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    Good morning! I wasn't expecting a new TAY today, but here we are!

    I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend (esp if it's still the weekend for you). I had my birthday yesterday - chocolate and champagne ^_^

    Sadly, it's probably the last time ever my birthday will happen on Easter Sunday.

      Happy birthday for yesterday! <3

    I took pokken online and lost my first 10 matches due to hilarious incompetence.

    But now i'm 50 fights in and my win ratio is over 50%. Charizard gives me headaches still, but I'm managing to beat the disgustingly spammy braixens and s.mewtwos.

    I also ended up fighting people three times in a row without a rematch option (seriously, that needs to be in the game), which is great training. That happened several times.

    Pikachu is pretty boss, but I want to pick up a more techy character. Gengar has really awesome, unpredictable mix ups.

    I hope everyone enjoyed their easter. I just did some housework and some sewing so I didn't do much.

    Mornin' all.

    Weekend was busy. Worked both Saturday & Sunday. We were flat out, to the point where our cool room looked like it had been ransacked there was that much beer missing, likewise the spirit shelves. Like come on we were closed for one day and people panic the following day, god damn it.

      Australians and their booze! :P

      My wife got my growler filled on Thursday and it'd gone by Friday arvo leaving me with no beer. So yes, Saturday I went and bought beer.

    New TAY on a public holiday! wow! Belated Happy Easter if you didn't catch my well wishes earlier elsewhere!
    My easter was spent at home alone, and chocolate free (apart from a handful of chocolate covered liquorice bullets) so I treated myself to a copy of Mortal Kombat X Premium Edition!
    Grabbed it for 75% off at Bundle Stars! $22.49US. Worked out to be about $31 AUD. Still pretty decent for the game and all DLC! (or most of it at least - haven't checked if absolutely everything was included, but had the Kombat Pack etc)
    Also did a bit more work on my art project, and wrote a verse for a song by Aus rapper NJE!
    Hopefully he likes it enough to use it! I'm competing against a few others to see who's the lucky person to be included in the track! *fingers crossed*

    My mate's going through a bad breakup. A never-ending, crippling, apocalyptic, breakup. As the closest friend the fella has, I'm glad to do my service as a bro and accompany him as he spirals into infinite loneliness. I didn't quite expect to spend 3 hours straight with him as he talked about all the good times he had with his ex-girlfriend, though. Three entire hours. I counted every minute.

    I don't think I've ever spent three hours talking about one topic. I don't think I've ever spent longer than a hour talking about any one thing, really. I'm sure whatever the topic was, it was related to food.

    I'll keep on.. keeping on, make sure the man doesn't give into rampant alcoholism, but three hours. And that was just the first day. I need to rant, even if it's a tiny bit. Or lapse into rampant alcoholism myself.

    Last edited 28/03/16 1:53 pm

      There was a period of time where I would just tell people to punch things or stab things as resolution to literally everything.
      One time, out of habit, when one of my friends broke up with their long term girlfriend, I told him to stab her.
      Pretty glad he didn't take that advice though.

      Pretty sure you talked about Batman V. Superman for an hour and half the other night, so it could be worse, I guess? :P

        Haha, I originally typed out half a hour but then remembered BVS, which I think we agreed we spent 40 or so minutes on? Truly a testament to its worth if it's one of the things I've talked about the longest.

        Last edited 28/03/16 2:25 pm

    Need more people to play Smite on PS4. They added Australian servers but it can take a while to get into a game. I think my free extra code can still work.

    Been playing through Dead Space 3 and man, this is just a huge shame. I wonder if I should just talk about everything wrong with this game even though I'm still playing it. I'm pretty sure every criticism I have wouldn't change by the end. It's still weighed down by lame microtransactions and co-op play. I can even see a great game underneath all this shit.

    I will say that the game is very loud.

    Hey @dogman, @tech_knight, @chuloopa and maybe @coldcamv (and anyone else interested in 40k in Vic). So I was thinking that instead of jumping to a point limit thing later in the year we could start an escalation league. Start at, say, 500 points then next time 750, then 1000 etc. That way starting fresh isn't an issue?

      That sounds interesting now tell me good do points work?

        Basically everything in the game has a points cost (a basic space marine costs 15 points, you have to take a squad of 5+ etc) and you have some minimum requirements (basics are 1HQ - your army leader, 2 troop choices). 500 points is a very small combat force and you generally won't see vehicles aside from troop transports etc.

        Hey dude! What's your email? We'll start a side-email so it's a bit easier to communicate amongst the group. Dogman and Loops also have plenty of Space Marine models to loan if you need a hand getting started :)

          Its cameron.veitch at the hot mails
          Well thats good to hear, I had a starter set thing nearly 14 years ago with a bunch of paint but fairly certain it all got chucked

      Sounds like a plan to me, this way I can plan out my expansions as I go.
      I'm getting there, all my Necron Warriors are mostly painted, just missing colouring for the guns and an oil wash, and also gotta still start on my Overlord and Stalker.

      I'm fine for higher as long as I've got enough notice, but starting with 500 point matches sounds like a good idea. Plus a 500 point cap makes it a lot easier to learn/teach the rules. There may be the odd tank or maybe a monstrous creature, but with a low cap it's hard to stray far from bread and butter 40k.
      If the point limit is 500 I'll probably crack and buy some Tau or Tyranids. I've got a bit of a mental block on painting organic stuff like skin, claws or bone so the Tyranids starter set might help me break that. I could definitely use the practice with white armour so painting up some Tau frisbees might be a smart idea.

      I've got the Battle for Black Reach and Dark Vengeance sets, so if one of you guys has a copy of the Space Marine codex we can probably use models from those sets to build a 500 point demo army for Cam. If anyone can squeeze out 500 point Ork or Chaos lists from those sets that'd work too.

      By the way, what's everyone else playing? I'm working on my Eldar list. I didn't get much painting done yesterday but I did manage to knock over a few of the annoying little painting jobs that have been holding me back (plus I did a ton of cleaning and unpacked the last of my stuff, so that's a big distraction out of the way).

        Since I'm benching my Orks for now (since they are absolutely stupid to play) I'm leaning at Skitarii or an IG armoured company. Probably Skitarii.

        Also, for the record, most people seem to say Escalation League = no allied armies (which I'm happy with). Just something for all of us to keep in mind :)

          Yeah. I'm not a huge fan of allied armies (unless it's two people playing two armies as allies). Any other house rules? My 1500 Eldar list is technically three Detachments, which is legit but I'd understand if people felt it was excessive at 1500.

            Yo Doggyman, what's your email? I'll send through my address and we can all discuss a good date to start.

              [Edited to maintain my mysterious persona.]

              Last edited 29/03/16 3:59 pm

        Yeah I need to learn the rules of everything cuz this is my first time ever diving into 40K, so this low point count will help me a ton and the scaling up of the points would do great in terms of "What do I want to add to this army to give it extra cool stuff for the next 'round'?"

        The next question then becomes "when do we want our first session to be?". Ideally we want some weekend that will allow everyone to have a solid few hours to play to go over the rules etc.
        My first thought was the weekend of the 16th or so (I believe that's Supanova Mlb though).

        And some more players might be good too! So if anyone knows anyone keen on having a go...

          I might have some friends to bring along as they convinced me to finally to take the plunge, one is also going Necrons and one is going Tau (And he's been the one teaching me to paint), but I'll have to discuss it with them. Where will we be running it again?

          Last edited 29/03/16 10:20 am

            My warehouse in Geelong. A few blocks from the North Shore train station, if that helps :) I can give my full address on Twitter or some such!

              You can email me it via sdcdragonman[at]hotmail[dot]com, but that looks simple enough to get to from my place, just time consuming to get there.

          @wizz-fizz Interested?

            Hey @dogman

            Sounds great to me!
            I'm still at 1/2 painted Dark Angels from the Dark Vengeance box, not sure how many points that equates too, still VERY new to the 40k universe

              You're not the only one, don't worry you will be among rookies so we'll be learning it together.

                Then count me in!
                Been hoping to come across something liek what you are all trying to organise!

                I'll come along any time I don't have work or Uni deadlines.

              I think Dark Angels from the Dark Vengeance box set (without the expansion) total to about 700 points). We should be able to hammer that into a decent Combined Arms Detachment.
              So far using the models from the Dark Vengeance box set I've got:
              HQ - Librarian (1x Librarian, upgraded with Psyker Mastery Level 2) 90 Points
              Troop - Tactical Squad (4x Space Marines, 1x Sergeant)
              Troop - Tactical Squad (4x Space Marines, 1x Sergeant)
              -You're forced to take some weapon upgrades, and one of the Sergeants is going use a regular Space Marine model, luckily that works since his stats and wargear end up the same. Including weapon upgrades both Tactical Squads add up to 185 Points.
              Elite - Deathwing Terminator Squad (4x Terminators, 1x Sergeant, plus some optional weaponry already on the mdoels) 225 Points

              If I've got the numbers right that's 500 points exactly. The only real differences are that the Librarian has Mastery 2 and can choose which powers he takes, the Tactical Squad is split into two Squads to make the Combined Arms Detachment valid, and Veteran Sergeant Raphael is no longer a Veteran so he'll just use the regular Space Marine stats like the other Sergeant. Everything else should read straight off the Quick Reference Sheet which is handy. The Tactical Squad is split into groups of five, and the Plasma Cannon and Plasma Gun Space Marines must be put in different Squads. Raphael can go in which ever Squad you think he'd suit.
              With the exception of the nameless Space Marine Sergeant, which I think is confusing but still legit, there won't be any need to play anything that's not 100% accurately represented by the model. Actually, there are 7 Space Marines and the models come in pairs of two, so we can take the odd one out (the one with a seal on his shoulder) and make him the Sergeant. It's only temporary anyway since when the point cap goes up you'll almost certainly merge them back into one Squad.

                I wont lie here and say that I understood that, but if it works and I can play, I'm still in :o)

                  Don't worry, it's a lot easier to explain in person and it's looking to be pretty newbie friendly. Have you got an e-mail address we can reach you on? We're trying to iron out the times/dates.

    Haha, what.. That morning show 'Today' shared some thing on Facebook that apparently Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has thrown the idea around that the north coast of NSW from the border which is Tweed Heads to Evans Head just past Byron Bay should become part of Queensland & that the northern part of Queensland (Rockhampton & up) should bugger off & become it's own state with the NT & northern WA.

    I uh, yeah. Okay then. I'd honestly expect such a stupid idea from NSW premier Mike Baird or the previous one Barry O'Farrell.

      It's not the stupidest idea. As it stands, the NT wants to become a state, but the population density just isn't high enough to justify that level of political representation. They have plenty in common with FNQ too.

        That part I don't overly disagree with. But with Northern NSW, it feels that was only said because we're a massive tourist area especially Byron Bay & they'd want to make us part of the Gold Coast. It's already bad enough that the local government want to merge our councils so we're apart of the Lismore/Ballina region which is an hour or two away, which would make local issues worse :(

          Yeah, that's a tough one. Would it make accessing health services in Brisbane easier?

            Honestly, not sure. We have pretty easy access to stuff either side of the border, doesn't seem to matter where you're from.

    Afternoon errbody hows every little thing? My long weekend has been expensive and better than average. On Friday and Saturday I did pretty much nothing which was good. Sunday Cathryn and I went to Noojee to Toorongo Falls which is a walking track around 2 waterfalls, it was lovely. Then we went to my mates place and had dinner there before finally returning home to eat nachos. That night however Boe our puppy had an upset stomach and did so many shits it was insane!
    Monday has been about relaxation amd playing Digimon Cyber Sleuth..good game would recommend.

    Monday afternoon question. What game did you enjoy that you honestly thought "I wont like this" or flip of the coin what game did you think would be horrible but was actually good?

    I might start training to do a 5km run.
    Watch me regret this.

      Whoooo! You can do it scree!

        I reckon after 1 week or two, I'll give up. Maybe I should DDR some too. >_>

      Do it!

      No really, 5km is very do-able!

      and you can do a timed 5km every week for free with

        I'll be doing laps of the park opposite my house with Sid, my fat dog

          Take Sid to Parkrun too! He'll love it, or I'll send you a cheque for $20*

          *Cheques will not be honoured.

            Sid only runs when Sid wants to run. It's on off lead dog park and I can keep an eye on him while I do laps

              Going for a run in a dog park is a good way to get taken out at the knees fyi. I'd suggest running around the outside of the park.

                It's a big park and it's not very crowded. A lot of the dogs are ones I know too, so I know if a ball comes my way to avoid them =P

      What's to regret? Worst case scenario you fall flat on your face and go back to square one. It's not like you're taking up shark punching. Most likely scenario is that you stick with it long enough to get at least a little healthier.

    Went to my first ever football game yesterday as a friend borrowed some member passes ANZ stadium through work. While I don't care for sports and had little interest in who won, being at the game was pretty exciting. Actually got me thinking about a membership since I can see going to games as just a thing to do. Probably won't. But I thought about it.

      Going to a game is always more fun than watching on TV. I usually don't follow AFL, but I quite like going to watch the swans if we go with a group. I usually only go to Manly games if it's a sunday afternoon game at Brookie, and sometimes Leichhardt oval.

      I don't watch footy on TV, but if I wrangle a live ticket? Hell yeah

      Missed the Melbourne Victory game on Friday as was out of town, and then Saturday got to watch the Melbourne Rebels get destroyed by the Highlanders. Sigh.

      Do love my sportsball. :)

    "I don't have a mouse on my iPad so how do I 'click'?"

    *Oldies Say The Darndest Things jingle*

    Went to Canberra to visit friends, did Questacon, the War Memorial and the National Museum; haven't been to the memorial since I was a kid and jeez, it's a lot harder as an Adult.

    Spent the whole weekend at My parents place in Barooga. Included a trip to the King Valley and Rutherglen Wine regions. $400 worth of wine between Anton and I.
    Now to find somewhere to put it all.

    Won a game of 7 wonders, Tiny Epic Galaxies and Patchwork. sucked at the other things we played.

      ok. So wine and cheese night at yours then? :)

        Highly Highly Probable. though with the amount of wine we have, it might have to be a sleepover.

    Reposting because it's fun



    @cj as Georgio, from Eastern Europe. Chicken Fancier and former Fancy Fancier, Giorgio wants to make his fortune with fake passports provided by
    @thecracks as Four-Toes, small time fence and petty criminal, part of the socialist left in the 80s- which is where he met
    @beeawwb as Ryvre (pronounced River), hardcore animal liberationist and housebreaker. Ryvre puts the safety of animals ahead of his own, much to the frustration of
    @redartifice as "Fancy" Phil, former boxer and husband of Georgio. A burglar with aspirations on something bigger, he just wants to get back at and get his prize chickens back from Georgio

    With special guest stars

    @blaghman as Dimitri and Devitri, Head and 2IC of the russian mob. Some say they're the same man, but that's nonsense, as Devitri has a moustache.


    @alexpants as Carter Caldwell, senior figure in the Foreign Office


    Georgio Convincing Four Toes to buy chicken cages
    Fancy and Ryvre getting into an argument about socialism mid-break-in
    Four Toes non-specifically protesting at a nonspecific protest
    Rubbish strippers at 10am
    A Deal with the Russians, which always ends well
    Carter Caldwell being too concussed to remember a safeword, though the photos came out well
    A secretary with an NHS nose job
    A second deal with russians
    Chickens flying the coop
    Ryvre practices what he preaches with animal protection, with disastrous results
    A Standoff
    Emergency medical care provided by Doctor Discreet, who is a veterinarian with interesting ideas about blood compatibility
    A Mexican Standoff at a Russian club

    And the outcome

    Georgio, disappearing, plotting revenge
    Fancy, tending chickens and teaching boxing in low-security prison
    Ryvre, who would be a pariah except his dead, his coffin spat on by his animal liberation colleagues, and
    Four Toes, smelling of roses, a british crime kingpin on the rise

    What a Fiasco!

      I died as I lived. Barefoot, shirtless, and hugging an animal.

      Also... "That's what happens when you try to fit a square cock in a round 'ole."

        That's like killing two analogies with a single analogy

    What a weekend! So much sleep - I think I'm almost back to normal... Just in time for next week's insanity (Destiny patch, Division incursion, Dark Souls 3...) So, yea, had a relatively chill weekend with my parents in Byron Bay.

    Spent a bunch of time playing Pokemon OR, because I wanted to start fresh so I had something to play while I was away from my consoles and PC... then immediately regretted it when I remembered my fast Blaziken and shiny Metagross... Oh well. Que sera, sera. 6 badges down, and have a pretty well-balanced team, tho I feel I should probably swap out my Dustox for a stronger poison-dealer.


    Playing through the DLC.

    Fuck the Fishing Hamlet and its stupid Shark People


    Can someone please explain to me why BvS is copping so much hate? Me and the mrs watched it over the easter break and really enjoyed it =\

      Hype it up to high hell = Too high expectations
      I never bothered to go see it myself cuz the trailers spoiled a lot things (Even though I made a mandate to not watch trailers anymore, still got spoiled in a flipping gif)

      I imagine people went in expecting at least the same caliber of movie as the Marvel ones. Considering there hasn't been a truly terrible Marvel-made superhero movie (so far at least), DC had a lot to live up to. It seems BvS did not measure up a lot of people's standards.

        See I don't get this cos I thought the movie more than met the standard set by Marvel. Marvel opts for simple/humorous stories while BvS went for more gritty complex and symbolic storytelling. Yes it was rough around the edges (the dream scenes were stupid) but I found it a breath of fresh air and the movie expected me to pay attention as opposed to glazing over until the next one liner or punch up. Case in point Marvel's Scarlet Witch definition is she does weird stuff, BvS however just threw a lot of complex ideas and said you either figure it out or you don't.

        The only thing I thought dragged the movie down was Lex Luthor, the character was just jarring.

        I don't know I just felt like where Marvel constantly dumbs down tropes/characters for general consumption BvS was unapologetic.

    Afternoon everybody, hope everyone had a great easter.

    Finished XCOM2, such a great game, though had to rush to the end as I wasn't given any opportunity to delay any further. I'm really considering doing a Long War run in XCOM:EW, and with that I need to make a LOT of people to make this one possible, and I will be running this in Ironman too, so this'll be really fun, or really horrible, either or.

    Also finished the base campaign of Hammerwatch, pretty fun game with lots of treasure collecting from boxes/urns. Now playing the expansion campaign and the bosses are just unfair, you have to actually tank deaths to beat every boss in this campaign, not ideal. It's mainly due to environmental effects that happen too quickly to avoid in the boss rooms, then you're slowed to 10% movement speed so you get hit multiple times until you get out of the large slowing AoE field, lots of deaths happened cuz of this and wasn't enjoying myself at that point. Otherwise, game itself is fun and challenging in a bullethell kind of way.

    Last edited 29/03/16 3:05 pm

    Oh, comments are working again?

    Started playing Kirby Rainbow Curse over the weekend, since I couldn't go through putting the new PC together like I'd planned to. God damn that game is gorgeous. I just wish I could play it looking at the TV instead of the slightly crappier-looking gamepad screen. Would be great if it could be played with Wii remote pointer controls. Also, the soundtrack is pretty great too.

    Had the cousins and their partners over for dinner on Sunday, played a bunch of Finska and drank a bunch of sangria. It was pretty good sangria. Oh and we had these crumbed and fried stuffed olives that were amazing. Also amazing at retaining heat, god damn. For dessert there was a creme caramel which turned out to have left a layer of pretty good toffee in the baking tin, shame Mum didn't realise til everyone had gone home. Or not, since it means more for us :P Also got to Skype with the third cousin and his fiancée over in England and catch up with them. Good stuff.

    And now back to endlessly refreshing my inbox to see if my Rift has shipped yet. WHERE IS IT. I keep getting trolled by other things, like the TMNT game sent out some kickstarter messages and a game I bought for the Rift e-mailed out the code for it. Still waiting on the last of my PC parts to be ready for pickup too, so that's another one I'm waiting for. Too much impatience for this.

    Hmmm. Wrote a long post earlier and it failed to post. Boooo.

    I shall sum up:

    Good long weekend. Bought a PS4 wireless headset so Destiny folks expect me back soon. You know who you are.

    Designing back room reno at the mo - got networking in there now and plenty of power. Need gaming/work PC setup, space to spread out, a workbench for my model/PC projects and Her sewing projects. Maybe a Console corner.

    Also Elite: Dangerous... I have an Anaconda now. It'll be tradaconda for a bit as I build up reserves and upgrade it... to an exploraconda. And then off on my largest expedition yet. And this time I'll be logging it properly. Missed so much cool information by not tracking my progress in the game...

      Your Anaconda don't want none unless it's got guns, hon.

        Damn you, I'd gotten as far as "Your anaconda don't want none unless you can trade its equivalent in currency and/or other trade goods, hon" before I hit refresh.

    Netflix you weird. Using Getflix, to access US Netflix. Well now via the PS4 app it's all "lol you're using a proxy no content for you that's not in Australia" yet when I go to the browser, shits totally fine. God damn it. Was working fine until err Saturday I think when I finished the last episode of My Name Is Earl, which isn't on Australian Netflix.

      Yeah, definitely a bit finicky on the platforms here, too. Browser: OK. App: Not OK. Unless it's on the ipad, in which case OK.

        Yeah pain in the arse. But oh well. Might cease Netflix again for a little while, since i've watched majority of what interested me at the moment lol.

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