Friends, we are in uncharted territory. Dr Neeson has taken his ScribbleTaku to day 5. I can't remember a game ever going to day 5.

This is history in the making. Can you guess this game. Today is your last chance.

When Dr Neeson emailed me with five images in advance I couldn't believe the audacity of the man. But I was proved wrong. Here we are, day five. Five clues. Unbelievable.

Here are the previous four clues for reference...

Good luck!


    Biker mice from mars? please, let this be over


    Is it Portable Ops?

    Daikatana for Gameboy

    Well played Sir, well played. seems to confirm everything but the characters all on the same screen, but those characters were the box art. Nice job.

        characters are on the title screen

          Ah, that makes sense as well. Was just going off the google image I saw, which primarily was of the box art more than the title page, but a second look shows it on the title page too :)

          The rest being on that one page supports what you said last week on that is all.

    We can confirm then that they at least sold 1 copy of it :)

      Was only released in PAL territories and is a pretty good game too!

    EDIT: Go Gemini!

    Last edited 18/04/16 1:03 pm

    Daikatana was released on more than just the PC?
    I did a quick look at bing images and noticed N64 cartridges as even knew.
    Was it all through Ion Storm or licenced to other companies and published using the Diakatana name?

      The Gameboy version was developed by Kemco under instructions by Romero.

      From Wikipedia:
      "At Romero's request, the title was adapted to the platform as a top-down dungeon crawler, in the style of early Zelda games such as the NES original and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.In 2004, Romero released the ROM images for the Game Boy Color game on his website, for use with emulators"

      So you can play this awesome game for free!

    Goddamn. Everyone can whine at the obscurity, but every element was from a single screen except for the logo. Well done Dr Neeson :D

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