After yesterday I think I'm gonna buy myself and Etcha-A-Sketch (sorry a Magna-Doodle) for the office. Way more fun than drawing on post-it notes.

Anyway — congrats to Gemini (or the guy at Gemini's work who told Gemini the answer). Yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Kung-Fu Kid on the Master System.

Today's drawing comes from Dong Tri Phan. Good luck everyone!


    Megalomania on the Megadrive/Genesis?

      Such a great game - spent many hours on it.
      Is it a Mickey Mouse game? Castle of Illusion perhaps?

    Is it upside down and reversed?

      Turn it 90 degrees clockwise. For some reason on my phone it appeared on its side when I took the photo

    just dance 2,

    I think its some xbox Kinect game.

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