It's difficult for me to tell if anyone guessed yesterday's ScribbleTaku because um... I still don't know what it is!

But last night Dong Tri Phan sent me a second image, so I'm going to say it's still all to play for!

Welp. This is an interesting one. Here is yesterday's image for easy reference.

Good luck!


    well, F = ma is Newtons 2nd law, and if he's thinking outside the box, then 3 times that could mean Triforce, so I'm guessing one of the Zelda games.

    If so, I like the thinking :)

      There's a clock in the first image... A Link To The Past?

      Yeah... that clock is going backwards, and the pointy finger is like when you hover the mouse pointer over a link in a web browser. Definitely A Link To The Past.

      Last edited 22/04/16 12:20 pm

        Joint credit? :)

          Pfft get outta my face :P

            Either way, well nutted out. Was trying to think of which Zelda game it could be myself, and just didnt put those last couple of clues together.

            Nice puzzle.

              What is this now? Kotaktionary? Pictionaku? Whatever it's called, I'm for it.

        Nice. I was thinking Super Time Force but there's more than 3 characters in that.

    Someone mentioned it yesterday but im Still getting a mega-lo-mania vibe from this.

    Forza 3.

    For the first image.

    Last edited 22/04/16 3:12 pm

    Biker Mice from Mars!

      I read your comment every day, but this time made me laugh the most.

    Welp, I thought 3 X (F=ma) was "Fus Ro Dah" as in 3 Force 'elements' in Skyrim Dragon tongue.
    Not Skyrim then?

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