Damn, right at the death.

I thought Lysander was gonna take his ScribbleTaku into day three, but then 5umaleth came in — super late in the game — and correctly guessed that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Rodland.

Nice job.

Today's Scribble comes from Alex Leckie-Zaharic.

Good luck everyone!


    Im getting a Mickey Mouse game vibe. Castle of Illusion?

    Or maybe Donald Duck the Lucky Dime Caper?

    I kind of feel like I should know this given how much it looks like a Japanese mon and how many games I play that have them.

    Total War Shogun 2

    It totally isn't if you ask me but it looks like at least one clan symbol in game.

      I was going to say Sword of the Samurai for the same reason. :P

        Yeeeess!! If that's the old dos game then A. it's awesome, B. I think you're right about, it might be one of clan symbols

          Sorry, it isn't. Could be a coincidence, seeing as I have never played that game.

    This is good so far, no one has guessed it yet. My first ScribbleTaku seems to be going well.

    Harry Potter - looks like a chocolate frog card!

      My thoughts exactly, I think Harry potter and The philosophers stone had them on the pc version. I remember a friend down the road when I was a kid had it and I would occasionally play it with him, whereas I just had the GBA version which you could complete without having to use any of the chocolate frog cards you earned so I can't remember what they looked like.

    Harry Potter: Quiditch World Cup

    Last edited 02/04/16 3:40 am

      Found an image

      Used to love this game as a kid

      Nice. I thought it would last longer than that. I need to make my next one more obscure.

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