Star Wars’ Giant Medical Frigate, In LEGO Form

Star Wars’ Giant Medical Frigate, In LEGO Form
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LEGO veteran mortesv decided to build the EF76 Nebulon-B frigate, the well-known Rebel medical ship from the Star Wars movies.

It’s a 300m long ship, so the LEGO model had to be a giant one as well, with everything carefully revised to get the proportions and details as accurate as possible.

Here’s the frigate (via Eurobricks Forums) from different angles and with a mini Falcon. All the other sections (antenna arrays, water tanks, all kinds of smaller pods and a small window where Leia and Luke watch the Falcon depart) look amazing as well.


    • Ummm, not trying to be all “comic book guy” or anything…but the very article you brought to our attention says that its a Nebulon B frigate. Named the Redemption. Yes its a medical retrofit of an escort craft, but that doesn’t make it any less a Nebulon B. Sorry, im really not trying to be dickish (it IS 6am with no caffeine in our house, as i write this. So, sorry) but i just dont understand your point. Is it because Gergo didn’t call it by name? Im just happy he has actually put words in one of his articles for a change.

    • I like it. Its got a lotta quirky angles and also has some curvy bumpy bits on top that kinda give it at least partial kinship to the sleeker mon calamari ships. Plus with the minimal struts of the midsection and what look like they could be modular sections on the fin bit underneath make it the closest looking to a real world spacecraft than any other SW ship. But to be fair they do look like a badly timed fart could snap the mid section, let alone combat or meteor strikes. But hey, deflector shields, right?

  • Nit picking, it’s not really ‘star war’s giant medical frigate, in LEGO form’ its ‘a giant LEGO model of star war’s medical frigate’. It’s not particularly giant in star wars content 😀 Also, awesome model, those frigates always give me shudders from that x-wing protect from the bombers mission.

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