Super Hot Meets Trucks? You Get Super Trucks, Obviously

Now this is a great way to take advantage of April Fools'. You might remember Clustertruck, the upcoming indie title where you jump between moving semis. You almost certainly remember Super Hot, another indie game that involved a neat time-freezing mechanic and, well, killing red people-shaped entities. Combine them and you get Super Truck.

Before you ask, yes, Clustertrucks developer LandFall Games got the OK from the Super Hot peeps before making the parody. As such, it even features a similar tagline: "Trucks move only when you move".

Got it? That's all you need to know.

You can download and play Super Truck, though you'll need to cough up an email address for the privilege. Alternatively, you can simply enjoy the trailer above.

Clustertrucks itself will be available later this year.

Announcing SUPER TRUCK. Trucks Move When You Move. Out now! [tinyBuild]


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