Rocket League Hoops Looks Amazing

Rocket League was basically soccer with cars. Now it's basketball with cars. This is a good idea.

We knew the basketball thing was coming, but this new trailer shows it all in action and um... I think I'm gonna start playing Rocket League again.

Psyonix is calling it 'Rocket League Hoops'. It looks like a shit-tonne of fun. I'm guessing it's gonna appeal to the people who are still currently playing, since it suits those goddamn wizards who are good at aerials and such like. I never quite mastered that skill.

I still play Rocket League — mostly 2v2 with my family on the same screen. I suspect this is gonna get a lot of play in my house.


    I was skeptical about this, but it looks great. It should encourage lots more aerials, which in turn will make for a more skilled player base in regular RL (which is great.)

    Coincidentally, it drops on the same day as the Hearthstone update. The only two games I really care about atm both about to get a heap more exciting on the same day. Yay.

    This looks as though defence is going to be a lot harder than in regular rocket league. Especially for newer players. I agree that it should force people to start learning aerials because of the way the goals are setup but new players might find it a bit less accessable than the regular version because of this. Still, I'm keen to try it because it does look pretty fun!

    Is it possible to call a piece of DLC 'game of the year'? Because this scratches all the possible itches in the best ways.

    Christ... as soon as my nephews discover this, they'll NEVER leave my place. Looks awesome though!

    Ooooh, this could be fun. I still can't put this bloody game down...and I'm not getting any friggin better at it haha

      Take some time and watch some tutorials and practice in freeplay. It takes a lot of the sting out of 'performing' in a match. I also try some crazy moves out in unranked because it doesn't matter if you lose. I've found it is equating to actual upgrades of skill in ranked matches.

        I practice all the time haha I've definitely improved a lot since starting last year, but I make the mistake of watching videos from guys like Linkuru and Kronovi who make all those crazy moves look so easy.

          What rank are you hovering? I'm generally at challenger 1 and can't really seem to break out.

          I generally either play doubles with friends of varying skill so it's 50/50 win rate. By myself I play solo standard. In solo standard I can play vs challenger 3's and still keep up... somehow I just keep getting a slew of half competent teammates but their general 'team' skills are horrible which means we'll lose... also basically a 50/50 win rate.

          I feel like my individual skill is slowly getting better with practice. I recently mapped air roll/powerslide to 'Y' and moved the change camera to 'X'. It's weird but I think it's the right move.

          .... Freakin love this game.

            I can't remember where I'm at with Ranked. I have a ranking, but it's only like 3 or something like that. I usually play unranked so I can 'experiment' and it doesn't matter if I lose. I'm a similar rank in solo, but I don't really enjoy solo as much as dual, although I like practicing solo against A.I.

              1v1 is soooooooo frustrating, doubles or 'standard for me' :)

    Oh boy. The only game I can fit the time in to play, merged with my primary sport. I'm so hyped.

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