Silent Hill: Origins Developer Opens VR Studio In New Zealand

It's not every day a studio of import sets itself up around these parts — usually the opposite is true — but to hear that Climax (Silent Hill: Origins, Assassin's Creed Chronicles) has just put down roots in Auckland is great news.

The new arm, made up of eight ex-Gameloft NZ employees, including studio head Andy Wilton, will focus on virtual / augmented reality projects, one of which is already underway. According to Climax CEO Simon Gardner it was an opportunity "too good to miss", with Climax working with Wilton previously as a contractor.

No one likes to hear of game developers being let go, be it here or over the ditch, so to find out that these guys have not only landed on their feet, but will be hammering away on the cutting-edge is awesome.

Good luck to the new studio!

Climax opens New Zealand studio in Auckland []


    Psshhh, shattered memories was better; you could A to Cheryl.

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