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    Good morning TAY!

      Good morning. How was your weekend, did you get your on?
      mine was good, although I need coffee. Watched rvv last night which was amazing but that meant less sleepy sleep

        No pb, but I also did not run any slower despite a 2 week break, so I'm still happy with that. Celebrating the demise of daylight savings and how much easier it will be to convince the small person that it's bedtime at 6:30. \o/ (he's been waking me up at 5am the last two mornings)

    Freya and I are going to be in Brisbane next weekend. The Lions are playing sportsball. I would like to see the Lions play sportsball. Anyone want to join me watching the Lions play sportsball on Saturday, April 16 at 4:30?

    I know @rocketman and @beeawwb were keen. Should probably get tickets sorted soon. Although I doubt Brisbane vs GC is going to be a sellout.

    Looking at available seats. Best seats in the upper tier of the Southern stand are $50 (section 60, near the small replay screen). Alternatively, there's ground level seats for $38 (section 23). My vote is section 60 by a long shot. Top tier seats are top tier. Well, not as good as the ones near the coaches box but they're like $130 each.

    Edit: Talked with my friend who's going. We're nabbing those section 60 seats.

    Last edited 04/04/16 9:18 am

      Still keen, yep, was actually going to message you this week to check that it was still a go. Wherever we decide works for me, not fussed.

      I'm always keen for live sportsball but have a kid's party that afternoon that I can't renege on.

      Enjoy the game - I still haven't had a chance to see a game at the Gabba.

      Last edited 04/04/16 10:38 am

    I ran yesterday and pushed myself yet I don't feel too much pain today. It's my upper body that hurts. I'm probably going to run again today, but maybe late afternoon instead of mid

    Wrestlemania is happening. Stardust pulled out a polka dot ladder during the intercontinental title match. Wrestling is fucking awesome.

    I got on the train this morning and this girl in a hijab whispers "excuse me". I'm wondering what's going on here, is this some kind of beard thing, is she about to try speaking to me in Arabic or something, and lean over to hear what she had to say.

    "Your zip's undone."
    Internally rofl'd :P

      At least she was polite about it

      Is this another secret of yours to picking up women? :P

        This is what they call an "ice breaker", right?

          I think so, may as well get the awkward shit over with in the beginning :P

            I just realised my previous post could also be used as a pick-up line.

    Yesterday I played some more RPG stuff and I took magic cocaine to try and gain magical powers. Turns out that didn't work and I tried to attack my friends because they were shell fiends from the depths of Hell (they looked like giant tortoises but my character hadn't ever seen tortoises before).

    And now I have no more magical cocaine because the rest of my stash was confiscated. Boo-urns.

      Yeah, but what happened in the RPG?

        A whole bunch of planning and preparation before heading out to tackle a necromancer. We are now destitute but incredibly well decked out for a fight.

        Aside from the magic cocaine we were remarkably sensible.

    Spent all weekend cleaning because I'm a fucking slob who doesn't believe in upkeep and have to do a massive clean every four or five weeks. Put my back out vacuuming on Saturday. VACUUMING.
    My wife and I have decided our weight loss journey isn't going to go much further without some proper exercise (walking just isn't cutting it anymore, plus it's boring) so we busted out the Kinect and Just Dance 2014. The last achievements we unlocked in that game were in January 2014, ffs. Anyway, a couple of hours later and my back is feeling better but I woke up this morning in agony. I assume this will improve with time but right now it really sucks to be reminded what an old man I am every time I stand up from my chair.

      Spoilered because boring
      If I recall correctly, there's a brand new parkrun near you guys at Panania ( launched only about a month ago. It's free, it's 5km, you can walk, jog, shuffle - I've seen their most recent results and there are plenty of walkers (You can walk 5km in 45-50min) All you have to do is sign up and get a barcode, then turn up. I know I sound like an evangelist, but as someone who struggles with their weight, and finding exercise that isn't boring or friggin expensive, I cannot recommend parkrun highly enough. It's a lovely community event.

        Thanks for the tip ParkRunMama. :)

        I think my wife's arthritis and hip dysplasia will prevent her from participating in a 5K at present (even walking) but I would like very much for us to build up to it. :)

          They're always in need of people to volunteer (and the roles are pretty easy, like scanning finish tokens), and volunteers get rewarded too - if you do it 25 times you get a free (very nice) shirt. Runners have to get to 50 before they get their first shirt :) We have a few regular volunteers who love coming to parkrun but don't do the run bit :)

            I've thought about doing that, but 8am on a Saturday is not a time to get me to do anything

              My local has a 7am start. It sucks in winter, but the positive is that you get it all over and done with by breakfast and the rest of the weekend is still ahead. Post-run coffee is the best coffee. ^_^

                7am on Saturday *Brain starts screaming*

                  Funny thing... that's usually me, even during the work week - I *hate* getting up. I would rather lay in bed until noon. My circadian rhythm is very much shifted towards the night hours.

                  And yet... I'm missing getting up early on a Saturday morning to go running. It's flipping insane what dopamine can do.

    As much as I like the Telstra network (that 4g is amazing where I am) that free data day yesterday was the biggest load of shit. It was no faster than my home ADSL2 connection at 700kb/s... It didn't really bother me anyway since I didn't have anything to download, but personally i'd rather a discount on my plan, even if it was only 10 bucks i'd be happy.

      I hardly left the house yesterday so I forgot it was a free data day. I was just using my unlimited wifi instead.

        Haha. I have so much data on my home internet I don't even care, hell I have more than enough on my phones plan so yeah.

    Damn does Salt & Sanctuary need a save point a LOT closer to the final boss. You have to do a lot of annoying and potentially lethal platforming to get back to the boss, inevitably losing a moderate amount of health on the way from fall damage and just being annoying to get back to. It's a weird design choice given that most of the bosses have a shrine or sanctuary fairly close with a reasonably safe path (excluding monsters) to get back to them.

    Otherwise it's a rather good game, definitely worth a go if you like dark souls & ghosts & goblins since it's basically a straight mashup of the two games.

    Last night some friends were having a discussion about the whole Alison Rapp thingo, and about internet hate mobs in general etc. All sorts of horrible stuff. Right after it died down, I flicked over to Wingman's convo and found she'd linked this to me:

    Watching this, I just instantly felt happy. I'm honestly gonna bookmark this, to keep as a future cure-all for the angries.

    "Everybody just chill the fuck out and dance!"

    Cease your whining, TAY, for I have returned! I know, I know, it's been a tough 2 weeks, but hush children because it's all over now.

    So Hong Kong is pretty great, but hella expensive. I paid $17 AU for a coffee, and it hurt me a little inside. The apartments there are tiny, and I slept on the most uncomfortable bed of all time. Also, I am pretty sure my liver is on the verge of failing, having been through a birthday, and wedding and two bucks parties in the last 2 weeks.

    But overall, it was awesome. 5/7 would party again.


    Watching a video from TechSource on Vessel titled 'Most Overpriced Tech' and there's now a kickstarter or something for beer made from bacteria from a models vagina. Why.. Just why..

      Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.

      Oh god... So many horrible and unspeakable jokes and puns are racing through my head right now.

    Hi, TAY.
    Waiting for Dark Souls 3 next week.
    It's the sort of game I'm terrible at, but enjoy nonetheless.
    Also, I'd been tossing up whether to get Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U, but I think I'll pass on it.

    Most of the weekend was spent setting up the new PC. Managed to successfully get my foot in the win10 door, then was going through trying to figure out how to configure everything and get it all how I like it. Some of the UI stuff on it is so shit though. And so few options in the personalisation section, can't figure out how to get something that looks good. Almost got there by importing my win98 style theme from my win7 machine, but I can't get the border colour to be quite nice enough and the text in the start bar turns black and unreadable no matter what I do. Annoying. Dug up a bunch of other things to change or revert via registry entries, so that was good. Then finally got around to installing the Oculus software, and grabbing all the free stuff from the store. Not long now, just need to get the actual headset! *refreshes inbox again*
    Oh yeah, over the weekend they announced they were covering everyone's shipping costs for all the orders so far, because of the delays. Doesn't affect me at all, but any AU/NZ customers would be cheering pretty hard right now.

    Also had Aerialist break the week-long silence last night to announce that she had new climbing shoes.​​ I'd kinda forgotten that was a thing :P

      ... why would you want it to look like Windows 98?

        Because it's the best. And safe and familiar and stuff :P

        And imo way better than the default look of win10. Everything's so bland and washed out, I'd rather it even look like default win7.

    Meanwhile in Canada


    nothing is happening

    that's uh, that's my life right now.

      You have an awesome prime minister though. The rest of the western world is mad with jealousy.

      ohmigosh wait
      we got snow here
      in spring
      and no one at all was surprised

    I know there a few book readers amongst TAY - has anyone read A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara?

    I finished it on Saturday afternoon. I don't think a book has ever made me cry before. This book made me cry on half a dozen occasions. It's a long read and has copped a fair bit of criticism for how brutal and unforgiving (and sometimes unbelievable ) the story is. It left me emotionally drained for a full day after I'd finished.

    I have a handful of books I'll happily recommend to people and this book now holds a place amongst them.

    So it seems like there's a few people working towards some fitness goals - perhaps it's time for another TAY Fitocracy challenge?

      Henceforth named CookingMama's Calisthenic/Cardio Campaign.
      Because alliteration!

        Crikey! Can comprehend calling CookingMama's Callisthenic/Cardio Campaign crazy compounds.

        I love it. I think @redartifice needs to make this happen

          Hey, ICWUDT.

          I haven't looked at Fitocracy for months

            I think it's been a year since I last used it, but now summer's over, I think I can manage some weights workouts :P

      Excellent. I shall begin by cycling home from work, now.

    Morning all.
    My weekend was kinda cool, as some may know if they read over the weekend, or follow me elsewhere. Not the greatest weekend ever, but not bad considering I barely left the house!

    Question though... does anyone else have issues with the upvote buttons in here? Sometimes they just don't seem to do anything at all, other times they'll work first go, and other times I have to click them like 5 or 6 times before they work.
    /edit I clicked 3 prior to making this post, and nothing happened, but after the post and page refresh, it shows that my upvotes are actually there.. this happen to anyone else?)

    Last edited 04/04/16 11:35 am

      Get that occasionally but normally I only need to click it twice when it happens

        heh clicked the upvote on your comment, and it worked first go! ;)

      Yeah, it's been like that for me for a while. I feel like there was some kind of update point a while back where it started, but can't think what it was. It's annoying.

      Though not as annoying as being completely unable to vote at all on Giz or LH :/

        Yea, I noticed that last week on Giz - I just presumed it was because I was under moderation over there... which is a whole separate issue that I don't understand.

          I had that for a while too, everything I posted went into insta-moderation. But then I eventually managed to work myself out of that state, but the vote buttons remain greyed out.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend! Drifted off The Division this past week, now my character's in full yellows and doing pretty well in challenge missions, but ended up with nothing much to play. I could continue with my Pokemon OR restart, but still find it hard to play handheld games when my PC and console are sitting not ten feet away, like forlorn puppies whimpering their list of games I should probably get around to finishing at some point.

    So I ended up sinking back into Witcher 3 - I'd forgotten how engaging that game can be... and it was really easy to drop back into. Started around 59 hours in - finally made it to Skellige. Resolved the central side-plot thread there, then started wandering around doing sidequests and contracts. Had a lot of fun doing some of the level 27-30 contracts at level 20-22 - effective use of oils, potions and liberal application of Quen kept me alive. Had to abandon one that locked me in a small cave with two endrega, tho, as they seemed to be able to land hits from a few feet outside their apparent physical reach, and Quen couldn't really protect me from their double-swipe attacks (if both hit me with both swipes at the same time, they'd kill me immediately, Quen or not). Tried to beat them for about an hour before giving it up until I'd levelled a bit more... pity, cos it seems like an interesting plot thread.

    Now 73 hours in, planning to head back to Nilfgaard to finish off some contracts and do more exploring, levelling and hopefully getting high enough to come back to Skellige and finish the 35+ contracts... then maybe investigate the Hearts of Stone questline; good thing Ciri can look after herself, cos Geralt will likely be otherwise occupied for another (in-game) month or two at least. :P

    Likely longer IRL, given Dark Souls 3 releases in eight days...

    Do ya love me?

    Pretty great earworm to have.

      Nick Cave?

        Whoever's behind the one in this thing:

        Funny, for all the times I've heard it I don't think I've ever actually known who it's by.

          Yeah, that is not Nick Cave. This is the one I was thinking of

    Ah man, I think I've hit another gaming slump. I started playing Lost Planet 3, but the gameplay was putting me off, plus I just did the whole ice planet in Dead Space 3 and it left me offended. Then I tried playing Rage, but I spent a full month playing Fallout 4, so I'm a little burnt out on a Wasteland survival game (same reason why I can't finish Wasteland 2 at the moment). So instead I just played Sonic 1.

    and I blame Dark Souls 3! My facebook yearly anniversary is indicating that it's been a year since I played Bloodborne, which is why Dark Souls should be out! No reason why it had to be delayed. I can just hope for an Australian street release break.

    I'm also looking for some co-op players, I have a large collection of co-op games that I need to play.

      Play the Bloodborne DLC, problem solved!

      (I'm up against the final boss and he is mean)

        I'm playing Salt and Sanctuary. Which probably isn't a good idea because I don't want to get burned out on this style of game before the next big one comes.

    Went to a reptile show. There were many reptiles. All of the lizards were brilliant; geckos were especially brilliant.

    I did wonder how many people buying juvenile pythons realise that snakes get big.

      I did wonder how many people buying juvenile pythons realise that snakes get big.

      I doubt most people buying cats/dogs realise its a 15 year commitment or parrot are a 30+ year one, if they did abandonment wouldn't be such an issue or they do realise it and simply haven't grasped its true gravity.

      I know it sucks to think about.

      Last edited 04/04/16 3:01 pm

        Which is why I went with spiny leaf insects. Incredibly easy to look after, females live 18 months on average, males for 6-9, and they're adorable as a really adorable thing.

        I'm not much for thinking that pets are part of the family but they certainly deserve respect and care far beyond an impulse purchase.
        Also, old dogs are the best, everyone should adopt old dogs.

      All I wanted as a kid was a pet children's python... Was very disappointed (albeit briefly) when my parents got a puppy, instead.

        Did you call the dog Snake?

        Hmm, thought about an MGS joke but it was a lot more morbid than anticipated.

        Last edited 04/04/16 9:49 pm

    1: Nier is still one of the most awesome games of all time.
    2: Where's @shane's countdown to Dark Souls 3? Surely having like a billion kids now can't be that exhausting? :P
    3: I spent all morning binge watching Unreal on Stan and now that I've stopped I can't remember why I was so compelled in the first place. Sorcery!
    4: I am currently obsessed with a band called Fogalord. It's a stupid name, but I'm addicted to their music.
    5: I have a broken toe.

    There. Now you're all caught up with my life. Miss me? :D

      Hi @strange!

      1. I can't hear "Nier" without thinking it sounds like a child taunting someone in a playground
      2. 8 DAYS (I'm on the bandwagon this time, now having played Bloodborne)
      5. How did you break your toe?

        1: Nobody ever says "Nier" in the game, so you could safely play it....
        2: I'm scared I'll be crap at Dark Souls 3 like I was crap at Bloodborne. But it's still a day one purchase.
        3: I was walking fast from the kitchen to elsewhere in the house and misjudged the corner of the kitchen by about 2 inches (I think in inches's a symptom of quilting:P ),thus slamming my foot into the corner of the skirting board, breaking my middle toe. It's been close to four weeks now and it still hurts which is how I know it's broken. I didn't see a doctor because I'm a doofus.

          Oh, I'm crap at Bloodborne, but have somehow made it this far through sheer bloody-mindedness.

          Figure with Dark SOuls I will do the same

          Also, ouch, that sounds painful.

          Doctors are too much effort. And then when you finally bring yourself to go they're all like "nah we're closed for Easter". And then you try next week and it turns out the hours you looked up were wrong and they were closed again. And this is why I shouldn't have bothered in the first place.

          ...Hi Strange!

          Last edited 04/04/16 3:18 pm

            Hi Tacoman!
   I want to ask what happened to you that your doctor anecdote was so disturbingly detailed?!

              Eh some medical thing that I should've gotten off my arse to see someone about ages ago but didn't. Nothing life-threatening :P

                Oh good. Is it sorted now?
                Please don't die, that would suck!

                  I have no plans to do any such thing any time soon. Got too much else to do!

      Of course we missed you.
      How did you break your toe, too much butt kicking?
      Not sold on the singers voice and but liking the music when they aren't trying to be too fast

        I made the mistake of watching the video for 'The Scream Of The Thunder'and it almost made me not give them a go (I believe I tweeted something along the lines of "put a shirt on you doofus!"). But they have a sword in their logo! A sword! How could I not give them another go?! The song "The Fog Lord" is the one that hooked me.
        See above for boring toe story. :)

        Last edited 04/04/16 3:18 pm

          I saw a pic when I googled there name and it was very much shirtless but they did have a sword in it as well. My main thought was that in to what I imagine Italians to be like

          The scream of thunder is pretty awesome as well

          Last edited 04/04/16 3:46 pm

            I'm all for the sword!
            In the old days that would have immediately prompted innuendo and hilarity for many. :P

      Is Fogalord suitably power-metal-y?

      Speaking of metal, I am super pissed off that Crowbar in Brisbane opened a month after I moved to Sydney. I went there for the first time on Saturday night (OK FINE IT WAS TECHNICALLY SUNDAY MORNING) and that please is freaking sweet - mad tunes, fun people, and they have a signed Russian Circles poster on the wall so those kids are alright in my books.

        The most suitable of power metal-y cheesy epicness. Follow the Fog! :P

        I've been to the Crowbar once. I would have loved it when I was younger. They served me the most disgusting drink I've ever had in my life. I ordered a vodka and Coke, and I'm pretty sure they just scooped up whatever was in their drip trays and gave that to me instead.

        Also, what led to you ending up at the Crowbar?

          Mate's bucks party. The fact that it was right next to the Cabaret Club had nothing to do with it.

        My friend scored first beer served when they opened. I scored first ginger beer served :P

      2. I'm busy trying to plat Demon's Souls! It's been a long time coming, but that's what I'm working on. Probably won't be able to afford DS3 for a while, so this is my compromise.

      Sorry to hear about your toe :(

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