Resident Evil Clothing For Muscular, Sweaty People

Resident Evil Clothing for Muscular, Sweaty People

Are you a strapping man or woman? Do you like Resident Evil? Then does Capcom have some clothing for you. According to Famitsu, the Osaka-based game company is teaming up with athletic gear company Bodymaker for a line of inner wear clothing designed to reduce muscle stress during physical activity. The clothing is made from quick-drying fabric, making it ideal when breaking a sweat.

Bodymaker recommends the wear for survival games, and seeing how Japan has seen RE-themed ones, that does make sense.

[Image: Famitsu]


    3800 yen is actually a fair price for a compression shirt. I might get the Umbrella one so I can nerd it up at the gym.

    They also make Batman ones which are pretty cool (but look like they're discontinued and will be gone soon)

    i wish i had the body for one of those :(
    but lasagne dooeess taste good

      you don't have to be muscular to wear these shirts, just be yourself :)

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