thats? Doesnt count because the "x" doesnt say quit and is actually more accessible?

    It is ridiculous that kotaku is harping on about it instead of discussing the multiple ways you can quit or exit the game - and the fact its missing it is an absolute non issue! Thank god I left the pc master race class behind last year.

    Remedy also added that they’ll be adding more graphics tweaks to the PC build, including the ability to turn certain effects.

    so we can watch them from side on?

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