Riot Rolls Out The First Taste Of The New League Of Legends Client

League of Legends might be the most popular PC game in the world, but its aging Adobe AIR client leaves a lot to be desired. Riot has been working on a new build, however, and they're finally starting to let fans take a look.

Six years: that's how old the current League of Legends client is. Most franchises get a sequel, if not more, by that time. Even Valve ported Dota 2 to a whole new engine within that time.

But now it's Riot's turn. The developer, which is fully owned by the Chinese conglomerate Tencent, announced a refresh of the program was incoming earlier this year. And in the last 24 hours, they've opened the door for users to sign up to an alpha version of League 2.0.

Some of the changes include a standalone friends client, a new visual design, a "new tech framework" that should make the client faster and more reliable, as well as making it simpler for Riot developers to add new features over time.

For now, Riot is only accepting "level 30 players who often queue up with friends" for the beta. They'll take players on PC and OSX, but if you've got a foul-mouthed history don't expect to get an invite.

What would you like to see from an updated League of Legends client?


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