Team Ninja's Samurai Dark Souls Is Getting A Week-Long PS4 Alpha Demo

Team Ninja's Samurai Dark Souls Is Getting A Week-Long PS4 Alpha Demo

Spirit sharks and Shiba Inu puppies aside, Team Ninja's Nioh continues to give off strong Dark Souls vibes, right down to the more polite "Ready To Die?" tagline in the trailer. We'll see if that vibe holds when the week-long PlayStation 4 alpha demo kicks off later this month. Nioh (or sometimes Ni-oh) has been in development since 2005, so it's likely a more measured Ninja Gaiden than a wilder Dark Souls. Still, it certainly feels as if Koei Tecmo is riding Bandai Namco's success on this one. It's only fair after Namco Bandai swapped its name around months after Tecmo Koei did back in 2014. Copycats, the lot of them.

From the YouTube description for the demo trailer:

Set in a time of civil war in Japan, Nioh not only incorporates classic elements such as samurai and supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore, but also offers the exhilaration of an authentic samurai sword fight straight from Team NINJA, the team that defined brutal action games.

They defined this shit. You're welcome.

The Nioh alpha demo for PlayStation 4 starts on April 26 and runs through May 5. Players who complete the demo will secure exclusive downloadable content at launch, which sounds a bit like what Square Enix is doing with the Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo currently. See?

The difference here is that once May 5 rolls around the demo is gone. Kaput. Cannot even be re-downloaded. I think they stole that move from Konami.

Hopefully the demo will make Nioh a game that's defined more by what it is that what it looks like.


    April 26 eh?

    I may be able to pull myself away from DS3 at that stage....

    I'm not really sure about tying rewards to something that's still only an alpha. There will be a lot of people annoyed if some common issue prevents people from being able to complete the demo. It looks super cool though. Japanese folklore and Samurais are my jam and the pacing and movement look like my kind of action.

    Last edited 06/04/16 10:15 am

    At least demos are still kind of a thing. I do look forward to trying it out.

    This needs to come on steam... PRONTO

    I refuse to recognise the name swaps. I will not be swayed.

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