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    Good morning! Looking forward to giving DS3 a go this week and perhaps finally breaking my inability to understand the From adulation. Gonna go deep on this one

      Yup, am looking forward to DS3.

      Watched all the prepare to cry series again yesterday to bring myself up to speed and refresh my memories of all the NPC's and their stories as much as possible (its been a while since I played the first 2 games) .

      I don't normally get hyped, but when I do I get reeeaaaaal hyped (lets hope there is no let down)

        Yeah, I think with DS2 and Bloodborne (the other From titles I've tried) I skipped over the lore a bit too quickly and as such couldn't get immersed in the world. Difficulty alone isn't enough to keep me engaged so this time I'm gonna try reading everything.

          Same, it wasn't until after I had watched all the lore videos over the weekend I realized how much I had missed/forgotten, and this is coming from someone with Demon Souls experience (so I definitely was paying attention)

    I woke up in vomit.

    "Your vomit, or... someone else's?"



        I woke up in vomit.

        "Your vomit, or... someone else's?"


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          It was a statement, not a question, Saturday

    I spent Saturday writing, tooling around in miitomo, then playing silent hill shattered memories at night (in lieu of watching a David lynch film). It's as great as I remember, especially the torch effects and creepy wiimote phone calls.

    On Sunday I got hit in the face by the rail of a surf board, which split my lip and nearly cost me two teeth.

    Water was super clear though, and the waves weren't too bad.

    Now I'm at work with a sore neck, and a bottom lip so swollen It's in my peripheral vision.

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    Hey Everyone. I've decided that getting the bookmarks printed up myself doesn't seem to be an option. So, I've found a website called but the store requires a html colour scheme. I am terrible at html colour schemes. Can anyone help me?

        I need help picking colours, not just putting it into code =P

          Can't you just get the RGB colour values from the ones you've made, and convert them to html colours? Or are you trying to create a store page that you need colours for?

            It's for the store page. I should have been clearer

        Any ones you would suggest?

          Anything, really. If you want to make your own, you can try the Coolors generator:

          Or alternatively, this one is pretty good too. PIck a start colour and it will show you the Adjacent, Triad, or Tetrad values associated and generates a palette from there.

            I am so bad at this D=

              Start with Paletton. Click the circle with 4 dots on it (Tetrad) - here's one I did.

              On the outer wheel is a dark dot in the purples, if you hover over it then it will say "Primary Colour"

              Drag that around the outer circle until you find a primary colour you like. Watch as the palette changes accordingly.

              Once you hit a primary colour you like, you can start to fine tune the palette. For example, don't like the secondary colour / tertiary colours? Change the angle (default 30 degrees) to suit. I chose 135 degrees so I could get secondaries in the blue.

              Finally, click the "Presets" button to adjust the saturation - I chose Pastel because I think it works best for colour schemes. Not too saturated, not too light.

              Your final colour values will be up the top right.

                I meant I am terrible at picking colour schemes and making decisions.
                To make things harder, the bookmarks have a variety of backgrounds.

                  Fair enough, can't help you on the making decisions part. :P

                I might pick a couple and make a shortlist when I get home. Then ask for people's opinions on here

      Just a warning - if you upload images to cowcow, there's a good chance you could find them using them without your permission on other stuff. Happened recently to a facebook run group I'm in who used cowcow to make some custom tshirts. The images started popping up in cowcow adverts and the whole lot had to be pulled from the site.

        I was going to use cafepress but apparently they're no better. Anything I upload to cafepress makes them the owner of the image.
        Zazzle is out of the question as well, so it doesn't leave me with a lot of options

    Good morning all, how are we?
    I started on a game currently on early access called Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, looks REALLY good at the moment, the detail is incredible, runs smoothly and the combat is bloody awesome. If anyone is into tactical RTS ship combat of the 41st Millenium of Warhammer where positioning and individual ship tactics play an important role, I'd highly suggest having a look at this.

      That came up on my Steam queue too. Looked a bit too hectic for me. But certainly had a distinctive feel to the videos.

        I'm early in the campaign and I've only got 3 ships to use, so it's not too hectic for me, yet. It's got a good amount of depth but it's not at drowning levels, if that makes sense. The most I've been doing so far is setting fighting styles (Which you can do before you even begin moving), this gives options such as fighting using certain sides of your ship (Like broadsides) and preferred attack range, so you can get the most out of your weapons and get a better advantage if you know their weapons. Then you set your ship's targets, which is mainly just a right-click-to-attack RTS thing, but what's more is you can left click your target and set a focus like weapons or engines.

        Then after the stage has all been set, you could attempt to micromanage your ships as most attacks can be dodged if you're familiar with how your ship can maneuver, like taking sharp turns to dodge the majority of the enemy's fire, and a personal favourite if you're an Ork fan, you can actually ram ships with your own as well if your ship is good for that. There's more and I've yet to discover it, it'll take some getting used to on controlling everything but I'm confident that I can get it. Low-level micro I know I can master with practice, and thankfully this is very far from Starcraft levels of micro :)

      I've been keeping an eye on it for sure, I've always been aware of BFG through my years of reading/playing 40K, but never done much with it.

      For now though, I'm holding off buying anything until I get back from NYC/Hawaii in June.

    Morning all! My weekend was pretty ok all things considered!
    First off, I finished my latest drawing! Or rather, finished to a point that I was happy to leave it for while. Could do with a few tweaks and a bit more detail in sections, but I'm happy enough with it for now.
    Decided to open an Artstation account and upped it there.
    Should get around to adding more stuff one day, but that will require digging through some old hard drives.

    I also managed to make it to the @sughly and @freezespreston Birthday meat! Got to meet @Greenius for the first time too! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stay for long, cos 5 mins before I was due to head there, my dad rang me and asked if he could drop off a bunch of stuff cos he was heading back down to Port Macquarie.
    Still, it was great to go and be social for even the little while that I was able to :) Great to see many familiar faces again, along with some new ones! Can't wait to do it again properly after I've had my operation!

    Apart from that, I mucked about with some music stuff, and played some more Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. Now that I don't have the drawing on my mind, I'm gonna try and get some more game time in, and get back to making some music! Yay!

    Morning all,

    How was everyone's weekend? Mine was good, just the usual stuff, beach volley, rowing and reading.

    I finally had some time to play Quantum Break and Division. For some reason when I was playing QB, all I wanted my character to do is dive and shoot, you know MP style and it didn't. It has some new and unique slow mo effects but no diving style shooting, a bit let down. Overall, the story is like in between average and lame and shooting mechanics are not great.

    Division had no new daily missions which sucked. I wonder if the new content turn out to be pretty average, how long this game will last?

      The Division seems to have a reasonably tight schedule for the major DLC drops, so hopefully it lasts a reasonable amount of time. I must say, my dropoff rate for The Division is quicker than that for Destiny, so losing a little bit of hope.

        Yeah, the drop rates are way better than Destiny. However there's something missing? Something Destiny has? Raids or other styles of PVE? Or may be its me getting burnt out.

          First raid (incursion) drops this evening. Hopefully it's good.

    Hello peeps! Remember my post last week about feeling ill? Well it seems I caught the flu which in turn brought a few friends in the shape of bronchitis and sinusitis. Doc had me on 5 different meds which took me out of commission for the remainder of the week D=.

    However fret not for I have returned! In more or less mint condition... might give it a few more days before I resume my gym routine though....

    How's everyone else?!?

    In a really foul mood this morning. I don't know if it's because I'm growing to resent my workplace or because my train went around the city circle the wrong way making me late again, but I just can't shake it off this morning.

    Well, I have another interview with another recruiter, so there's that to look forward to.

      Good luck the with recruiter. Hope it leads to some actual jobs.

        Hope so. I've had one interview with an actual company but they're probably going to want to do a second round of interviews and while I'm their frontrunner at the moment they seem to think that the job won't be challenging enough for me.

      What field do you work in?

        Insurance, specifically been in liability claims for the last 6 years.

          Anything here you're qualified for?

          Can give you an internal referral if there's anything of interest. Can also keep an eye out if there's anything in the liability area that might interest you.

            Sadly not really any roles I'd be suited for but I'll keep an eye out.

            I could probably handle any claims except speciality/financial lines as I've not had any experience with management/directors & officers liability or unfair dismissal or anything like that. I've been trying to move over into retail life claims because that will open up a possible path into group life claims which I think would be a great challenge (and financially lucrative) but the role I'm currently gunning for is with a broker acting as an intermediary across pretty much all lines which I'm hoping will broaden my skillset, make me a little bit more marketable since there really isn't a lot going on in the liability space at the moment.

              Yeah, I figured there wasn't anything you'd specifically be after. I'll keep an eye out / ear to the ground for you though.

    Went to Good Game Live on Friday night, and got a photo with Bajo and Hex and Nichboy too.

    Then spent the entire saturday helping a friend renovate his garage.

    Sunday was a write off - too tired to do anything. Ended up starting up a new game of Vampire: Masquerade - Bloodlines. Man that's a classic.

      Wow you went to see live show. No offence to the Good game show, but don't you think that they need to cater for some adult audience as well. Some of the games that they preview are terrible and what's up with the tinbox and lame jokes.

        I think since they've introduced Good Game Spawn point for younger viewers, it's given them more freedom to structure their main show to be more adult. Recently, their footage hasn't screened out minor bad language, and they've discussed issues of sexuality and mental illness in games.

        Sometimes Bajo can be a bit silly, but that's his thing. His points about games generally have merit, regardless of his wacky delivery. Hex is a nice balanced counter point to his antics.

        Goose now also does some editorialising in his "IMO" segments, and they've covered issues like DLC and Pre-ordering. I find his essays quite good - articulate and fair.

        I personally don't watch Spawn Point, but I get the tone they're trying to strike with it - positive and engaging for younger people and supportive of their interest in video games, without really pandering.

    Also, did anyone check out that CoD event at Crown Casino this weekend? That kind of came out of nowhere.

    Is there a site that tables up all the major eSports events in the city (or country for that matter)? I'm keen to be a bit more involved in the sense of watching some of it, but I can never find out when or where they are.

      Kotaku did make a mention of it before it was sold out/commenced, but obviously you can't rely on Kotaku to relay that information all the time.

      In terms of your question you're best bet would sadly probably be a gambling site that deals in E-Sports, they usually run extensive lists due to their financial interests in them, apart from that I can't recall any site that deals it comprehensive E-Sports event news.

        Thanks. Yeah I originally found out about it from Kotaku, but like you said it came up fairly late in the piece.

        I'd never really thought about using gambling sites, but that makes sense, in a morbid way.

      I can't speak for COD, but I know for Dota there are a bunch of game-specific sites that list all the upcoming tournament games. There have been a few aussie-specific sites that listed local tournies, but the reality of living this far away from the rest of the world is that physical tournaments are almost non-existent.

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    Day 5 of headache, Which I am now thinking might be a long migraine. Although I had a migraine yesterday so I have no idea whats going on now...

    Hey, TAY.
    24 hours til Dark Souls 3, and I'm only up to the second boss in the original.

    I don't know where these weekends keep disappearing to.​​ The Mask was on the other night, I think that might've been my first time seeing it since I became old enough to actually understand it. Definitely never noticed that condom joke before :P It was funny just how old it seemed, making me think "whoa that wouldn't fly today" a few times. Spent a bunch of time at the piano for the first time in a good few weeks or so, actually went quite well. Maybe I should try re-learn another piece. Also played through the rest of Kirby Rainbow Curse. So. Damn. Adorable. Especially the extra stuff, like the Secret Diary and the figurines. I was surprised that they were actually modelled in 3D and could be viewed from all angles. Very cool. Challenge mode was a total pain in the bitch though, I don't think I can think of another game that had me swearing so much or verging on impaling the gamepad with the stylus as a few of those levels. Finally got the last one last night though, so I'm done. 100%, woo :P I think Yoshi might be next.

    So on Saturday night I got a message from Aerialist, ​​letting me know that she'll be climbing somewhere else tonight due to looking after dogs/housesitting somewhere closer to the other gym at the moment (and kinda hinting that I should come along). A couple of my friends are pretty sceptical about it all though, saying she's just trying to get attention. "Beware the friend collector!" I dunno though, it's kinda hard to see it. Like, a lot of the things she says sound like the kind of thing I would say? But then maybe I am an attention-seeking friend collector too and just don't realise it :P There was more messaging convo over Sunday, ending with her saying "maybe see you at alternagym tomorrow night?" I said I'd like to but kinda need to talk to one of the other guys about some stuff. And offered a raincheck. I mean it's not exactly untrue :P

    This game is hard.

    OH YEAH I discovered that some chilli seeds that I threw out into one of the empty pots in the backyard seem to have survived and look like they're growing quite well, unlike the ones I had inside. Woo, thriving on neglect!

    Last edited 11/04/16 10:10 am

      Woo, thriving on neglect!

      Sounds like my sex life! /o\

    Started playing The Witcher 3 at like 7.30 on Saturday night. Next thing I know, it's 2am, and my girlfriend is yelling at me because I need to be up by 7 to do grown up stuff.

    tl;dr - Being an adult sucks, but Witcher 3 is awesome.

      Withcer 3 is indeed awesome - I spent a lot of the weekend alternating between beating the crap out of monsters for cash, and beating the crap out of innkeepers at cards. Dandelion + 3-4x Bluestripes in nearly every hand is amazing. :D

        I haven't gotten up to the card game yet, but I'm assuming your gibberish will eventually make sense :P

          You should be playing Gwent against everyone you meet! That way you get to take their cards.

          I assume this is a form of fear-inspired Witcher-bullying, because if you lose, you don't give any of your cards to your opponent; only the other way around.
          This is shown very clearly on the crestfallen face of anyone you challenge to Gwent, as they sigh and realize there's nothing in this for them beyond the possibility of a few crowns and losing their favourite cards, to avoid having a Witcher chop them literally in half or mind-control them.

            I only just killed the griffin, I don't even know what gwent is yet.

              I forgot how huge the tutorial zone is. Yeah, that can take a few hours.

              A warning for when you get to it - The starting deck is pretty terrible, and it can be discouraging - I didn't actually start playing gwent at all until I was about 60 hours in because of it - but you should quickly be able to win or buy a few good cards you can combo, which hints at the promise of the game at later levels.

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              Also, check every merchant you see. They sometimes sell Gwent cards!

    Doing some research into what I'm gonna do for my Halloween Costume.
    Planning on dressing up as good ol' Ragnar from Vikings. Gonna go the full mile with getting Henna Tattoos along with shaving the sides of my head and getting extensions for the 'pony tail' in an attempt to try and blend the seasons 2-4 Ragnar together.

    Oh, and blood capsules. Definitely gotta get those for the beetle leaf Ragnar.

    Double "oh yeah", the Kirby soundtrack is pretty excellent.

    Though I now have the bonus/challenge level music stuck on infinite loop in my head, probably thanks to spending my last 15 hours with the game listening to just about that alone.

      Dodododo, do... dodododo, do...


    Been rewatching Peep Show on Stan over the last few days. Goddamn it's funny. So awkward but so funny. It's great.

    I also wanted to try and finish Bravely Second before Dark Souls 3 came out, but... Man that game is long. I thought I was finished and then it's all "Ha, actually you're only half done!". Fun though.

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    Saw BvS on Friday night.
    It was ... about as good as expected. Except for Batman, not sure why people are raving about him. Having just binged Daredevil S2 last week, to me he was like a slightly shittier Punisher rather than Batman.

    Edit: Oh, also started watching Seven Deadly Sins. Now 19 episodes in. It's pretty good.

    Last edited 11/04/16 10:44 am

      Voice-synthesizer is a big part of it (no more actor-throat-straining 'batman voice'), and he's a LOT less jovial than the Punisher. More stoic, seems like he knows what he's doing more. Punisher seemed to be improvising a lot in DD. Irons kills it as Alfred, too.

        Jeremy Irons is the best Alfred (sorry Michael Caine).

        Nothing too movie specific but going to spoiler it at this point to be safe.
        Too much time wielding a rifle for my liking.

        Actually, now that I think about what makes Batman *Batman*, I think I've put my finger on it.
        No villains. When I try to think about Batman-like actions all I can think of is foiling Batman universe villains.

        He's utterly out of place in this Superman movie. He can't be Batman if he doesn't have some sort of nemesis.

          Batman's not an interesting character, he's an interesting foil for the villains he comes up against.

      Oh man Seven Deadly Sins was an anime that came out of nowhere for me, 2 episodes in I knew I was going to enjoy the crap out of it!

      Last edited 11/04/16 12:14 pm

        I was just looking for something to watch at random while resetting my 3DS, it popped up in the Netflix queue / feed / whatever the hell their menu is. Saw the 5 star rating, recalled that it had been mentioned here but I hadn't paid attention, thought why not.
        Probably would have finished the lot except I researched the first 7 with company...
        The Netflix setting that skips opening credits is a little annoying because there might be 20 seconds of new content on the end of each recap.

        Seven Deadly Sins is fucking great. The only reason it didn't get more attention is that it got licensed by fucking Netflix halfway into its run, and Netflix are grade-A oceanfaring pillocks when it comes to anime, so the show basically disappeared from everywhere for the second half and didn't resurface until about 6 months after it was done when Netflix pulled their finger out to make it available all in one go because they can't support any model of viewing other than binge watching :( They've killed a few shows with this approach - Knights of Sidonia is another excellent one they basically buried by licensing it.

        Anyway, this is my way of saying: there's a second season later this year! And you won't be able to watch it until 2017 because Netflix are basically the worst company in the world when it comes to anime licensing.

    Had a pretty good weekend - 30% hinting down monsters in Wticher 3, 30% playing innkeeps at Gwent, and 30% catching up on DragonBall Super. Got to Skellige last week, and have resolved the central story there, but only two missions into the Ciri stuff there. Was wandering around and found a ghost who dropped a Wild Hunt blade, tho... maybe I should get back to the main questline? :P

    Aside: Anyone having issues opening links in new tabs on here in Chrome? The past week or so, every Ctrl+click or middle click to open in a new tab has bounced off Chrome's popup blocker.

    Last edited 11/04/16 11:12 am

      Yeah I'm having the same issue with Chrome. Can't be version related either because I'm on Version 30.0.1599.66 m - which is ages old.

      It's happening to me way more than usual now, it's getting a bit annoying.

    Hi all, B-ob's week in review.

    Subterfuge! I won a 10 player brawl. Was great. I ended up totally dominating the battlefield thanks to some good diplomacy, some lucky specialists (2 tycoons and a foreman for my first few hires), and some savvy tactics. Probably the best I've ever played, tbh.

    Put a bunch of "new" albums on my phone, need to transfer them to my work USB. How's this for a reflection of my musical tastes.... Hootie & The Blowfish, Sublime, Cage The Elephant, Blues Traveler, Nikki Yanofsky. Oh, also added to my burgeoning vinyl collection by picking up ELO's Out of the Blue. Love that gatefold.

    Sorry I missed the two and a half birthTAY housewarming. Wasn't feeling up to leaving the house or doing anything on Saturday. Hope everybody had a good time.

    On a related note, want to ask people's advice on what to do about a friend of mine. Spoilered for personal details / wall o' text.

    So a friend of mine whom I've known for ... 14 years? and pretty much the only person I know from my life in Adelaide (when I left Adelaide I cut myself off from all aspects of my old life) has been driving me up the wall and I'm starting to think it's time to cut this friendship loose. We've always had a turbulent friendship. Dated for a couple years, 13 years ago, didn't work out, remained friends. The thing is the friendship can be very draining with the amount of effort needed to keep things going... and a lot of that has to do with some of her problems / addictions.

    It seems these days that every time we catch up she ends up getting completely written off, does something stupid or offensive and then we end up not talking for months until enough water passes under the bridge. I think she's an alcoholic and I'm only just coming to acknowledge it myself, and acknowledge that I'm an enabler. That's part of what is making me think it's better for everybody if I cut the friendship. Then I feel bad for not supporting her or giving her the help she needs but then at the same time if it's not coming from her it's not her taking responsibility for her life.

    Example: Friday we caught up for the first time in months (since my bipolar II diagnosis at least, so pre-November) and played Cards Against Humanity with some of her other friends. Was a good time. When the game was over, since we hadn't caught up in a while we decided to continue having a couple drinks and gossip at my place (short walk) which was pretty much fine. Except when I cut myself off around midnight she kept pouring. We keep talking, things get more and more silly and I'm nearly asleep around 2 am when I realise that it IS 2 am and she's still going and has no intention of stopping. I tell her it's time to go to bed, but she says "Just one more drink" - I get up and see that she's literally poured a half full glass of gin (probably around 150ml) as "one more drink".

    I tell her enough is enough. She's welcome to stay (she wanted to come to the vinyl fair the next morning) but she needs to go to bed now. If not, I'll call her an Uber, but those are her only options. Sleep, or leave. She decides to leave in a huff, and when I'm going around turning off lights, closing curtains, etc, I realise she's decided to take a full bottle of 60% ABV gin for her troubles. Call her out on it, tell her she has a problem, she admits she took it in anger, and I tell her she's an adult and needs to start acting like it. That's the last I've heard.

    So that's where I'm at. I accept my responsibility in enabling her addiction, and that she needs help, but I just don't know that I'm the one to give it to her. I can't be the rock for everybody, especially when I'm still working out my own footing... and I just don't know what to do. Advice? Please?

    (Jeez that turned out to be much more than I expected. Sorry. Obviously needed to get that out.)

      Cut her off, but be nice about it. Let her know that her drinking is a problem and the reason you are cutting her off, but you would be happy to resume the friendship if she gets it under control (assuming you want to?).

      Life's too short to keep unnecessary drama like that in your life.

        Yeah, that's pretty much where my mind had landed on. I.e. "I'm no longer willing to have you in my life at this stage, talk to me when you hit Step 8 / 9 of a 12 step."

      A few years ago I had a similar moment where I took a look around all the people around me and I started asking myself do I still really want to be friends with some of these people or am I just doing it for the familiarity and to avert the risk of being alone. I kind of had a pretty stark couple of days because after taking this little look at my friend's circle I realized two of my closest friends were on the edge of becoming drug addicts, another was dropping in and out of contact and engaging in ummm questionable behaviour. Without realizing it I had outgrown quite a few people in my life but they were still tagging along for the ride because they'd been there a few years ago.

      I guess what I'm trying to say here is only you can know for sure if having this friend in your life is worth it or not. And sometimes you can just outgrow your friends as your priorities and experiences in life change you. At the end of the day you want to be around people who enrich your life (and vice versa).

      You're a caring guy, and that will be causing you some of your anxiety in this regard, but you really need to do what's best for you first and foremost. Until you feel that you have a good handle on your own needs and mental wellbeing, I'm not sure how much help you'd be to her anyway.
      As @cffndncr said, don't necessarily need to completely cut off all possible contact for the future, but definitely give both of you a lot of space to work things out.

      Not a good situation to find yourself in, and I hope that whatever the outcome is that it is something you can look back on with minimal regret.

      You don't need to completely cut her off, and it's good that you've recognised that she really can't control herself and you need to take some responsibility for how you interact with her. You can set boundaries for future meetings - lunch or coffee, no alcohol will be consumed. If she's only happy to see you if you're pouring her drinks, then chances are she will end the relationship anyway, because you're of no use to her anymore. Remember that addicts can be very manipulative and will use people as long as they're getting what they want. I don't think you need to offer her help, esp given you have your own stuff that you're working on.

      You can also call a counselling line yourself, and see what advice they have.


      Hi Mr Jimu! Was great to see you again!! That's like 2 meets in a row!! Pretty sure that's some kind of miracle!!

        It's a Meatmuss miracle!

    Oh wow. Big news of shift at work, no idea what it means for me down the line. Well, not til after the big wave of customer questions and complaints. Eh, that's Future Me's problem :P

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