Did Dr Neeson just take this into a third day? I think he did.

No-one has yet managed to guess Dr Neeson's ScribbleTaku. Maybe this will stir your memory banks.

For reference, here are the previous two drawings...

Good luck!


    The "WHOOPS" makes me think of either Space Quest or Kings Quest plummeting to your death. Pretty sure they both do that at different points. Not sure that either of the other two fit though

    I assume this is something where we need to guess what the clues mean? (I've never actually gone into one of these threads)

    In that case, the Perseid meteor showers begin to peak starting on August 9th this year.

    So... Asteroids?

    I should probably find the previous two threads...

      You're correct that the hand-drawn images are clues.
      But the answer will be the title (and sometimes platform) of the retro video game in which they appeared.

    So if you open the clock image now in a new tab, the file name for the pictures is waluigi and if you open the whoops image the file name is 41.

    Clues? The waluigi one was not there yesterday

    It's not one of the kart games, is it?

    Clearly the only possible answer is Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, a game I've never seen or heard of until now.

      Or Mario Party 3 maybe. Or Alien Isolation. Definitely one of those three. Probably the last one.

    I'm starting to think it's some iteration of Bomberman. No clue which one though.

      OMG, I think its Bomberman 64?

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