I knew Dr Neeson's epic ScribbleTaku run would come to an end with that last image. But what a glorious run it was.

Congrats to techneon who managed to get it first — it was Global Gladiators. Man that game was weird.

Today's drawing comes from me. I reckon it might be the worst drawing I've ever done in my life.



    Oh! That's a golf course! Seriously... that is terrible!

    So... NES Golf:

    Last edited 08/04/16 12:21 pm

      dead link dood

        Really? I just clicked on it now and it worked, so...?

          Redirected me to a 404 page with a massive pic of a gameboy when I tried.

      That's weird.. the link does actually exist, but I had to go back up to games2/ and then click the gif link to get it to show!

        It probably blocks access if the referrer URL isn't one of their own. Anti-hotlinking, basically.

      Ah I see it, I thought it was the view through a keyhole.

      Technically it could also be Wii Sports

    Jack Nicklaus Golf C64?

    Last edited 08/04/16 12:32 pm

    Everybodys golf.

    Although i thought it was splatoon initially (that is with my glasses :S)

    I want to say Mario Sunshine?

      Or possibly Super Monkey Ball.

    Great Golf: The Mega Cartridge

    Last edited 08/04/16 2:51 pm

    I'm going to go with World Class Leaderboard.

    Looks like he hit the tree, Jim.

    Mario golf 64. That 3 par on toad highlands that drops right onto the green from tee off

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