The Best Way To Experience Pro Level StarCraft Is Getting A Sequel

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to try and play any form of StarCraft at a hugely competitive level, let me give you a piece of advice: don’t. It’s too bloody hard, the competition is relentless and it buggers up your hands something severe.

You’re better off playing SC2VN instead, the crowdfunded visual novel that’s free-to-play on Steam. It’s short, but well constructed insight into the life of a professional gamer and professional competition in South Korea. And better news: there’s probably going to be a sequel.

I deliberately said probably before the jump, because like SC2VN the sequel — titled Don’t Forget Our eSports Dream — is a Kickstarter project.

Blizzard has given their blessing for the developers to use assets from the Starcraft anthology for the game, which will focus on two characters instead of SC2VN’s one. Esports Dream will also concentrate on the world of Brood War, rather than revolving around the world of StarCraft 2.

The developers promise that the sequel will have around three times more gameplay and narrative than the original, choices within matches and interactions with other characters, art galleries, achievements, Steam trading cards and more.

There’s a good chance that the game will get funded as well: the target goal is a measly US$35,000. SC2VN raised US$8,371 almost three years ago, and the new campaign has already raised US$7,568 within its first few days. SC2VN being free on Steam should also help the game’s exposure, and it would be bizarre if the subculture around StarCraft didn’t pitch in as well.

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