Steph Curry, Shaking That Arse Just Like An NBA Dancer

Steph Curry, Shaking That Arse Just Like An NBA Dancer

Sport video game modders, you’ve finally gone too far.

To be frank, I’m not all that mad at the mod that overlays the bodies of NBA all-star players onto the animations of a league dance team. It’s hilarious watching Steph Curry, Lebron James and other hoop greats getting loose at halfourt.

But the disturbing part of this NBA 2K16 abomination by veteran modder MkElite is the disappearing crotches. Are those pelvises still there but invisible? Or has the perversion of code made Bron’s junk non-existent? Your nightmares hold the answer.


  • two observations from me,
    1) Yes, invisible pelvises are THE creepiest thing ever.
    2) This shows me just how fucking bizarre “cheerleading” is.

    • Yeah, most pastimes that treat people as ornaments are inherently weird, but
      1) Corporate America is about as archaic as anything can possibly be and thus still truly believes that sex actually sells products (this concept was disproved rather a long time ago), and
      2) The douche-bros would probably throw a big man-baby tantrum if the cheerleaders were ditched.
      Long story short, welcome to Earth. We’re still a pack of cavemen, essentially.

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