Target Is Selling The PSP For $1

Poor PSP. You came into this world filled with vigour and optimism but the world refused to love you. Now, Target is selling its remaining stock for the princely sum of $1. It's the bargain of the century that nobody wants.

This in-store deal was spotted by Ozbargain reader Lief1250 as part of Target's big video game clearance. It's the budget-focused PSP-E1000 model which originally launched in 2011.

As pointed out on Ozbargain, your odds of actually finding this product in-store are pretty low: Target hasn't stocked Sony's PSP range for some time. With that said, it might still be possible to nab one from regional outlets with low turnovers. Good luck.


    I would make a joke about that being Vita's new RRP but no one is even selling that thing.

    It's time for a new next gen hand-held console, but alas, not going to happen because of smartphones.

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      Which sucks, because mobile games are [for the most-part] downright awful. Nothing but clones of clones and anything to hit that addiction/reward cycle.

      While there are a few gems, the touch interface doesn't make for the type of immersive, deep, long-form games found on handhelds.

        My problem with Mobile games is they are all designed around waiting for things to happen. I would rather pay for a real game that runs on my Phone/Tablet has a cloud save and is based around a touch screen interface. Turn Based Strategy games would be ideal for it.

        But no we get Clash of Candies and it's 400 clones where you grind for a month to upgrade a tower and than wait a week for it to be built or pay $20.

          I honestly hate Mobile games, only because its now acceptable to pay for lives...

            Since when does death take bribery

              He got sick of Chess, and from what I hear kept forgetting how the Bishops moved.

                Really? Bishop moves at tax payer expense by helicopter.

            Arcade machines, your thinking of arcade machines.

        yeah most mobile games are just shoe horned with touch controls when you really need to play it on a controller.
        Becasue of this i simply avoid any serious mobile gaming.

    I really liked the Vita when it first came out, but the numbers of games available are pretty woeful. I can play most of the "portable" style games on my tablet now, so its just sitting on the shelf

      I used to love remote play on it but now i just use remote play on the surface

      A sad day for handheld gaming

        I prefer remote play with a phone and ds4, because it doesn't have the retarded button layout.

          Yeah didnt want a Sony phone though - I'm stoked with the qual of it on my Surface Pr 4 now theyve opened it up - Makes remote play much more bearable than on the vita with the shitty layout as you said! I used to only play point and click/narratives like Wolf among us on the vita but now im happily playing dark souls 3 and Farcry primal on the surface pro thanks to the DS4!

      I love my vita, and there's still great games out for it, hell, 2K just released xcom enemy within on it the other day!

    Would be worth a look if only to use it for emulators. I think it plays PS1 games, too, doesn't it?

      Yeah, I used mine back in the day to play hundreds of hours of Final Fantasy Tactics (modded!)

    Yep, I'd buy it to play PS1 games on it. But can you play those same PS1 games on the Vita?

      Yeah im pretty sure they have the same PS classics as the Vita

      I hate them on my vita, the controls suck.

    Aww man, I actually have a bunch of PSP games I've picked up second hand but no PSP... I'd love one of these. Not at my local store I'm afraid :/

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    I just rang my local store, and they said there's not one store in Australia that has any stock, so no point trying :\

    I need a new PSP due to my other one being 2nd hand with a dodgy battery.

    The term "selling" and the term "unavailable" are contradictory...

    I still have my PSP, I still crack it out for a little Sid Meiers Pirates every now and then

    Actually it might be about that time again...

    If I spot one at target I'll grab it, but yeah these will be bought by someone who knows nothing about them and then thrown in the bin after 5minutes of loosing interest with them.

    I would actually get it to unlock/hack it and turn it into a remoteplay for my PC or something like that. Very achievable if you can get a Linux package booted on it.

    "i'd buy that for a dollar!"

    This a heal of a deal, $1 for a great little portable emulator!

    Damn, jumped on to grab one and there's none left. I would legit buy one as I still have my original PSP and had good times with it. Now I'll have to break it out and have a trip down nostalgia lane ^_^

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