Congrats to Braaains for guessing yesterday's ScribbleTaku. You have proven that you, like me, are old as shit. It was Rygar!

Today's drawing comes from a ScribbleTaku newcomer: Aaron Seth. Treat him nice.

Good luck everyone!


    My first thought was Fallout Tactics, but I couldn't find any matching images. Then it was Crusader No Regret/Remorse, but same deal.

    In short, I don't really know. But I'll argue that I did if it ends up being any of those three :)

    I'm gonna make some of these one day. Is Photoshop scribbles okay?

      should be fine. I had to use flash to do one of mine during my last submission, as my hands were too shaky ;)

        I have a wacom, so it's easier for me to use that.

    Looks like a Mario coin on a piece of paper, so I would guess from that that it's one of the Paper Mario games.
    But nothing like that is springing to mind in any of them I know so I'm going to say Thousand Year Door and be wrong.

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