So it seems that no-one was able to guess my scribble.

Back. In. The. Game.

Here's a second image for all y'all.

For reference, here's yesterday's clue...

Good luck friends!


    Wonderboy in Monsterland

    nah brah, its Biker Mice from Mars!

      Damn, I thought it was that spinoff game, Surfer Rats from Neptune...

        Dude... that sounds awesome!!!

          They need to have a cross over series of that :D

    Reminds me of Firebrand, from Ghouls n Ghosts.

    Gargoyle's quest


      boom, we have a winner!

        I still don't know where the 3 little round things from yesterday's drawing are from, so I'm not completely confident. But yeah, the little flying dragon dude made me think of Rygar. God knows why, because I don't think I've actually thought of Rygar for a good 25 years :P

      Wow - I thought for sure that was Wonderboy in Monster Land. Bravo sir!!

    Congrats, Mark.

    For what it's worth, my guess would've been Gargoyle's Quest. Alternately, on another platform: Demon's Crest.

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