Rocket League Is Weird Now

I play Rocket League semi-regularly with family, but I'm guessing a large number of you have moved on.

Just for your information: Rocket League is weird now. Like super weird.

Take the above GIF for example. People can do this now. And they're doing it with hockey pucks.

What a time to be alive.


    I mostly moved on because of things like that gif. I can't compete with that shit and most of the community is so toxic now that if you're not at that level you get treated like you've entered an elite championship without ever picking up a controller.

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      I only really play 1v1 on my own or 2v2 with my brother. It's just not worth playing with randoms so much

      The standard on Xbox Live is much lower I’d imagine (being a newer game).

      When it launched an aerial goal was almost unheard of and that changed quickly, but the average server is still more ‘meh’ players than outright ninajas.

      For reference I think I’m about level 20 and I’ve probably played a couple of hundred games I guess. I think I’m slightly above average and I’ve only run into one guy who was an absolute weapon. He kicked everyones ass so they all left which put the two of us in a 1-1 waiting room…. We started playing an impromptu 1-on-1 game and he embarrassed me.

      I play all the time with my brother as well in 2v2 ranked. We're good, not great, but feel confident about most matches we play. The community, because it's filled with childish PC players, is real gross. People telling you to forfeit the match as soon as they are 2 up on you, matchmade teams fighting amongst each other, people spamming the "Nice Save!" emote every time they score, etc.

      Maybe coming from communities like Destiny where people actually treat each other with respect has spoiled me, but yeah, it's pretty pathetic. And it's more often than not from the PC community, not the PS4 one.

        I mostly play on PC because friends have it there but have played a reasonable amount on PS4 too (because I got it free with PS+ anyway), I agree completely, PC is much worse :P

    It's a staple of our monthly lans, usually we have a full side and just have fun. Were far from good, but match making seems to place us fine

    Bring in graphics packs and turn it back into a party game. I'd love to see everyone riding around in the Banana Splits carts for example.

    Public Service Announcement #1:

    Rocket League is free on Steam this weekend, remember.

    Public Service Announcement #2:

    I will decimate you.

      I will decimate you.

      I know you're joking but why is the whole PC online multiplayer community like this? It's so toxic. Smack talk can be amusing amongst friends, but against strangers, it just makes you look like an immature dick.

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        I agree, for what it's worth. Call it a bad joke.

        I have it on PS4 and absolutely refrain from the stuff you are describing.

        I don't have it on PC. Rest assured it's prevalent on other platforms as well. I predominately stick to games like what Nintendo makes and Dark Souls where voice-chat and player-to-player/team conversations are either non-existent or strictly regulated.

        I tempered it by reminding all here (our community) that if they want to play the game, they can do so. I'm definitely telling friends and strangers to get on it, and hopefully they tell people to do so as well. Less toxicity, for a weekend at least, if more people play it on the recommendation of others!

          Yeah as I said above I don't really go for online multiplayer too much but played the hell out of Destiny. That community is so much friendlier than anything else i've experienced so when I see it in other things it's a greater shock. I'm sure the Destiny community is unified by both the cooperative nature of the game and the cooperative frustration with Bungie and Activision.

    For those who don't play much RL, the match shown in the GIF is using mutators for unlimited boost, changing the ball size, and changing the ball to a puck (and probably others). Normal play isn't like that.

    Exactly ^
    Rocket League is still as great as ever.

    i play rocket league regulalry with friends from work. im probably average at it, or maybe just above. i made it to 2 gold stripes the other day. but, i cant aerial for shit, and i get smashed against those who can, but i play because i have fun socialising with friends.
    the environment is getting more toxic which pisses me off coz people are absolute wankers for no other reason but to be fucking wankers.

    I'm just going to write this week off as the one where Serrels systematically abused everything I love. Tim Tams, Fairy Bread, Rocket League.

    Make the bad man stop.

    Wow lol I got a kotaku thing for this gif?

      Kotaku Australia! And Mark *really* likes Rocket League.

    It probably looks that way because text is not crossplatform

    Yeah....that's not really standard rocket league. The gif you show is of mutators, which aren't even available for online matchmaking (save for hockey, and the upcoming hoops), so it's not really an accurate representation of the game.

    I still play hours of the game, probably 10+ hours weekly. I'm rank 45+ and have now progressed to being able to do aerials. Seem to hover around rank Challenger 2.
    People complaining about the community are probably over-reacting.... Seriously, either ignore that shit, or just learn to laugh at other people's anger. I can't believe people get so frequently angry.

    Also if you are any good (probably prospect elite and above) then you'll find most people playing around your rank aren't dicks, and are genuinely trying to win and work together.

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