Dr Neeson is on a complete roll. He's taken it to day four. Can he take it all the way through to Monday?

Or will someone finally see through his dastardly web?

I suspect today might be the day. But then again, I thought this wouldn't get past day one. What the hell do I know?

Good luck!


    *Diabolical Laughter* Maybe I went too obscure. I look forward to all the flash games from Newgrounds that will be on here next week.

      I've been waiting for the day someone decided to do a Scribbletaku of a random browser or mobile game that no one has ever heard of.

        I think I can pull a full week with the Scribble I will send in. Just.

      Hmmm going off that hint I thought it might've been one of the Sonny games or Sinjid but doesn't look like it :(

        No it's a game that everyone "should" know on a major console!

    Did they ever make a Snow Crash video game?

    I wanted to say Super Tennis but that's not what Hiro looks like.

    I really hope its not this

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