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    Here is the Okami shirt design. Finished and finally I'm happy with the background. Please take a look!
    @alexwalker I know you were interested, so I tagged you.

    Good morning TAY

    Spaghett's last song played game (sponsored by fuck cancer)

    Weightless by Washed Out

    How was YOUR weekend?

    What was YOUR last song played?

    Did I spend too much time playing Stardew Valley? (I did, so worth it)

    Did you get into the Overwatch beta (I did, so worth it)

      Thrift Shop - Macklemore (Postmodern Jukebox Version)

      Also, Skinner said the teachers will crack at any minute, purple monkey dishwasher.

      My weekend was fine.
      My last played song was something from the Okami soundtrack.
      Probably, but I also spent too much time playing story of seasons.
      Good job. I would like to get overwatch at some point when it comes out.

        It was a really fun beta, didn't play many games (needed to leave my computer) but enjoyed what I did play

        Really gravitated towards Junkrat and Roadhog

          I'm probably gonna go with healer. =P

            Bout four of those, always love varity :)

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      The Offspring - Totalimmortal (listening to the Me, Myself, & Irene soundtrack which is more like a Steely Dan tribute album)

      Last song played: Meta Taro by Babymetal. Currently listening to the album for the 18th time in just over 2 weeks.

        Damn good album that one :)

          Only got it because I had a JB Hi-fi gift card from my parents for my birthday. Used it online and I got it on the release day despite only ordering it a couple of days before release. Really impressed with JB after that. Glad I bought the album though because it really is a good album. There isn't a track I don't like on it. They've improved on the original in every conceivable way. Babymetal are a band who if they came to Australia, I would try my absolute hardest to get to see, even if I had to swim to Melbourne.

      Yeah I got into the beta as well (i think just about everyone did?). Initial thoughts - the game oozes personality and atmosphere. There's just something about the art style and characters that's endearing.

      Gameplay felt like a typical objective based FPS; thought a lot of the weapons lacked any meaningful feedback, had a hard time keeping track of enemy hp bars (like I would get kills without even realizing they were close to death). Quick bouts of fun and probably a game I'll pick up down the line just to play a few matches a day to let off steam. I am curious as to what the long term plan for the game is going to be.

        I enjoyed it immensely and mostly gravitated towards Junkrat and Roadhog, Your right about the meaningful feedback on weapons and maybe that is something that will happen later?

        I'm one of the ones who pre purchased, so just waiting for release now, that was my first access to the beta for it and it was so so fun

          It's kind of weird but the whole time I was playing the game I felt like it was a missed opportunity? So many of these characters have so much personality which feels almost wasted on an online competitive shooter.

          All said and done after the beta finished for the weekend I found I was already missing the game.

          I was personally jumping between Genji, Reinhardt and Farrah.

            I do know exactly what you mean, in regards to missed opportunity and missing it after it was gone

      Bad things - Jace Evereet (Although realistically there would be something from Tiglet playlist)

      Started feeling better, slept for 20 out of 24 hours thurday arvo friday arvo. Did some baking on Sat and then familly fun day at day care on Sunday so a nice weekend.


        I probably could have played more Stardew, I am only now in Spring of year 2!!

        I wanna get to year eternity (never gunna stop playing)

        You didn't get into the beta? Interested in the game?

          Interested in Stardew much more than Overwatch
          Trying to move away from repetitive online games to get through some of my backlog so didn't apply for the beta. Although I have a feeling Stardew isn't going to help my backlog once I get around to buying it

            Stardew will increase your backlog exponentially, I guarantee it :)

      Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer by Behemoth.

      First time playing Fire Emblem: Awakening, almost regret picking Hard difficulty.

      Ever since my Spotify Premium sub finished (I got a year free with my iPhone last year, and haven't got around to re-subbing yet) I've been listening to the one album I have on my phone that doesn't require streaming; "Earthwalker" by In Hearts Wake.

      Really loving the title track off that one, it has Joel from Amity as a guest singer.

    Friday's episode of Vikings was great.
    Loved seeing a little bit of a re-connection between Ragnar and Lagertha. Aslaug has officially signed out.

    Signing out from actively playing The Division now as well. I'm investigating the cheeky side of it though that is somewhat borderline on the morals. But seriously, fxck that Challenge mode Incursion though.

    On the weekend I had a friend round with a decent drill to fix my back gate.

    Then he bought a whole bunch of my old consoles & shit.

    I'm that much closer to a new putener.

    Oh, I accidentally watched some of that new Dragon Ball with the blue hair. On YouTube with Spanish subs.

    Didn't hate it.

    Vegeta still makes me smile, what a champ.

    Had a pretty decent weekend. Saturday I went to the local farmers market, got to hear the trio that my cousin's sons have playing. They're really good, and considering the oldest is only 16, they're doing well for themselves. After the farmers market, I went to Brixhibition, a local Lego exhibition which was really good. They had some really cool stuff and it made me want to buy more Lego. After that I had lunch (curried scallop baked potato) and chilled for a bit while waiting to go to see the Hawks play the Saints.

    My Uncle bought me a membership so we could go and watch the footy together. But Saturday's game was pretty hard to watch. Lots of turnovers and downright ugly mistakes, and the better team lost. I made the joke that the police needed to be called as Hawthorn had stolen the 4 points. I suppose if we can't play well, getting a lucky win is almost as good. I hope we don't have to rely on luck too much though.

    Sunday sucked a bit as I was feeling tired after all the stuff I did on Saturday, and developed a cold. Was supposed to sing at church, but couldn't as I was coughing a lot and had a sore throat. So I stayed home and watched UFC Tampa, NBA playoffs, Melbourne City v Perth Glory (Damn you Bruno Fornaroli!), and some eps of The Simpsons.

    Despite the cold, was a pretty decent weekend. 9/10 (Deducted a point for the cold).

      I missed watching the game, but I did see the score line at various times during the afternoon... how did the Saints manage to A) get that close and B) lose it in the end?

        The Saints got that close because they were the better team and Hawthorn played atrociously. Probably the worst game I've seen them play at Aurora. They lost it in the end because one of their players had a shot for goal late in the game and missed, and Hawthorn managed to keep it down their end long enough to get to the final siren. I don't think I've ever felt so disappointed with a Hawthorn win. Next game at Aurora is against the Dockers, and despite the Dockers form of late, I'm nervous about our chances of winning, but that's not until May and we may have improved by then.

          It's going to be a looooooong season for us. Feels like Harvey is our coach again.

            hahahaha hahaha haha ha ... ha *sob* As a bombers fan I have written of this season

              To be fair, you can't really have a season with half a team.

                Half a team and a dozen has beens thank you very much

                  Crowley's sweatbands count for a player all of themselves. What a bargain.

      My wife was in Launceston for the game (and her dad's birthday). :) And you're right, Hawthorn didn't look great.

    Hey all! My weekend has been productive as all hell, and I feel great!

    Starting Friday, I worked from home because of the power issues I've been having at my apartment. My fridge died as a result of them (blew the PCB) but it got replaced under warranty so that was great. Followed up by the electrician confirming that yes, I was right, I have a faulty circuit breaker. So he rendered it safe and rerouted my power to another breaker so that I wouldn't have to be "without" until today when he's coming back to replace the breaker itself with a new one. It does feel good when your troubleshooting efforts prove fruitful, and even better when you're asked if you have a background in electrical work because the report was so detailed and talked about the right things. Yay!

    Also did some work on a map for Pathfinder... Yes, I might actually get "A Thorne In The Flesh" off the ground some time this year. I'm much happier with how the world is coming together as I flesh out its back-story, enough so that I feel I can move on to crafting a plot. More on that in the next few weeks.

    Saturday went to the footy with Bun and Rocket, was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable the game was. I was expecting Gold Coast to have a fairly easy go of it, but Brisbane managed to out-Brisbane their Brisbane and get the win. If they'd only kicked straight they might have had an easy time themselves, but no, they had to kick inaccurately so that there was still some drama in it.

    Sunday I rented a car to go for an expedition out to the hills. Didn't find many good photo opportunities, but I think a lot of that was the route I took. Also the weather decided to not play along and just put up a grey blanket of "meh" clouds which showed no sign of clearing as sunset approached. Still, all was not lost. I managed to take what, compositionally speaking at the least, may be the best photo I've ever taken at the Gordonbrook Dam. I was so happy when I got home and downloaded the photo and saw that I'd managed to capture the scene the way that I'd pictured it in my head. I haven't done any landscape work in a while, so I was doubly pleased to execute this one. Inspired to go out and do some more shoots in the near future.

    Productive weekends are great weekends! How was yours?

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      I shaved my balls!


      Lol, nah, I didn't.

      Or did I?

      Now you'll be wondering all day.

      You're welcome.

        I'll just have to find out in person. \o/

          Viewing party this weekend. I'll have to find some red velvet curtains and a little pedestal.

      Are you using a mapping program for your world or are you drawing it by hand? I'm pretty rubbish at drawing so stuff like Hexographer and Inkarnate are a godsend.

        I have the artistic skill of a rock, so it's weird that I'm drawing by hand based on a tutorial I found on a cartography forum. I've tried using this particular tutorial 2 or 3 times in the past and never gotten it to work. Whatever I'm doing this time is working as intended so instead of being stuck around step 20 I'm up to step 55. The shape of the continent is in place, the mountains and hills are laid down, next step is to add finer details.

        The thing is I only really need a few "key" features for the continent itself. There's some bays, some forests, and some desert / reefs that are key to the ideas. The rest of the land can pretty much just be whatever randomness spits out and then I'll create detail based on what I see. Will link you to the guide when I get home if you're interested.

          Yeah I'm certainly interested in having a look. My maps in the past have suffered from the common problems of worldbuilding such as geography not making any sense whatsoever and just having a patchwork style of lands and cultures without giving much thought to how each affects the other. Actually drawing properly seems to help a tonne with establishing a setting.

      Great pic Sire! Love the identity tag too ;)

        Haha, thanks! I need to do a higher quality version of it though. I literally threw that watermark together 4 or 5 years ago and haven't updated it since. I tried to use it on my website ( - coming soon) and it did not scale well at all.

        Still. Once you've gone Ginge' you can't go back.

          If you want, I might be able to do up a vector version for ya which will scale to any size you want with no diminishing of quality.

            That could be good, what would be involved? I mean I guess it would probably translate pretty well since it's just text, a drop shadow, and some line art.

            Also once you get the file how do you work with it? Lightroom only lets you use PNG for watermarks. I thought vector files were like... SVG?

              well, yeah you will likely need to use a png for the watermarks, but I meant more that I could do up a flash file (maybe could export as illustrator) which you could use to export images of whatever size you need (either PNG or gif or jpg depending on what you planned to use it for.

              As for what's involved, depending on the original image, I may be able to use an automatic picture trace conversion, in which it would essentially convert the image in to scalable vector paint, or I could manually redraw using vector outlines and paint fills etc.
              The auto picture trace is decent in some cases, but depends on the source image. Sometimes it can end up with messy results, and often the file size is pretty big compared to the original image, but that won't really make a difference to your end result. Hand doing it will be much neater/easier to manipulate if you want to change certain aspects of it, but will obviously take me a little longer to produce.

                I understand the words that are coming out of your text but not what they mean put together. :P

                  well, essentially, I could make you a file, that you could use to export your png or whatever file type you want. Just need u to email me the original file and I'll see what I can do :)
                  dondalinger at hotmail

                  @welbot - Haha, yeah I got the first bit it was more the technical aspects of the second.

                  I'll forward the file when I get home tonight, thanks. :)

    Finished my first play through of Dark Souls 3 over the weekend, I would do a write up but I did like 14 bosses over 3 days (Fri Sat Sun) and it would be a mountain of text that not many would read :S how'd the rest of you fair over the weekend? Edit:(Last boss & all optionals downed at about 27 hours total play.)

    Last edited 18/04/16 10:12 am

      Wow, power gamer much :p

      I'm up to Aldrich, who is a jerk.

        Did you down her? spent most my time chopping at her tail and mostly tanked through her cleave damage, sloppy kill but a kill is a kill.

          Nah, keep being hasty and making stupid mistakes. Got her down to a sliver 3 times but died before I could get one more hit in.
          Just take too much attrition from all the things.

      Wow, well done.

      I got Crystal Sage, Deacons and Wolnir done, but got my arse kicked hard by literally the first enemy in Irithyll... (the lanky white sword guys) Their big combo has like six hits, first two take all my stamina, third and fourth kill me, fifth and sixth mutilate my corpse; or their heavy two-hit combo that wrecks me, then kills me as I stand up. Nfi how I'll get past them. Dodging seems to work for the most part, but by the time they finish their combo I've rolled through all my stamina and have nothing to attack with. Have to land four greatsword swings to kill them, too...

      Might look around, as a friend said there are three paths open after Catacombs...

      Last edited 18/04/16 11:35 am

        Yeah, shit gets real once you get to Irythill. I went from cruise mode to "oh right, I'm playing Dark Souls." and my progress slowed right down.
        I've found two ways from Irythill, one after the Boss, who is also a reality check, :D

          And here I thought I might actually finish this one. :P That said, the ember mechanics make summoning for bosses much more forgiving than DS1... get to boss door, pop ember, summon help.

          Is irithyll the place where those witches drain your hp bar just by being around you?

            No, that's the Irithyll Jail under the city.
            And fuck those guys with a branding iron. It's actually line of sight - will drain your bar at infinite range as long as your toon is in los of them glowing red.
            That place is short but it's a bastard. Only got past once then died to a mimic before finding another bonfire.

        Yeah that was the first part of the game that I decided to drop my heavy armor and use a great shield, I believe I used the 'Curse Ward Shield' my kite shield seemed to be sucking in to much stamina and rolling around seemed tougher than reasonable against it.

        The Smouldering lake is also below the catacombs, two bones shards and a estus shard in that area, worth picking up.

          Oh, I'll have to go back and find that area.

          Thanks for the tip - have 10 estus+2 and have just hit the point where one estus won't put me back to full. 11 estus+4 will help... and gives me a new thing to work towards. :P

            I think you missed a bone shard or two, as memory serves theirs one in undead settlement, one in farron keep, one in cathedral of the deep and one in catacombs.(only mentioning places you already visited.)

              Probably missed one in Catacombs - kinda dashed through there pretty quickly, cos screw those ninja skeletons. Other one's probably in the Cathedral, somewhere...

    Oh, I forgot to mention, about my running. I have sprained my ankle, so I have decided to stop running until I can get a decent pair of cross training shoes. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive

      ouch, don't push yourself to run if your body's telling you not to scree. Ignoring how your body's feeling is the easiest way to get injuries (i hurt my back a year or so ago doing pulldowns even though I knew I was still recovering from the previous day's session). Rest up and get back into it when you feel you're ready!

        I think I'll wait until I get better shoes

    I did more 40K RPG over the weekend and this time we had extreme chaos. Daemon engines, Dark Mechanicus, Nurgle stuff, perils of the warp, the works. I also managed to get someone to burn a fate point (basically one of their lives) so I felt satisfied, even if I didn't get to transform them into a plaguebearer. There's always next time though.

      I feel like you've probably seen this already, but in case you haven't:

        A classic series so far. Also up there is The All Guardsman Party which is a downright hilarious read on Imperial Guard troopers attempting to work in the Inquisition.

    Morning all, So my weekend consisted of Learning to program in python, playing Deadpool (OMG its better than I expected), and attending my friends graduation (Masters)
    How was everyone elses?

      When we were talking about timesink games last week I forgot one!

      SouthPark - The Stick of Truth. Enough RPG elements that it's actually a surprisingly good game, and the humour is bang on. Try to get your hands on a non-Australian version, since ours got pretty heavily censored, but even the AU version is fantastic.

        Wasn't heavily censored, only two scenes and personally I feel what they replaced them with is actually funnier.

          Oh really? My brother got his hands on the uncensored version and said there were other bits aside from those 2 scenes, but then again my brother is an idiot so I should probably have done some more research.

    This happened during my weekend:

      There's nothing there! Did you forget to... Oh. Oh I see. I get jokes.

        wait, so my write-up about my travels to a lost, isolated communist settlement off the coast of Iceland whose members consisted mostly of scientists working on a obsolete space program didn't get through?

        well, shit. I'm too lazy to write that all up again.

    Bought my Dad a new monitor on Friday arvo.
    Also been playing Rocket League and Rollercoaster Tycoon after managing to fix the save error that's been bugging me for years.

    Spent most of my weekend finally getting around to catching up on Dr Who from last year, as well as playing through Yoshi's Wooly World. Nearly done now, it's been surprisingly good. I mean overall it doesn't have as much charm as Kirby, but there's some damn nice level design in there, and some real challenge too so long as you're looking to actually complete each level rather than just get to the end. God, if they had some kind of hardcore mode that made you have to get all [five,twenty] [flowers/wools,stamps] in a single run rather than being able to go back and get the missing ones on their own I think I would die. Especially on the S levels, whoever designed those is a sadist.

    Also had Mum's laptop die, and since Asus don't really give a fuck about repairs she started looking for a different one instead. Which meant asking me for advice. Uhhh.
    After a bit of looking around she started pondering whether she could just get an iPad instead, which sounded good to me. I don't know anything about those, so it would get me out of any future tech support and mean my sister starts to get bugged instead. No such luck though, she got a pretty good offer at the shops on Sunday and came home with one of each ;_;

    Sister's boyfriend also did some spending on the weekend too, getting himself a motorbike. Kind of a lifelong dream of his. Maybe I should get one too. I've got the beard for it, we could start a gang :P

    ALSO WOO, STAR FOX! Didn't realise it was so close, can't wait for the weekend now.​​​​ Though with any luck my Rift will end up coming this week, and I'll be torn. Actually, my friend popped up with another game code for me, so now I'm up for four reviews once the headset gets here. Ugh, work-like activity.

    So in an otherwise uneventful weekend I watched 2 movies. Both okay.

    Saturday - Up in the Air (because my wife couldn't decide what she wanted to watch so I just put it on)
    Sunday - How to Train Your Dragon.

    10 days till we're off to Hawaii. I now have a profile with the Department of Homeland Security after being approved for travel within the USA. I also find it hilarious that my 3 year old and 3 month old were asked if they had or have an employer... Or if they intended to commit acts of terrorism, espionage, sabotage or genocide.

      Hilarious is when the three year old is asked do you intend to perpetrate an act of terrorism...and answers..."um...okay."

      If I remember having a 3 months old, I think bioterror attacks are on the cards big time

      Toothless! \o/

        The dragon-cat? Or my 3 month old?

        I actually loved that the Dragon's have cat's behaviours... The catnip and purring made me laugh enough that I almost woke the kid up.

      I love that form. They actually ask you if you're part of a terrorist organization. Does anyone say yes?

      I'm so keen, we're about 3.5 weeks from heading out to NYC for 10 nights, then Honolulu for 5 nights, and Maui for 5 nights.

        Have you done your ESTA form? Told Department of Homeland Security that you're not a genocidal spy?

        Never been to the US and it was a long way down my list of places to go. However, our friends in Canada suggested meeting halfway and making a decent trip out of it. So we're there for 16 days. Got 6 nights on Ohau (2 nights Honolulu and rest on North Shore), then 8 nights on Big Island, then one more night in Honolulu before back on the plane.

          I have done them in the past, but not for this trip, this is my 3rd time to the states, though my first to Hawaii.

    Oh God...Aussie Rules? :-) I only went for the meat pies. Sport is like religion. Only fun if you are god.

    Didn't play a single game all weekend /o\

    Was in Brissy for a mate's wedding - thus concludes a month of partying and heavy drinking and now I just want to detox for a bit... but then I remember we are going camping this weekend and that's always a boozy affair. Le sigh.

    Bought and read The Great Zoo of China - I used to be a huge Matthew Reilly fan (Temple and the Scarecrow series are excellent), but some of his later stuff is pretty pedestrian - he's got some excellent ideas, and his books would make fantastic popcorn movies, but his writing style isn't the best. That being said, it's a pretty entertaining book - and having just finished reading 2 epic fantasy series (went straight from reading the whole Wheel of Time series into the Song of Ice and Fire books), a nice standalone easy read was exactly what I needed.

      You're a masochist. Wheel of Time then straight into Ice and Fire?

      If you're ready for the next big bite - Raymond E. Feist and Riftwar Cycle - It's actually a bundle of trilogies, but are set in the same universe, timeline with recurring characters and the characters kids growing up and going on their own wild adventures.

        Riftwar cycle is so good...

          Eh, I got bored by the end.
          Too much recycling of character and story tropes.

        My girlfriend read every Feist book while I was reading WoT. We still have a bunch of them at home - I don't know if I can be bothered filling in the gaps where she borrowed from library/friends though.

      I remember Reilly visiting my school to give a talk on how he writes his books... His approach is essentially to start the book at 11 and keep it there until the end. Enjoyed his earlier works when I was younger, but now they're just fatiguing - they make me appreciate the peaks and troughs that other storytellers use. I wonder if it's because he's got worse or because I've grown up...

      Last edited 18/04/16 12:34 pm

        I think he's a victim of his own writing style. Every book tops the previous books in terms of the premise, action and set-pieces. His later stuff is just so over the top that it kind of gets fatiguing. With his earlier stuff, they were action-packed, but ever-so-slightly more grounded in reality than his more recent stuff.

        I'm also pretty keen to give Brandon Sanderson's stuff a go - his writing at the end of WoT was excellent.

        Last edited 18/04/16 1:45 pm

          Oh yea, Brandon Sanderson's writing in WoT got me interested in his other works - the Mistborn and Stormlight Archive are really cool, as are a lot of his one-offs - Warbreaker, Elantris (omg, love the tone of that story), Rithmatist... I love his logical approach to magic systems and mysticism, and how they're all unique.

          Not entirely sold on the Reckoners series, tho, but that's likely just cos it's so different from his other stuff. Good setting, cool premise and well-told story.

          If you end up liking his Mistborn or Stormlight stuff, you might want to look into Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind too, if you've not read it - where Sanderson treats magic as a science, Rothfuss' skirts the border between a science and an artform.

            Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind
            If only he would finish writing it, that trilogy would be great.

      You could try out some Brandon Sanderson. Mistborn's a nice trilogy, you could start into Stormlight Archive if you wanted as it's only two books in (but be aware the first half of the first book plods) but he's also written a few decent stand-alone fantasy novels as well. Elantris is quite good.

      EDIT: Should read the whole conversation.

      Last edited 18/04/16 2:35 pm

        I've only read the first Mistborn book, but it's quite good

          It's a really solid trilogy once it gets going. His follow-up trilogy is really good too, though very different (it's basically somewhere between a western and Victorian London sort of setting, but with the addition of his magic system).

          Stormlight Archive is his new big fantasy epic and it's even better. Fascinating world and really interesting setup, plus each book is intended to be focused around one or two characters. The second book's even better than the first. It just has a very slow start - took me a good half of the first book to get into it.

          I think the best things about him as an author is that he's very structured. You can tell he spends a lot of time in planning on his work, and it shows. All his stuff is stand-alone with a proper narrative arc from beginning to middle to end. They conclude well. Even the trilogies etc. may leave some threads open, but you feel like you've gotten a really meaty piece each time. Stuff doesn't just sort of stop (my biggest issue with the Wheel of Time after the first five or so books is that it got really meandering and tended to just stop at the end of each book). He tends to be less descriptive than some authors, preferring to develop characters through action rather than description, so stuff moves along at a fast clip but it can sometimes be a bit brief on characterization. The biggest thing though is that his carefully planned approach makes him hugely prolific. He's got his next couple of years planned out and seems to put out a new novel every 4-6 months.

          I've seen people criticize his approach to magic systems but as an engineer they tend to appeal to me a lot more than most. He likes to have well-defined rules for everything and never contradicts them. Makes them feel like a proper explainable system. No hand-waving. You always know what someone can and can't do. He subverts it by coming up with creative uses or combinations of those abilities, rather than inventing new ones to do things when it's expedient.

            The magic system in Mistborn was quite cool, and he's quite a good action writer, very filmic. I want to see
            Kelsier vs the Lord Ruler in the square
            with a $100m effects budget.

              It's weird, but the way that he describes action stuff reminds me strongly of anime. I'd be stunned if he hadn't watched a bit in the 90s especially. There's certain stuff that his characters do and the way stuff is described which feels very much cast from that mold. Guy's only 40 so he'd have been in his late teens / early 20s when the late 90s/early 00s anime boom was at its height and he spent 2 years in South Korea from 1995-1997 as well.

              I'd love to see Mistborn done in live action with a good budget. Or a decent game in the setting. Feel like you'd end up with something almost like Gravity Rush.

              I spend a lot (A LOOOOOOT) of time reading fantasy novels thinking about how I'd shoot scenes if I were in a position to do so. How the lighting would look, changes to dialogue to make it work better on screen, what the goddamn ballroom scenes throughout Mistborn would look like, so on and so forth.

              And yet, there's only a single fight scene in the entire Mistborn trilogy that I have any mental grasp over (it's a biggun, spoilers), and yet I agree entirely with your (and Neg's) point.

              Very strange for me, lemme tell ya.

    Welp, got another three bosses down in Dark Souls, but getting my arse kicked repeatedly and effortlessly by the next area, so not sure how I should proceed.

    Screw the Crystal Sage and Wolnir... Sage had me getting up and finding a pile of clothes to punch lest I break a controller - such an annoying boss. And Wolnir just kept killing me near-instantly for new reasons for about six or seven tries. Get too close? You die to fire. Get too far back? You die to fire. Be near his hand when he casts his smoke? You die to fire. Try to clear the skeletons? Your swings go harmlessly through them... and you die because you're surrounded by adds, or you die to fire cos you were too focused on adds and didn't see the boss casting his smoke, or because he knocked you into the darkness.

    Did get to try the new stuff in Destiny - loving the new loot system, and love that the Challenge of Elders is pretty forgiving this week. Started soloing it on my Warlock on Saturday, and was joined at the final round by a friend (who was about 22 light below the enemies in that room...); we finished it without any real difficulty. Soloed it on my hunter the three times I needed to complete the scorecard and got her to 323, then did it on my titan a couple of times... need to do it once more for the final 7k points for the scorecard, but got him to 325, and that card will get me a 326+ gear piece to bring my warlock up. Still haven't touched the heroic strikes yet... will probably get to that tonight.

      As far as Ds3 goes.
      Irithyll taught me to be patient again. Those first knights annihilated me too. You have to be patient, learn their moves, get the timing down.
      I would stay just beyond their range, dodge left and close around them when they lunge and strike once after they whiff their big combo past me.

      Also, what weapon you using? After extensive testing I've found Strike damage really does do significantly more damage to armour than standard. A bit more than thrust.
      I now switch between my fire katana and the Executioner's sword depending on the enemy.

        Currently using a Fire Greatsword +4.

        It's freaking useless against those guys because even the fastest attack is about the same as their "recover time + attack time," tho the fire seems to stun them fairly reliably. Having a bit of difficulty judging their range, too... If I try to stay out of their melee/lunge range there's no way in hell I can hit them, and then I have to deal with magic flying at me. Have tried dodging behind them to attack their rear, and got off a backstab once... but generally their combo just does a 180 (well, more accurately a 90 degree turn and catches me in its wide arc) and continues to track me.

        Considering I may have to respec into dex and upgrade a polearm or maybe the Wolfslayer's Knight Sword just to be able to hit these guys fast enough or from sufficient range... Or find some way to cheese them to hell and back with arrows :P

          Yeah speed is a thing in this one.
          Try upping the executioners sword. It does strike damage so excellent against armour but unlike 1h hammers it actually has good range - small greatsword size - but with the same kinda attack speed and stamina usage of 1h weapons. Can't infuse and ok base damage but it has decent str scaling.
          They are most open to an attack at the end of their long combo. If you keep strafing left while blocking, they will start to miss you on about the third swing and finish with you facing their side, open for one fast attack then dodge backwards.
          edit: spears are great but dudes like that are good at dodging the stabs.

          Last edited 18/04/16 4:10 pm

            Thanks. Might try that.

            Getting the feeling I'll need a fast alternative to my GS... Exec's GS seems to be just a lighter version of my GS - half the stamina usage, half the damage. Probably a good thing - easier to get a hit in, less risk of overcommitting. Alternative might be trying to go for pure speed - if it's the fire that stuns them, my Fire Longsword+3 might be a better choice if I can get close without getting slaughtered in the attempt. Time for some experimentation.

              I used a black knight greatsword the entire game, i suppose post game ill eventually switch to the dragonslayer great axe(didnt buy it first boss soul mistakenly) seems after the fume sword nerf its the next cookie cutter weapon.

    Cutting grass - not too bad.
    Cutting waist-high grass - Deserves a paddlin'.

      hahah I had to do that at my old place. The back yard was super terrible. So much so, it killed my dads mower. Had to get a pro to do it, and he had to bring in one of those big ones they use on the back of tractors to mow the parks! :0

      Last edited 18/04/16 1:02 pm

    Seems like the latest batch of AU Rifts is being held up by customs. Dammit get out of the way!

    BONUS ROUND of..
    NegativeZero's Anime Impressions
    Watching the new season so you don't have to

    Thank god for fansubbers. This has been licensed by Netflix and it's streaming on Netflix in Japan, subtitled. But only in Japan. Us dirty foreigners have to wait until the show's done. So naughty subs are the only way right now. I went in with high expectations - it's PA Works' anniversary show, and the first time they've tackled Mecha. First episode down, it seems really promising. It feels like it's hearkening back to some of the 90s mecha classics. Got some strong Evangelion vibes and even stronger Escaflowne. I don't really know what's going on, but it seems that in ancient times, there were robotic 'Oni' that terrorized humanity, but they went away for some reason? And now humans have discovered some of them buried deep in the ground (or maybe they're the robots that were used to fight them off?), and excavating those has triggered the Oni to return. Also one of them seems to be a warrior that's been kept in suspended animation and wakes up when the protagonist touches his weird cube capsule thing and he seems to misrember her as being a princess from his time or something. All very mysterious. Very good animation (PA Works), solid cast, interesting plot. Pedestrian music but you can't have everything. Straight onto the regular watch list.

    Or unhappy if you prefer. Basically it's a stupid fluff show about a bunch of girls who are in a class where all the students are incredibly unlucky. Except it's a fluff show instead of being satirical or comedic, so don't go in expecting something with a dark edge to it like eg Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei. It was generally pretty boring, actually. I feel like when you have a good Iyashikei like Flying Witch, there's really no reason to want to watch something like this as well. Unlikely to watch more.

    Big Order
    Promising premise let down by mediocre animation and awful dialogue. The setting is post-apocalyptic to a degree. Some weird fairy-like chick grants random people an 'order' which gives them some kind of special power. But Orders are generally reviled by the population, and Our Hero even more so because his power nearly destroyed the world. But then it turns out that his actual power is to gain dominance over any area or something and he's going to fight some random organization and I completely lost track of what was going on. It's a mess. The original manga it's based on is quite popular, same author as Mirai Nikki / Future Diary and it has a similar feel. Down to the creepy chick that wants to murder the main dude. But really, it's not good. I don't think I'll see more.

    Wagamama High Spec
    4 minute shows need to stop happening. And I need to stop downloading them. Waste of time unless you want to see big-boobed anime girls randomly strop to their underwear because the air conditioner broke. That's the 'plot' of episode 1. And it's 4 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

    The run of big earthquakes in the South of the country last week delayed the broadcast of the first episode of the final series I had my eye on, Sinbad's Adventure, which was a spinoff of Magi (which I quite liked). A few others (eg Kabaneri) were delayed or rescheduled as well. The damage in Kumamoto looks pretty bad too. :( Two huge earthquakes only days apart. So they have way more important things to be doing than bothering with anime.

      If anyone cares, my regular watch list for this season is currently looking like:
      - Flying Witch
      - Asterisk War S2
      - Hai-Furi
      - Jojo: Diamond is Unbreakable
      - Kotetsujou no Kabaneri
      - Kuromukuro
      - Kuma Miko
      - Macross Delta
      - Re-Zero Kara Hajimaru Isekai Seikatsu
      - Sailor Moon Crystal S3

      That's probably enough as it is, but I may also add one or two of:
      - Twin Star Exocists
      - Bungou Stray Dogs
      - Joker Game
      - Endride
      - Mayoiga
      - Seisen Cerberus

      Depending on how viewings of the next 1-2 episodes go.

        Watched another couple of episodes of Mayoiga and yep, this is a regular. Kids arrive at the isolated village where they're going to 'start over' but there's no one there. The buildings are all empty and there's about a year's dust over everything, but the fields are full of crops and well tended. And there's something watching them from the surrounding forests. And now it seems like one of them (who admittedly was an utter jerk) has disappeared. It's got all the makings of a really good horror so far and I expect there's going to be some Lord of the Flies shit pretty soon too.

        Also three episodes in and still really digging Macross Delta. Feels like Frontier a lot, except I think that Freyja is far more appealing than Ranka was. Ep 3 brought back the classic VF-1A Valkryie for some training dogfights and I still fucking love that design. Only Macross Plus' YF-19 trumps it IMO. Frontier and Delta's are cool but not as good. The new VF-31 looks more like Kawamori's designs for the Supersylph in Yukikaze or some of his Ace Combat aircraft. Based on the kids yelling it, it seems like Fire Bomber is still popular, which makes me wonder if there's any chance of crossover - I would fanboy so fucking hard if Mirage went to visit her aunt Mylene. Also as a side note, it's kind of cute that most of the characters have first or last names pulled from aircraft (Prowler, Bucanneer, Mirage) or pilots from the early years of flight (Immelmann, Nakajima, Guynemer, Messer).

        Very much still digging Hai-Furi. A lot of the description early on leading into the show made it sound like it'd be an Aria-like slice of life thing, but it's not that at all. Two episodes in it's miles better than the Kantai Collection anime ever got to be. And then I looked up the staff and I understood why it's appealing to me so much. Original creator was Takaaki Suzuki, one of the co-creators of Strike Witches and involved in Girls und Panzer and Upotte as well. Everything clicks. It's setting up to be quite similar to Girls und Panzer as well. I don't know how realistic it is for a Destroyer to be able to execute a screw shot on Graf Spee but it's good TV. Also not sure why the Spee stops shooting at that point and lets them run. The Deuschland heavy cruisers had the same triple-barrel 28cm guns forward and aft and even with their screws damaged they should have been able to continue to lay down fire at the retreating destroyer. I guess they hid in smoke on the way out. This show is basically what I had hoped KanColle could be.

          Oh damn, I need to check out Hai-Furi then. All of those creator credits have me very interested.

            It's the shakiest of premise. Basically Japan invested heavily in hydrate mining or something which caused terrible subsidence and half the country to slip below sea level. They started living on floating cities and using warships as ferries and stuff but to show the other countries they were all peaceful only women can serve on the ships. Oh and it seems like aircraft don't exist somehow. There's no carriers in the fleet at all. Which is great because it sets them up to have WW1-style gun battles with WW2-era ships.

            It is about as thin a premise as competing in the time-honored, noble and feminine sport of Sensha-do. But whatever.

            By the end of the first episode it's turned into Starship Operators. The destroyer's crew of twee teenagers have been labeled as rogue after somehow sinking their instructor's Independence-class LCS with what should have been a dummy torpedo after the ship had opened fire on them with live ammo. It seems like there's some kind of plot going on behind the scenes and presumably the destroyer with the misfit crew that all barely passed the entrance exam will end up saving everyone.

            P.S. We're also getting new Strike Witches this year. Spinoff with a different cast. Looking forward to that a lot.

            Last edited 19/04/16 10:37 am

    Hey everyone. I made another shirt. In fact, I made two.


    Last song played game time

    Famine Wolf by Between the Buried and Me - a fantastic song from an amazing album

    Probably one of my favorites of all time

    What did YOU listen to last?

      Sonic 2 OST - Sky Chase Zone

      I spent several hours chillaxing to Solar Fields albums last night but I couldn't tell you which one was last.

        Solar Fields rock

          I'm quite looking forward to the new Mirror's Edge soundtrack. Nearly zero interest in the game but shove that music down my side-oriented headholes. Just hope they don't ruin the best piece by having some tart wail boring lyrics over the top of it again.

    Conversation? Anyone? I don't have any starters...


    Remember Wiz n Liz?

      No starters? Bulbasaur is best starter :)

        With a Totodile Main Course. ;P

          I haven't really liked any starters since after totodile and the gang

            Get with the times, Snivy & Froakie are awesome!

              My problem is their aesthetics haha, I just don't like how they or evolutions look (shrugs)

              Last edited 19/04/16 12:30 pm

                You eyes they broked

                  Probs are mate, probs are :)

                  To be fair to my eyes there is a pokemon in X/Y which is just a set of car keys, admittedly a fairy, but still a set of just seems less imaginitive than the original 151 (I guess that's nostalgia to go along with my greying hair) also I guess they did use a lot of good ideas on the original 151, unsure of course if it would continue.

                  Also to be fair to my eyes, it's usually the starters that I dislike and then really like some of the other pokemon in the newer games (Roselia anyone?)

                  You are 100% correct about the car keys, but Pokemon design has always been about being recognisable.

                  Think for a second how lazy the design of ditto is & how so many look similar or are just birds.

                  My biggest gripe with the new stuff isn't the keyring, it's ones that look like & fill a similar role to an old design. Do we need more normal rat/dog types or more bird types, really?

                  @jimu To be fair there are a lot of types of birds and dogs but you are right there.

                  Maybe they need to branch outside of basing them on real things? Thoughts?
                  A la genetically enginered like Mewtwo?

                They've done a cyborg bug recently, was a bit shit though.

                Every gen has its poopy ones.

                There's been a few different ones, like Bisharp (power rangers) & Golurk (giant robo), that I really like.

                  Cyborg bug? Awesome, wait it's that ant right? Still cool in concept :)

                  @spaghett Genesect, it's okémon)


                  See this is my broken eyes again but I don't like how it looks, I probably should catch pokemon just based on looks though :D

        Since when?! Charmander ftw!

          Bulbasaur islove, Bulbasaur is life

            Charmander is a dinosaur with a flame on its tail that evolves into a dragon! Bulbasaur is a walking flower =P

              Walking flowers rock, case in point, Roselia :D

      What about Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses becoming the frontman for AC/DC for the rest of their current tour, crazy eh? :P

        That is certainly...interesting.

        I hope it works, for the fans' sake.

          Should be interesting. Axl does a pretty good AC/DC cover from what i've seen. Actually Angus Young joined Guns N' Roses on stage the other night at Coachella for err A Whole Lotta Rosie I think it was.

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