Dr Neeson, welcome to the Day 4 club. It's an exclusive club. Basically it's just me and you in here.

You've made it buddy. You've made it.

So yes, no-one has managed to guess Dr Needson's ScribbleTaku yet.

And it's almost like he predicted this because Dr Neeson actually emailed me four screenshots in case this happened. I remember thinking, damn son. That's optimistic. But here we are. Dr Neeson — if you're reading this — you might wanna send in number five just in case!

Here are the previous drawings for reference...

Good luck!


    Mick and Mack: Global Gladiators, I'll go with Mega Drive's version

      Grats. What a terrible looking game though.

        It's a dumb concept, but I remember it being a surprisingly decent game.

          I guess occasionally good things do come in shitty packages =)

      appears to be right, not sure where the flame comes from though

      Boom! The fireball is one of the monsters from the game. ITS GOD DAMN MAC TIME!

    @markserrels Do we get sweet hats in this 4 day club?

      I now have an excuse to pull out some obscure, early to mid-2000's niche Flash games.

        I am trying to remember an obscure game i played a demo to back in the 2000s for the love of me i cannot remember what it was called but it would be great on this,
        Might need to throw it out just so someone can name the game for me :P

          The funny thing is, I'm only 15. So I am growing up with all these flash games, they were the first I played. So many good memories.

        I'm not sure anyone's actually done that yet. That'd be an interesting tactic.

          Well, I'll see if I can get a 5 day streak. @markserrels Can we ScribbleTaku any game? I mean like games that unless you have played it, you won't know what it is.

    Damn, As soon as I saw the Maccas sign, I knew that it was global gladiators on the mega drive, I wasted so many hours on that game.

    ok... can someone explain to me how this works exactly? Is it just HINTS on a game or are they symbols IN a game? :/ I have never fully understood this.

    thanks in advance.

      It's derived from Remember This?, which originally just used a screenshot of an old game, usually with the aim of reminiscing about forgotten and/or obscure pieces of gaming history. Then it turned into more of a game, using only small segments of screenshots to try and make it harder to guess. Then when reverse image search made it too easy to defeat, the segments were drawn instead to try and change things up once more. If I recall correctly :P

      Generally yeah, people just pick a particular element from a game to draw. Some others aren't so straightforward though, and go for something a little different. Take a look at ftwstewieg's post above and the screenshot in that, it's got most of the scribbles in it save for the fireball.

        Thanks heaps dude :) Exactly what I thought it was, but it has evolved so much since I first saw it! Really appreciate the clarification.

      As @Gooky said. For reference and understanding, here are shots from the game, and what was drawn on each day's post-it

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