The Big Question: Captain America Or Iron Man

Okay so Civil War is coming out like today.

I don't know much about the plot, or the comic books, but I'm guessing that at some point Tony Stark and Cap will sort out their differences over a hot chocolate and get back to fighting the real bad guys: people who aren't American.

But let's pretend you had to choose. Pretend you had super powers. Whose side are you on? Captain America or Iron Man?

I'm gonna level with you: I think Captain America is way more likeable. Robert Downey Jr's performance is just too... goddamn smart-arse for me. Captain America is a chill guy. He has a bit of a stick up his arse but he has integrity. I like that. Tony, let's face facts, is a bit of a bell-end.

Am I wrong here?


    Iron Man... because he would have an awesome Scotch cabinet.

      Yeah, thats my thinking as well. Stark can pull the chicks, and make the better parties. Hell, Cappy cant even dance!

    isn't it out tomorrow?

      That's kind of like today. Especially once you approach midnight.

      May 6 in the US, so tell all the kids that. Then there wont be as many shitty nuisances being annoying.

    Which side is Deadpool on ?
    And does that side want him ?

    Iron Man?! What's wrong with you people??

    None of you ave read the original Civil war story line, obviously.

    It still seems weird that the head of a multinational corporation would be the figurehead for the "more government regulation" side of the battle while Mr Propaganda leads the anti-government forces.

    Neither character really feels like they'd pick the authoritarian side based on their portrayal in previous movies really, so I guess I'll have to see the film to find out if they manage to have it make sense.

      I think they have set up Iron Man overreaching with his desire to automate/streamline 'protecting' people and would assume the plot follows that along with superhero registration. Won't be like the comics much I wouldn't think without the mutant registration act background etc.

    Is it for real this week? For some reason I always thought it was May? Hell yes if it is, but, I mean, don't get my hopes up if it isn't man. That's just harsh.

    I'm pretty sure I've seen the whole movie 90 seconds at a time already!

    Woah, did a triple-take there. It really is out soon! (29th here in Japan). Meanwhile Deadpool isn't out until the 1st of June.................

    Who i like more? Iron Guy and RDJ
    Who I think is the right side of civil war? Cap...

    Saw it This Morning Definitely Epic

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